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  1. I thought that maybe that post was forgotten about and wanted to give a clearer question on what i wanted to know as i got a little lost, sorry! & not living at any of the addresses but one has been updated to my current address, and getting letters maybe by-weekly.
  2. Thankyou for replying So a CCA wont really do anything? A copy and paste from credit file Lowell £ 513 updated 06/01/2019 Default Name Miss Lucie Address Flat *** Date of birth ** Account type Credit Card Account number ***************147 0 Account start date 30/09/2015 Opening balance £ 518 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 01/08/2017 Default balance £ 518 -- Lowell £ 305 updated 06/01/2019 Default Name Miss Lucie Address ** Date of birth ** Account type Mail Order Account number **************9603 0 Account start date 10/07/2017 Opening balance £ 208 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 17/04/2018 Default balance £ 208 -- Lowell £ 252 updated 06/01/2019 Default Name Miss Lucia ( miss spelled my name ) Address*** Date of birth *** Account type Telecommunications Supplier Account number **************7721 0 Account start date 11/12/2016 Opening balance £ 34 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 20/09/2017 Default balance £ 34 --- Lowell £ 1,179 updated 06/01/2019 Default Name Miss Lucie Address *** Date of birth *** Account type Telecommunications Supplier Account number **************8434 0 Account start date 16/12/2014 Opening balance £ 1,234 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 02/12/2016 Default balance £ 1,234
  3. getting my credit score back to normal but having to sort out the issues i created in the past... , I have 4 Lowell's defaults on my credit file, issues one from Vodaphone ( 1229.33 ) Capital One (513.08 ) Very Account ( 513.08 ) and an unknown ( balance 252 but account balance is at 34?) I have had ONE telephone convo with them and paid them £50 in October 2018, didn't really understand what I was doing but the lady super pressured me into paying some money instantly, ( i then came across this website) Some of these I had no idea about until I checked my credit file, now I understand I can send off a CCA Request, few questions... 1. if successful could the defaults be removed from my credit file or would it be simple to stop asking for money? 2. I read someone that mobile phone contracts are exempt from CCA 1974? Also, I have heard from Lloyds when I went to go and pay them that they have now sold my debts to robbins way morecroft and credit control ltd (Lloyds account opened in 2016) ... what is the best way to respond to these people when I start receiving letters? Any help or advice would be SUPER appreciated Also, I want to Thank you so SO much in advance, taking your time out to help people with your knowledge!!
  4. Ahh amazing thankyou!!! okay and in a short explanation if you don't mind... a CCA will enable what kind of good outcome? Also, does it matter if I have contacted them or paid or not ( not sure if they see this as you owning up to be accountable for the said debt ect.
  5. Hey. Newbie here.. Okay, Sorry this might be a long one as I don't want to miss anything out! So over the 26 years ive been alive I have got myself in a pickle; default city to be honest, mostly low-level everything combined is under 8k. I have just got a lump sum of money to pay off my debts to help recover my credit score so I can one day buy a house. Now checking my credit score I started going through one by one going to pay them off, I got to Lloyds and they have sold my 3 debts to two companies ( 1 is Credit Security LTD and 2 is Robbins way ), I have had these loans outstanding for 3 years or so and they have never contacted me ( got 2 letters from credit security but nothing from robins way ) i only found this out ringing up Lloyds, the default shows up on my credit file from Lloyds and that's it. Do I contact these people or not? I can't remove the Default either way so what should I do? and if I don't do anything that can happen, the amounts of these are £1525. £870.00 & £1800. This is where my second question comes in, my old phone contracts ( yes I was stupid ) have been sold to Lowell, now I never ever saw them as a threatening as they would send letter after letter and that's it nothing came of it for a few years ( back from 2014 2016 2017), stupidly when I decided to set up a DMP a year ago it classed as I made contact with them ( so resets the 6 year time frame ), now they have now left 3 defaults on my credit file, why is it under THEIR name and not orange etc like the Lloyds? I paid them £50.00 today and going to call up to pay a payment plan, I do have enough money to pay them all off today but is it worth it or just paying per month and keep some money aside? (it's 2400 altogether), now reflecting back on that should I of paid them or just ignore them as it would have got written off? Why have THEY put the default on my account instead of the business itself and not the other company that's taken over my Lloyds account? Why is my Credit file showing nothing of these other debt companies, if it is not on your credit report does it really matter? Sorry, I'm a little bit of a newbie at this! I know when default goes on your credit file it stays there for 6 years and there is nothing I can do about that.. right?
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