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  1. Thanks DX. I will just ignore
  2. No, I have lived at the same address for over 20 years. Why would this be sold to a Debt collection Agency after all these years?
  3. Not sure of the exact year, but we are going way back with this one, possibly 2006
  4. I had an Overdraft with Nationwide about 12 years ago. Out of the blue I have received a letter from Lowells saying they have purchased this Debt and including a letter of assignment from Nationwide. I would have thought that this was statute barred given its age, but I did complain back in 2018 to FOS about the unfair charges which were applied to this overdraft account. Nationwide offered a compensation amount of £100.00, which I accepted. Did that complaint by me restart the clock, and that's why Lowell have purchased it? Thanks in advance
  5. Sorry DX100UK. Many thanks for taking a look. What should my next step be?
  6. Many thanks for your reply. Please see attached.
  7. Hi I requested a CCA from Capquest, as they are trying to get me to repay a Debt to Capital One of around £1500. I did pay them around £3.00 a month for a couple of years and then stopped The card was taken out with Capital One in 1999. Capquest have sent me copy of the application form which I signed and then some A4 pages, which look a lot newer with some terms and conditions. Can anyone advise my next step please Thanks in advance
  8. Thank you all for your advice, I am very grateful and I will let you know what happens
  9. Thank you all. I am going to write with offers of payment. As far as you are aware are there any could prove difficult to deal with or any who are know to sell to a DCA quickly Thanks again
  10. Hi Many thanks for your replies. All Accounts are up to date at the moment and still with the orginal creditors, but I cant continue to repay them as I'm robbing Peter to pay Paul. I haven't requested any CCA agreements, as they are all quite new, the earliest being 2014 and newer. I have just thought that they would all still have the original agreements on file. They are as follows: Marbles = £5100 up to date Aqua = £3700 up to date Cashplus = £3,000 up to date Vanquis = £2,000 up to date. MBA = £1.500 up to date Tesco 2 Cards £5,000 up to date They are all showing on my Credit Report. Thank you
  11. Hi, I have managed to get myself into around £19k of debts with credit cards and am looking for advice. I would like to do my own DMP and am wondering if this would be possible? After paying my mortgage and other bills I am only left with around £120, to spilt between 6 creditors. These were all taken out after 2007. The highest is marbles which I owe £5100 and the rest are all around £3,000 and £2000. Any help would be welcome.
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