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  1. Thanks for the replies. I’ve made it clear to Nationwide that I intend to persue this with the FOS, and have asked them to send me all the statements since they resumed charging interest for my calculations. As my account is now closed I no longer have access to them online. In my polite but firm response to them, I have indicated what my rough calculations are in the hope that they may decide to offer me that without the need to go through the FOS process.
  2. Hi, To cut a long story short, I entered into a DMP back in Autumn 2014 and Nationwide was one of my creditors. They issued a default notice but never actually defaulted the account. Instead, until 2017 they just recorded late payment and AR markers. From 2017 when I stopped my DMP, they resumed charging interest. I recently complained and they have agreed that my account should have been defaulted in 2014, and will update the CRAs accordingly so the debt will now drop off my file. They also agreed to refund all the interest from 2017 which was over £900 and also offered a compensation payment on top. Now, had I taken this to the FOS and it had been upheld, I suspect they would have awarded 8% interest on top as is standard for many of their judgements. I asked Nationwide to consider making an additional payment for interest but they refused. My question is should I persue this with the FOS or should I just accept what I’ve been given and leave it?
  3. Indeed it’s not sold and they still send me monthly statements.
  4. I spent the money and therefore intend to pay every penny back, I just don’t want to deal with DCAs if I can avoid it. I thought by letting them know my intentions it will stop them bombarding me with calls and texts if they don’t see the payments coming to them anymore.
  5. Hi, I’m currently in a payment plan to repay 2 Amex debts. Whilst Amex still own the debt, and send monthly statements, the payments are collected by a 3rd party - “NCO Europe” ( a DCA ) As Amex still legally own the debt, can I refuse to pay the DCA and instead resume paying Amex directly? I just don’t like dealing with DCAs which is why I’d rather pay direct. If I were to write to the DCA to tell them that this is what I want to do, could they take any further action?
  6. I rang Barclaycard to chase up my complaint (see earlier post) not the other way round. The majority of creditors haven't issued defaults and I'd like to keep it that way.. I've just claimed back PPI from them as well.. Account was opened in 1996, what benefit would requesting the CCA bring here?
  7. Hi, I'm currently in a DMP via StepChange. I had a call with Barclaycard today who told me that if I don't revert to my contractual payment, they will default my account. The difference between my contractual payment and what i am paying via StepChange is really small and I can easily make up the difference myself each month, BC say that if I revert to contractual payment, but they detect that any of the payment is coming via StepChange or another DMP, they wiill automatically default and sell the account, regardless of the fact that I would be making up the difference and the contractual payment would be met. Is this really true? If I'm up to date with my contractual payments, on what grounds could they default the account? I don't see anything in their T'cs and C's which restricts the way in which I pay the account?
  8. Hi, Thanks again for the reply and your insight. Tesco Loan was taken out in 2009 I think. Defaulted in 2014 and sold a couple of months ago, despite my being in an arrangement to pay with them which was up to date. Strangely, this account doesn't show on either Clearscore or Noddle anymore... I tried the irresponsible lending route with the PDL's, Lending Stream agreed and wrote off £500. The others told me to go forth and multiply... Given I'm going to have this DMP round my neck for another 4 years nearly, at the tune of £806 a month, I'm wondering if there's any way I can speed this up / reduce what I owe quicker? I've got a bloody good final salary pension I've been paying into for over 20 years but I'm not 55 for another 10+ years so I assume that's not an option to tap into?
  9. I've attached my latest DMP statement with the personal info removed.. Allied International Credit is for American Express.. rest should be self explanatory
  10. No.. I went into the DMP with just under £50k of debt ( I had a messy divorce and went off the rails financially a bit ). I have a good income which is why my DMP payment is quite high ( over £800 pcm ) The majority of creditors haven't defaulted me, including MBNA, and I wanted to keep it that way. Indeed my credit report shows the account as "up to date" albeit with an AP marker. MBNA confirmed only 6 weeks ago that the account wasn't in arrears! Since 2014 I've repaid just over £20k of the debt so am getting there slowly...
  11. Hi, Thanks for the reply but I'm not clear how I'm in a better place? I would rather deal with the lender than a parasitic DCA! Very little of the debt is made up of charges and the interest was significantly reduced when I went on to the DMP with Step Change. I took the account out in 2008, got into difficulties in 2014 and have been maintaining regular payments via the DMP ever since which they have been happy with. Current balance outstanding is £2,933 and I was repaying £89 a month.
  12. I've been repaying my MBNA Credit Card account via Stepchange for some time now, and MBNA were happy with the amount I was paying and, in that respect, my account was up-to-date On the 19th August I received a latter that stated "We are writing to give you notice that we are ending your MBNA credit card agreement in accordance with Clause 18 of the terms and conditions. This will happen on 22/10/2016 The letter then goes on to say that if they sell the debt to a 3rd party, they will tell me "as soon as is reasonably possible" I get home today, 14th September, and my latest statement from MBNA is on the doormat. I open it to find that they have already sold the debt, and this was done on the 8th September. My question is, having given me notice that this wouldn't happen for another month, and they would tell me ASAP if it was to be sold, are they within their rights to do what they have done? eg terminate the account a month early and sell without telling me first? Just seems very underhand to me. Being in debt is stressful enough but behaviour like this just makes it worse... Out of all my creditors, MBNA have been the worst by far!
  13. I don't have recordings, but Barclaycard do and I've asked for them as part of my formal complaint escalation.
  14. Hi, I've been a customer of Barclaycard since April 1996 - so a very long time! A couple of years ago after a messy divorce , I found myself in a bit of a financial mess to the point where I had to enlist the help of StepChange to sort things out. Until now, Barclaycard have been fine and were happy to accept the payments from StepChange. Unfortunately I missed a payment which "broke" the agreement but they were happy for me to continue on an "informal" arrangement and indeed back in March this year when I contacted them they assured me that there were no plans to default the account as long as I kept up with the reduced payments, and that I should contact them in a few months time. What they did so is that they had no "formal plans" available for me at that time. Yesterday I received a letter from them stating that if I didn't clear the arrears within 60 days, and then resume my standard contractual minimum payment (with intrerest) they would default the account. I contacted them today to query this and say that they were effectively moving the goalposts as they had previously said that they wouldn't default the account, I also made the point that the minimum payment would be more than I am paying via StepChange and therefore I wouldn't be able to do this without manually topping up the payment and thus being in breach of my plan. They were adamant that there was nothing they were prepared to do , although I have asked for this to be escalated as a formal complaint. They did tell me that these letters and change in heart is a new policy of theirs and they have had a number of similar complaints.. Any thoughts as to what I can / should do? Is the fact that the account is sold old of any relevance?
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