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  1. Just a quick update: My case has been adjourned indefinitely. The court left it very loose with no new date set due to COVID. The adjournment said: "if' they were to reallocate, then it would likely be via video or maybe without any parties present. They hinted heavily for us to sort it out ourselves! Hmm. Righto.
  2. I really need quick chat via email or whatever, not in public. May I send you a private message? There are some anomolies I need to allay my fears on. Also, I am worried about what happens if I lose.
  3. I have received a gigantic wad of paperwork about an inch thick from kearns along with WS of 9 pages. Am I supposed to respond to something this big? The letter claims they both will and wont be at court! There are things in it Ive not heard mention before such as copies of microfiche. They are using forum messages to claim the debt was admitted on here.
  4. I dint give them my email- the agents did. I replied via letter. God, I am heartily sick of threats by debt collectors. Its very wearing. thanx DX
  5. Im not replying to anything unless it comes in the post or from the court. The original letter stated: Letter Of Claim Persuant To Pre-Action Protocol For Debt Claims Original letter sent in late March at which point 50% of the full bill had been paid off before they were instructed. They state its arrears they were claiming from previous year, but I paid those in early January so the acct was not technically in arrears. They have basically included this years new bill and last years arrears, and called it all arrears. The new years bill was only sent in January, which I started
  6. After I replied to the agents as above, I have now received an email stating they wish to go ahead with a court case, their basis being that as I didnt sign a form stating I would pay in installments, even though I had already paid three installments including the lump sum, prior to them being instructed, and at that point half the yearly bill had been paid. To date two thirds has been paid off. Ive not replied yet and they have not sent a court claim. The whole bill will be paid by August anyway, this is plainly ridiculo
  7. SO the only docs I send with the WS are the emails- correct?
  8. Please can you confirm if the docs you added above here need to be sent as part of the court WS docs Thanks
  9. OK- did a full computer search and found the two emails! I had kept a pdf of them after on file. Attached. Kearns emails.pdf
  10. I didnt delete them, the system crashed and some were deleted during that. Ive looked on webmail.
  11. Thanks DX, I will dig out the emails as suggested for the proof of harassment. Ive edited the doc and reformatted the 2019 section- see upload. Ive also corrected the claimant name to Arrow as suggested. Please can you tell me what I may need to delete that you think is repetitive. One last thing, the docs you sent back, do I need to print those as proofs for the court & Kearns to include with the WS?
  12. OK, I think I have a WS prepped. Ive added it here. Could someone cast an eye over it to see if it's compliant or needs more work etc please? Many Thanks Kearns: Barc WS.pdf
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