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  1. Really? So you think i should just ignore? I was thinking of contacting them and asking for proof that i owe this, my problem is that this is just for the car hire, i would presume that if they were chasing me for this then i would expect that they would chase me for the repair cost further down the line
  2. The letter says they contacted my insurance company and that they are not willing to deal with the claim so they are now looking to me to recoup their loses. If it was for the car I actually hit them I’d understand and would probably pay it but surely they would have to prove I caused damage to this other car which I definitely didn’t before they can start threatening me with court
  3. Yeah these others are all still active with the OC
  4. Hey mate, where can i find the PDL section?
  5. Creditors: Aqua Credit Card: 475 (25 in arrears) ---- Credit Card Still active Barclaycard: 450 ------ Credit Card Still Active Capital One card: 450------ Credit Card Still Active LLoyds Credit Card: 1200 - ------- Still Active LLoyds Overdraft: 1200 ------ Still Active Vanquis: 1100------- Active Card
  6. Oh and i forgot to mention that i have outstanding amounts with First-Utility & Southern water of 750 & 300 respectively. I should really chronicle what first utility did to me, they tried to [problem] me out of 1200 but thats a story for another day
  7. Hi Guys Sorry Ive been meaning to get to this but have just not had the time. I am looking for some help on some debts that i have, things are getting out of hand and i feel i can no longer manage them. I was looking at a DMP but one of the other guys on here said to set up a thread before i go down that route. I'll start off by listing the debts i have and with who and then see what you think. Creditors: Aqua Credit Card: 475 (25 in arrears) Barclaycard: 450 Capital One card: 450 DRS Ardent Credit: 375 Lending stream: 847 LLoyds Credit Card: 1200 LLoyds Overdraft: 1200
  8. I really don’t know but I imagine not as the letter I received yesterday said my insurance company are not dealing with so this is why they are pursuing me
  9. I do have to start the new thread on my debts, I’ll get that done tomorrow. It does seem to be bad for my future, I have visions of 70k to 100k bills coming through my door and me having no way of paying them meaning debt for the rest of my life. Thanks for your help on this
  10. Hi Guys, really hoping for some advice on my own stupidity and maybe some idea of what to expect. Until October last year I was working with a company who had given me a van to drive to and from work, because of this I didn’t insure my car for my commute. I moved job and was given another van to commute with but it was not all the time. I was stupid enough to forget to update my insurance in January I was involved in a multi car accident on my way to work. I was the last car in 6 and only lightly hit the car in front of me. The police took everybody's details and s
  11. Ok I’ll get a full list of all details together in the morning. Thanks for all your help in easing my mind
  12. Yes, I had given them my address there a number of years ago when I was still in a position to pay and was doing so but they do not have my current address Do you need amounts aswell as who?
  13. Sorry, I say my friend as we became so after I rented a room at his here in the uk. The creditor that says they have commenced legal proceedings is a solicitors office in Dublin who took over a debt I owed to a credit card. As for the ones in the uk I stupidly got myself into trouble with payday loans as I was in a desperate situation. Some of them I have a monthly arrangement and some have moved those arrangements to companies like Lowell (the most recent) I feel so dumb about all this
  14. Sorry I misunderstood your first response. The others I’m dealing with and have arrangements to pay it off bit by bit
  15. Hi I moved to the Uk from Ireland in 2010, when I arrived I owed around 4000 euro on a credit card with Visa. After failure to pay they passed the debt to a solicitor for debt collection based in Dublin At first I was paying 50 Euro a month. I then got myself into some trouble over here without a job and stopped paying as I couldn’t afford it. 2 years passed and I have since moved house and have been working hard to pay off my debts but I hadn’t heard a thing from them. I recently visited the previous address and found a letter was sent last month saying that the
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