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  1. Where do I start though? I have no idea how to formulate it based on the inch thick pile of documents i have. Since the case was stayed and then resurrected with a new 'solicitor'- is that relevant at all? Is it relevant that it was almost statute barred and I received bad advice from Step change re continuing? What about the interest they say is accruing at 8% pa- do I add anything about that? What is my basic defense start point? What legal bits am I supposed to quote? Looking through the paperwork I have I cant find anything that states they have been assigned the debt from Barclays, shouldn't I have something about that? I have photocopies of the signed credit agreement. Most of the paperwork I have is copies sent more than once, plus stuff I have requested as per advice here. I am very worried about this as it is such a large amount they are requesting.
  2. yes looks like it, thanks Andy, Can you please direct me to the right template to try to formulate the defense. I won't submit it until close to the due date, but I like to sort stuff out in advance so I know what Im doing. many thanks
  3. There is a bit nearly which is only just visible, as its half cut off the bottom, which says N157 small claims track (hearing).
  4. Ive checked for a witness statement example as suggested above, but all I get is a lot of links to other folks issues. Ive read through a couple but they are not similar to mine. I have a huge amount of paperwork for this issue and Kearns have added massively to the original figure ( over £1200 at 8% interest pa. It was originally stayed by previous judge then Kearns took over and got it lifted. Where do I start with a witness statement?
  5. where do i find details of witness statements, and how do I know which one might be the right one for me to use etc? There was nothing on the court paper saying I had to do anything or reply by any date. Bit confused now ??
  6. just a quick update, I had a court letter stating that the claimant had to pay a court fee or file a completed application for help with fees, by May, for the case to continue, if they do that -then the case will be heard in June. However it also states the case could still be struck out if this does not happen ( it was stayed previously). If struck out it will be vacated unless a counterclaim survives the strike out. So the wait continues. Should I be doing anything in the meantime to prepare?
  7. Thank you for the update. Was the mediation thing just done by way of a phone call?
  8. Ive looked at the N157 online and I have not received anything like that yet. As they are so keen to bring a court case I cant imagine they won't pay the fee ( unless they think the case is dubious?) as they already changed their last solicitor and chased the judge to lift the stay. They are very aggressive. Would I only be notified from the court when all the dates have past and the next stage is set to continue or if it's been struck out then?
  9. ok thank you. Ive not received anything from the court yet. I'll wait to respond when they do write. Im keeping copies of all the intimidation methods received.
  10. Yes I deliberately did leave that off of their copy. The 'solicitors' stated on subsequent paperwork that they had sight of the court copy, hence the harassment began again. Specifically via email and calls, (blocked) and also letters. Now they mention forum posts in every communication too. Id have to check, but I think they also stated that's where they got my contacts from. I can assure you I have not given them any contact details because I know they can be relentless. Until the last judge removed the stay and I answered it they were only sending letters and the usual round of numbers they ring from- my phone auto flags them as potential spam ( a truly 'smart' phone!). Is it illegal for them to do that - would the court have made a mistake in allowing contacts to be seen perhaps?
  11. Emails, calls, and letters since they got hold of my details via the court docs. Ive blocked all, but letters always arrive with thick wad of their 'proof' that Im a liar etc. I hope I can use these threats back at them when the next phase starts. Of course their charges go up each time too for sending some photocopied garbage.
  12. Hi, no, I definitely made sure to tick the yes to mediation box as directed by you guys here, and it has been mentioned by those chasing the alleged debt as a route to get me to contact them prior to any court case. Sorry but whats WS's?
  13. The doc I received was from the CCBC stating Small Claims Mediation Team has arranged for the case it to be transferred to my local court. however, no appointment was given. The 'file will be referred to a procedural judge' who will allocate the claim to track and give management directions' ( whatever that means!) It says if Ive not been sent an appointment then "none was able to be arranged." It just says to await the judges directions, which have not been sent yet. My local court address is included. This is why its so confusing. The 'solicitors' keep stating Ive received it and ignored it, which is nonsense.
  14. Oh I was under the impression it was part of or sent on behalf of the court. The notice re mediation came from a court address. Ive not received anything except that paper saying that it would be transferred to my local area for mediation and that I would be notified of a date.
  15. Ok, thank you for that. All the communications consist of threats, accusations of lying, cajoling attempts at sympathy ( usually followed with a threat, and various other stuff. With regards to the mediation I have read that its a telephone call-is that correct? What would the court objective be- is it to find facts or to get payment for the company bringing the case?
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