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  1. Sent a SAR to Barclays bank on behalf of my father who signed the letter. He has been with the bank for over 60 years. They send his cards and statements to his address. Got a letter to say that they will only send him his details until they phone him up to prove his identity. It's been over thirty days and we have received no phone call. Why should he have to phone them. We thought it would be straightforward. Had mortgages and credit card with them for years. What should we do now?
  2. What has happened is that I thought that unemployment insurance meant that when you got made redundant you made a claim and when you found another job you tell them and then the payment of the mortgage would stop. What I did is I made a claim for being made redundant. I got a letter saying they had received my claim, which is receiving our attention to your claim. Then I found a temporary job and told them on the telephone that I didn't need to make a claim, because I had found a temporary job. I didn't realise that they would still pay the unemployment insurance. I ha
  3. I haven't got the mortgage terms and conditions only direct debits on a statement, but I do have the Payment Shield Terms and Conditions and certificate of cover, and direct debits on statements too. I do remember still paying it when I got made redundant. I don't know how they go about paying you. Whether it's a lump sum, or they just pay the mortgage until you get another job. But I definitely was made redundant during payment to them. I did take out another one with AVIA I think, didn't get nothing from them either. I'll have to sort out all my paperwork tom
  4. Thank you I will be SARS all my accounts, when it becomes free in May. I am writing a list of all my accounts details and addresses now so that I am ready. I have quite a lot of paperwork, statements etc. I have statements from 2003 to 2007, but some missing. It was just too much to handle at the time, because I was losing my job and heavily in debt and with children to care for. I think that the banks let me have too much credit for a single mum on a small wage, child support and child tax credits. The total debt on bank account and credit cards and loans was £
  5. I didn't know I was paying PPI on all my accounts. I am just looking into it now, because of the deadline. When I was made redundant I did make a claim to Payment Shield, but they only corresponded with help to find employment. Sent me forms and if I did not show evidence to provide I was looking for another job they said it would be nil and void. I did find a temporary job and told them, but like I say it was temporary. PPI on my GE money credit card I didn't know it was for unemployment and I did not ask for it. There was no letter to say you have it and could
  6. I'm a little bit scared, because I owe so much. I had a LLoyds TSB account and credit cards that I went overdrawn on and still owe a lot of money I had a mortgage with Lloyds, Halifax, Birmingham Midshires and Abbey National, which have all been paid off. I think all of these mortgage companies are under the Lloyds bank now. I don't know if the Lloyds account and credit cards are statute barred now, but credit score is clear.
  7. Hi The credit card was a mothercare card owned by GE Money. They were charging me over £25.00 a month and charging me interest at over £50 a month as well. Did not ask for PPI at £1 per £100 borrowed. I had taken out a payment shield insurance for employment cover for a mortgage that was also missold to me, by mortgage salesman saying I would have to take it out to get the mortgage. I did got made redundant at the time of these charges and I got sweet nothing from anyone. I had to sell my house, because of threatened repossession from the courts and I am now livi
  8. Hi Please, can you help me? I got into terrible debt many years ago. Abbey tried to repossess my house after a court hearing, but I sold it in time for not much profit. I had loans and credit cards outstanding and I got a CCJ for one of my credit cards who charged me a lot of PPI. It is seven years down the line and my Experian credit score shows clear. What I want to know is, can I reclaim PPI on all my mortgages and loans and credit cards from over the years? I know my CCJ is still enforceable, but this card was the main offender. Thanks
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