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  1. I did not realise I had already started one for this particular debt. When you have so many companies chasing you ,who keep changing their names and tactics, its not always easy to remember what you may have done several months ago. If there is an easy way to do that here then please guide me. I honestly did not know I had asked about this one before.
  2. Not sure I understand you. I did start a brand new thread for this debt issue. I went in from home page > debt section.
  3. So the final debt I have to deal with has now arrived via PRA Group for chasing me. Its for MBNA. Long story short- 1. Debt clock started 09/2008 2. Got into a mess as my business was closed down by a [EDIT]- did a Stepchange DMP for 1 year from 15/6/2015 which auto ended 1 year later (did not realise it was only for 1 year as not told.) 3. Debt for approx £4100 has passed to PRA. 4. Had a letter today which is a 'summary' of account payment details for the last year - £0 paid. PRA not threatening yet, but have sent 'single payment offer in full final settlement' of approx £1440 which is open until end of April. What would be their next likely move be if I don't pay this or make contact? I have not contacted them at all yet.I prefer not to pay this giant lump sum as I am living off savings mostly at the moment. thanks in advance for your advice.
  4. Quick question, if the debt collectors dont respond and the court put a 'stay' on it after 28 days, does that mean it cant be picked up again by any debt company?
  5. Just a little update, I put in my defence and the court has replied to me saying that they will serve a copy to the claimant or their sols. They say the claimant may try to contact me direct to resolve a dispute. If unresolved they inform the court how to proceed. If they proceed they must contact the court within 28 days of getting my defence.After that the claim will be stayed and the only action would be for them to request a stay lift. So, I await a response from Global which Im sure I'll get next week sometime.
  6. Already had it ready to send, just wanted to be sure. Have sent it now. Have also posted the SAR to HSBC as suggested. Thanks for your help.
  7. Just a thought- if Link thought they had a judgement pending why would they sell the debt on again rather than sit back and wait to collect? In the notes I took from the phone call with the court this morning they said it was 'on hold, stayed, no action yet pending my defense submission. So, I should just send the defense today via email anyway to cover myself?
  8. Yes the ref on the court claim sent to me via email is Ref: LNK/M-006XXXX - thats Link isnt it? There is no mention of Drydens or Arrow on this claim that I can see.
  9. I dont know if it was statute barred. Their court claim above states it was instigated on 13/05/2011 which is impossible as I had no account with HSBC since the 90's. I had a DMP via Stepchange which has caused a lot more issues than it solved to be honest. That started in 15/6/2015 which this debt was listed as part of ( they should have advised me it was already statute barred by then). I paid the DMP for 1 year at which time it automatically stopped ( which I was not aware of until 6 months after the fact.) So I may have inadvertently been paying. Is it safer just to file the overdraft defense you listed and not mention statute barring?
  10. Thank you. Couple of questions: Should I not include something about statute barring re the various dates given above, together with the claim that the account was defaulted in? Re part 6 and the "documentation by way of a CPR 31.14 request dated XX XXXXX 2014 "- should that be replaced with todays date? My credit file only goes back as 2013, and no defaults or listing of this bank account is on there at all, is this relevant to the defense too?
  11. Ive replied on the other thread as requested, have now received the court claim particulars via email just now.
  12. Ive looked through all my documents and cant find the court claim. The court have sent me this as the particulars of claim via email just now: ( no actual document was sent just this reply) Particulars of Claim: Claimant Solicitor Details SHOOSMITHS LLP (1574) [the is a Link Financial ref on the claim not Arrow Global or Drydens] 1. THE CLAIMANTS CLAIM IS FOR THE SUM OF £xxx BEING MONIES DUE FROM THE DEFENDANT TO THE CLAIMANT AS A CONSEQUENCE OF THE DEFENDANT INCURRING AN OVERDRAFT WHILST OPERATING A BANK ACCOUNT (ACCOUNT NO. XXX) WITH HSBC PLC. THE DEBT WAS ASSIGNED TO THE CLAIMANT ON 13/05/2011 AND NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT PROVIDED TO THE DEFENDANT, PURSUANT TO THE LAW OF PROPERTY ACT 1925. 2. PAYMENT OF THE ABOVE SUM HAS BEEN REQUESTED, BUT AS AT THE DATE HEREOF REFUSED. 3. THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS THE SUM OF £XX. C HAS COMPLIED, AS FAR AS IS NECESSARY, WITH THE PRE-ACTION CONDUCT PRACTICE DIRECTION. Please can someone help me draft a defense for this?
  13. Linked content came in after my last reply to you, crossed in the post, so to speak. Apologies.
  14. As I said above- I cant find the Financial Legal Issues section you speak of- thats what I asked for as a link?
  15. Without spending all day reading through each one, the subject lines do not really help in trying to find a similar one. Please can you post a link to where the thread has moved to now also as cant seem to find it.
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