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  1. They are not phoning. me, They are on the back foot. They want to close the matter. I do not understand consumer Law and they know that. I am considering the FOS or taking the matter to Court. I am losing sleep and losing weight. Marserobert
  2. Hi Andy I am not a tough bloke. It hurts. Marserobert
  3. Hi Ethel Street, This debt has passed through many DCA's. When these people started in 1996 my credit file was free of Judgement debt.
  4. Hello It is difficult to decided how much to disclose, However, the Judgment is 25 years old. They never renewed the Judgment. They tell me the Judgment was destroyed after six years. They tell me that a Judgment remains payable until settled. For me it is essential that I know for certain that they cannot enforce that Judgment. My Credit file has always been free of any judgment debt. Marserobert
  5. My Credit File is free of any judgment debt They have provided me with their final response. From what I have read it looks good. I need to know, if they have destroyed the Judgment can they enforce a missing Judgment?
  6. I have never seen any Judgment. The debt collector tells me the Judgment has been destroyed, If this is true, can they ever enforce? I don't know
  7. I intend to report the debt collector to the FoS, and we are discussing our final responses. The debt collector is backing off and I am pursuing.. I have asked for sight of judgments. The Debt Collector tells me the Judgment was destroyed;
  8. The debt collector believes the can collect after destroying the CCJ Marsrobert
  9. HI ANDY This correct! The debt collector informed that the Solicitor destroyed the Judgment. Can the enforce or collect on thus Judgment. Marserobert
  10. Hello My judgment Creditor has destroyed the CCJ. Can this CCJ be renewed by Judgment Creditor? Thanks
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