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  1. I think one problem i have is that i feel like i can repay these debts, but i've always sabotaged myself along the way with gambling, it will be different when i'm paying rent and bills as i'll have much more outgoings, should i look to sort out a place to rent before this situation comes to a head? I get that i shouldn't wait for all the debts to default, i've only got two payments which are currently a week overdue, i'm awaiting the response of my complaint/request to the casino in question to refund some past payments, if they do that then i'll be able to survive a bit longer and have a few more options. Half the problem is that i have to almost game plan against myself, its very tiring...
  2. The Debts are still with the original lenders yes... I appreciate the advice everyone, i feel a bit of a stigma over the bankruptcy option but i am reading more and more about it to see what suits. Feels like the calm before the storm at the moment. It's going to come to a head in the next month though so i'm just preparing myself for that. Will keep you posted on next steps
  3. Frankly i don't have any assets whatsoever, company car, everything thats not nailed down i've sold to fund my habits over time, most expensive thing i own is probably a digital camera worth £100... I will read through the information around it, specifically around impact upon job and housing but do you know if this would create any problems or difficulties for my parents listed currently at the same address? Thanks for looking in and taking the time to advise
  4. Over the past two years i've racked up an incredible amount of debt, it reached as much as £60k last Christmas but this has now come down to c£50k. I have a gambling problem which is where all this debt comes from and which is why its so hard to shift. The pressures of this debt, personal relationships and job insecurity have started me feeling anxiety and stress related symptoms, i don't want to over-egg this but going to the GP recently i realised that things had to change. As you can imagine the largest problem i have is being reliable with any substantial sum of money in my account. I'm currently living at home with parents and need to move out by March/April, i'm finding this difficult for budgeting purposes as i don't know how much its going to cost me in the future and i'm already struggling. My Debts are as follows:- Sainsburies Loan - c£11k Halifax Card - £9k IHG/Barclaycard - £4.5k Virgin/MBNA Card - £4.5k Nationwide Card - £4.5k Amex Card - £3k Currys/Creation - £2k Onstride Finance - £2k 118 Money - £1.9k Marbles - £1.2k Paypal - £1k Very - £700 In order to make ends meet i've also taken out several phone contracts to sell the handset, this means that i have about £150 pcm expenditure on line rentals across 5 contracts. Current salary brings in about £2490 per month, minimum repayments for all of these are approximately £1900. So if i was continuing to live at home and if i was able to not fritter away my entire pay packet within 7 hours of it hitting my bank account then i could get by. Unfortunately neither of these are true. I'm considering making a change to my working situation resulting in less hours and a higher pension payment (thankfully money i can't access to waste) which would bring my new salary to c£1800 per month, out of that i would estimate £800pcm for rent and bills, £450 for day to day expenses. So i can't work out whether i can put myself through the mass defaulting stage, i don't know if i can bear the constant calls, i don't know how easy it will be to get a place to rent with a wrecked credit file, i don't know what to do right now. I'm currently asking the gaming company for a partial refund of my recent deposits (After i've self excluded), if that provides a decent return i can keep going with the regular payments for a bit longer but its no long term fix. My dream is to own my own home, trying desperately to work out how i feel about pushing that out another 6-7 years. Also wondering if i should leave open the Halifax account or pay separately as its still on a balance transfer offer and presume it would be good to have one high value account with history when looking to get a mortgage down the line... Bit of a stream of thoughts there but i'm really at a crossroads, mostly 0/1 months behind and its about to hit the fan.
  5. I've been looking through a lot if decisions and there seems to be a real difference of opinion and how things are dealt with based upon your adjudicator. I've had a very good one on my three cases and I've always been very prompt and complete in responding to any of his questions and it's worked out very well. Only one decision went to the full ombudsman which is provisionally in my favour so fingers crossed. Anyhoo one of them was with wonga, i accepted their offer last Friday, they emailed me yesterday, I responded immediately and the money was in my account today. It was over a grand so a nice quick turnaround as a data point for you all...
  6. My complaints with the FOS are currently in progress but the adjudicator today let me know that he was recommending two out of the three repay all interest paid and all credit footprints removed. (He's still waiting a response from the 3rd company) After all the misery its great to have results like this and like some of you i'm in line to get back thousands of pounds which i thought were lost. I would say that there can be a marked difference between adjudicators though, in an earlier case with a more culpable company they found in my favour without any communication from me, this current chap has been awesome, lots of questions and clarifications and he's got to the bottom of it. I think it helps to research similar cases and see how they've adjudicated and mention them in your first correspondence with the adjudicator. All cases are different for sure but it helps to frame the direction of enquiry if as in my instance you can find a case where repeated lending (ie more than 3/4 payday loans) showed a pattern of irresponsible lending by clearly using a short term product over the long term. Anyways, if you're reading this and afraid of taking it forward then don't be, if you've got the email trails, bank statements and do a bit of research, you have a great chance of getting redress for being wronged.
  7. But if you read the other threads on here, over the past few days Motormile have been removing defaults from credit files that they had no right to place so this may be unlinked to whatever correspondence you had with them.
  8. Thanks for this information, i hope its true and it holds up. If it does then it changes my life for the better massively, hope this also applies to others!
  9. Because the chap i was responding to noted that he'd just had accounts removed today also so i thought it could be linked. When you say 'correct' that sounds like a temporary measure, how long till things are re-instated?
  10. I came on here today because i had two defaults registered by Motormile Finance from payday loan lenders in 2010 which have just disappeared off my credit file with experian also... has this happened to any others?
  11. I've just had a fairly heated discussion with First Direct after they labelled my current account as being 1 Payment Late. My first thought was that this was ridiculous as it was a current account which wasn't at that time in an overdraft or anything. It turns out they put it on there because a direct debit that i was in the process of changing had been returned unpaid. This payment was ultimately collected on the second attempt seven days later and was to a mobile phone provider. My argument was that whether or not this payment was made on time or not it had nothing to do with First Direct and my standing with the bank in terms of credit reference agencies. IF the mobile phone provider were to put a one month late flag for a 7 day delay then that's one thing but i don't understand how a bank can claim i'm a payment behind to them for someone elses debt. The guy eventually relented and agreed to remove the flag as a 'special gesture' but it strikes me as a grossly unfair practice that needs to be challenged and i wondered what everyone's thoughts were before i took it further...
  12. Safeloans have been one of the worst in my experience at leaving a footprint on credit files, after much tooing and froing i've received confirmation that all loans were made on a 'running' contract basis up to May 2012 when they apparently switched to a fixed sum loan agreement. What this means in practice is that if they left multiple entries on your credit file pre-May 2012 you can rightfully ask them to consolidate it into one entry. I believe that as i had a single account number and a credit limit for applications that all loans were essentially a revolving credit agreement as they didn't do any further credit checks so i'll be pushing for the post May-12 entries to be consolidated too but thought just having that first part at the moment would be helpful to some...
  13. I've messaged you with the separate details i used to contact them. My tactic was to get agreement up front that a default wouldn't be added while i worked with a three month payment plan for a similar amount, i subscribed to credit expert from experian so i could see what was being noted each month and continually emailed them when things weren't being reported correctly, ie a decreasing balance and late flags. To be honest none of this worked at the time but it did help later as i had proof that payments were being made as part of a plan and that the data entries on my file weren't correct. You may struggle here though if it's immediately been sold on to someone else as it wouldn't be cashbobs responsibility to update the file. Even so i don't think they should be going from a 0 to an 8 status a few days after the due date. I know the credit expert is expensive but it helped me dispute this entry and ultimately have it removed although they had also duplicated my account as well so our cases aren't totally the same
  14. Cashbob were a nightmare for me to get a default removed, again it was added while i was in a repayment plan and after about three months of back and forth with the credit agencies it finally came off. I remember reading something about the default placement guidelines suggesting that a default shouldn't be applied within three months until it can reasonably be assumed that payment is not forthcoming, in the example you've mentioned and immediately entering into the plan to repay over a short period of time i can't see a default placement being justifiable. They are also failing to report the debt accurately by not showing your monthly repayments.
  15. Yes its a con, i applied for it knowing it was a con from a bank account that only had a fiver in, they said things like 'please ensure there is more than £1 in the account for our verification purposes'. There was over a fiver so they obviously try it to get a large amount of it... I just submitted a four page complaint letter about this company, can't wait for their response...
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