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  1. Sorry to be a pest, Im worried about the 14 days to respond to the charge for payment! I still haven't been delivered this and don't have any documents relating to it. Will i still be in the 14 days or will this commence from the date i physically get this?
  2. Ok, so i have spoken to the car company this morning and explained the situation. They were quite stern in saying that the charge for payment was issued due to me not keeping up with my arrangement with them (all my own fault to be fair) I asked if i could clear my arrears at the end of the month and continue on the £85 arrangement and she said that she would not stop any arrestment action until the arrears had been cleared. She also said that even when i do clear the arrears, the earnings arrestment will not go away, it will just sit in the background and be enforced should i default on the arrangement again. I don't get paid till the end of the month! I have not retrieved the Charge For Payment in my possession as yet so will there be enough time to sort this out?
  3. Just another note, Can i apply for a time to pay even though i have had an arrangement in place with the creditor to pay the £85 a month? Im starting to worry the more i read about the stuff in this http://www.bdl.org.uk/images/06_time_to_pay_directions_and_orders_scot.pdf
  4. Thanks Maroon. I'll call them tomorrow and explain the situation and see if i can resolve it. Does the 14 days start from when i actually receive the documents or when they confirm i still stay at my address?
  5. No, She just advised me that they had to hand deliver it to me on the instructions of Optima. When i told her about the internet banking payments, she asked if i wanted to pay the debt? and i said yes. She said it would be best to speak to Optima. The girl i spoke to wasn't the officer, she was what sounded like, an admin worker or tracer? She called my HR dept in London (god knows how she found out who i was working for. Only way i can think, is its on my Facebook profile) and they then e-mailed me telling me someone called Amanda at ****** number was trying to contact me. I asked if i could pick up the letter in person and she saif she would get the Sheriff Officer to call me on Monday when he was back in the office.
  6. Thanks for replying! Its for an old car i handed back but still owed money on after the sale etc. I spoke to the Sheriff Officers who have said they are acting on behalf of Optima Legal, a Solicitors in Glasgow. Should i call them or the car lender? To be fair, the car lender can be quite aggressive
  7. Hi guys, I recently admitted a debt to a creditor and had a decree granted. I arranged direct with the creditor a monthly payment plan of £85 and informed them that i would set this up as a standing order through my online bank. I have not done this properly and it turns out payments have not been getting sent. I only found this out after receiving an e-mail from my employer saying that someone called Amanda called looking for me with a number to call. Turns out it was a Sheriff Officers in Glasgow saying they have a "Charge for payment" to deliver to me from the creditor. Will i be able to pay my arrears from the payment plan and set up a DD direct with the creditor or will i have to do something else? I can not afford to have an earnings arrestment, it wouldn't be worth me working if i did in my situation. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, I have a Summary Cause Summons (Scotland) from these guys regarding a car they repossessed and sold at auction a few months back. "The pursuer claims from the defender(s) the sum of £4,087.85 with intereston that sum at the rate of 29.20% annually from the date of service. together with the expenses of bringing the action" The statement of claim says the following:- "The defender has been called upon to make payment of the sum sued for but has refused or delayed to do so and accordingly this action has been rendered necessary" Now i have not heard a peep from these guys since i dropped off my car to them as agreed? The return date for these forms is Friday unfortunately so i need to act fast! I have no idea what steps to take, i do want to call Moneybarn and offer to pay £80 a month which is all i can afford but these guys are not nice and im afraid in case they dont accept it and it just goes to court and i end up with an earnings arrestment or something? Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks, Ronnie
  9. Fantastic! the national debt helpline couldn't even answer that for me! Thanks Gaston
  10. Anyone? Do i need a copy of the agreement to attach to the time order? I have the reference number etc but not the original copy of the agreement.
  11. Right, i am in the middle of applying for a time order now and there is a bit that asks me to attach a copy of my original agreement which i cannot find Is this a must or can i just fill it out regardless?
  12. Thanks for that!! i called the nationaldebt helpline and they have given me some good advice!I must admit i am really stupid! in my ignorance i assumed that a time order was something you done through the court only to gain more time to deal with the account! i never knew this would have my whole agreement looked at and redone if needed! They have told me to tick the time order box AND the pay by installments box, then fill out the incom/expendituure form and submit that with acover letter explaining things. The installments must cover the cost of the car and a little bit towards the arrears (which is what i wanted all along)
  13. I believe it is only a claim for return of goods as it does not mention any outstanding cash balance. I don't have the documents to hand as im at work just now but i can get this tonight when i get home
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