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  1. Lets see if this works PRAC.pdf B W Legal (Fraud a).pdf
  2. I will have to get my head round the PDF upload. With it being xmas sorry will not have time for a few days Thanks for your continuing support.
  3. Had B W Legal sent me a Christmas card? NO. It turns out its my annual statement from PRAC you still owe me money letter. No acknowledgement about the Action Fraud reference number I gave them. Just blindly going about their business making peoples lives a misery. Bah humbug.
  4. B W LEGAL response to Action fraud ref number As predicted by fkofilee I have received a letter from B W Legal Not sure if this is a template letter or they just don’t believe me when I have sent them an Action fraud reference number. Telling them I have been a victim of I.D. theft. Their letter refers to the loan ALLEGEDLY taken out fraudulently. They will investigate this ALLEGATION after I have filled out a five question form relevant to my ALLEGATION. This is so they investigate my ALLEGATION. If they do not receive my completed form in 14 days it will be assumed that I have retracted my ALLEGATION and they or should I say there client PRAC can carry on pursuing me for the balance. This is a shortened version of their letter. I think to write these disturbing words shows how uncaring B W Legal and the other company PRAC financial are. I know it’s been said I don’t have to fill in the form (“FORM”) not sure why the form is put in brackets does it make it more important. But I want a rant at them for sending me such an unbelieving letter and I will be asking for their complaints procedure and one of their complaint (“FORMS”). d.bick
  5. I have just had this letter of Moriarty law, which I have re-typed out below Dear Mr ***** Thank you for your letter dated 27th November 2017 I can confirm that we have closed this account is now closed on our files and returned to our client. For the avoidance of doubt, we are no longer instructed on this matter and any future quires should be directed to our client Yours faithfully Moriarty Law Does this mean I can cross MMF of my Christmas card list? Thanks d.bick
  6. I have contacted Action fraud today (Monday 27-11-2017) I started off with a web chat. This was answered very quickly. The lady on the other end of the keyboard answered all my question and where to go on the action fraud site and even gave me the link. Now my lad calls me sausage fingers. I am more used to swinging a big hammer than one finger typing, I got in a bit of a mess, it does not like you changing answers and when you get to the bit have you reported it to the man that lent the money I Messed it up. I now know what it’s like to report fraud on the phone. The man on the other end was Scottish and I am from the Black country (Yam Yam) or the midlands where some people say we dow spake proper. So it may have taken a little longer than usual. Not sure if he was on his own or whether there is a lot of fraud taking place but it did take a long time to get through. Still very helpful and he did treat me with respect. Asked where I had found Action fraud and I told him from this Consumer Action Group. Reference numbers obtained and sent to B W Legal and Moriarty law telling them I have been a victim of Identity fraud. And their client have a fraudulent account. I have told them to remove any nasty things on my credit rating as the man at Action fraud said I could report them. Will keep you all informed Thanks d.bick
  7. I have found all the comments reassuring. Will keep you all informed of the progress Many thanks d.bick
  8. Thanks for the information B W Legal / PRAC still looking for the agreement Moriarty law / MMF sent the agreement Thursday 26-11-2017 Moriarty law are investigating my complaint. Re: Lack of information on first contact with me. I have also asked why do they use the Lexel logo on their paper work when they a not on the accredited list. d.bick
  9. Not my debt fraud hat trick I have been reading some of the past posts and found them very helpful. But I would like some help with my own problem set out below About five years ago the payday loan company Wonga sent me a letter claiming I owed them money. It turned out someone had used my name to take out a loan. With the help of my bank and a representative from Wonga it was established that they did not have my banking details and had not taken any money out of my account. I was asked to contact the police by Wonga to report an identity fraud. The police said because I had not lost anything to the fraudster it did not warrant a crime number but the incident would be logged. Although I ‘am sure I would not have thrown the letters away, I cannot find them. Early this year I was contacted by B W Legal representing PRAC financial, claiming they had acquired a debt from Instant cash loans ltd. T/A Payday Express. I owed them £850.80 No other details about the loan were in the demand. I ignored their letters as I have never had any Payday loans in my life. I have never had any letters or any contact with Payday Express. It turns out when they threatened me with court action the details in the letter of claim i.e. the date the agreement was signed coincided with the time of the I.D. fraud with Wonga. The 26th of November 2012. In June I received a letter from Moriarty law representing Motormile finance Limited (MMF). They claimed I owe them £468.87 from a debt they acquired from Lending Stream Limited, again no information on the debt. I sent a prove it letter and a supposedly copy of the agreement with my name and address on it arrived, The date the loan was taken out is the same as the other loan 26th November 2012. I have not lost any money but the threats from the debt collection agencies to take me to court and wreck my credit rating have made life in the past months stressful and unpleasant. How many other loans have been taken out in my name? I do not know Thanks d.bick
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