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  1. My credit agreement with qq states that I need to repay £722 (£500 loans + £222 interest) and that there are no additional charges after the due date, only £12 late fees. Well my statement shows interest of £147 added 4 times and 2 late charges. Meaning that my balance when sold/transferred on should have been £302.76 not £819. I have since paid off £559.08. My account info does however mention a rollover/extension twice so does the 2 extra interest charges of £147.5 each stand?
  2. Both Very and JD Williams are DM/Missed payment for June hopefully they are on the way to defaulting, funnily enough Natwest loan is dm/up to date
  3. In fact payments have changes as below: NCO (Very) £771.00 - £4.56 JD Williams £1,749.00 - £10.33 Natwest £4,888.00 - £28.88 Natwest £1,249.00 - £10.33 (was meant to be 7.38 but put 10.33 in payment plan by mistake) Totals £8,657.00 - £51.15 If Very & JD Williams don't default me then they will stay on my file for 14 years!!!!
  4. I have since open a prepayment play with Natwest via their online payment pay 'paybycard' for £10.33 + £28.88 each month starting from next month. Not sure if I should expect contact from them agreeing to it or not. Trying to bypass westcot!
  5. Because I am trying to get Very to default me and they play hardball and take months if not years to default. Even though I'm £311.97 in areas my account is still active and saying AR/up to date on my credit file. This is worse than a default and will stay as an open account and be on there for years.
  6. Received details from Lantern but still waiting on QQ. Obviously Lantern only have details of the one loan so isn't much help in a IRL claim. Original Creditor: QuickQuid Lantern Account Number: Client Ref: Client Ref 2: Type of Account: High Cost Short Term Loan Loan Open Date: 03/01/2012 Loan Due Date: 25/01/2012 Delinquency Date: 29/03/2012 Last Paid Date to Original Creditor: 25/02/2016 Default Date: 21/05/2012 Rollover/Extension: 2 Original Loan Amount: £500.00 Original Loan Interest: £590.00 Loan Fees: £24.00 Amount Paid: £551.24 Balance Sold to Lantern: £489.00 Amount Paid to Lantern: £7.84 Current Balance: £481.16 Last Paid Amount to Original Lender: £5.00 Where do I go from here with Lantern. Do I let them know that I am waiting for info from qq so the account is still in dispute? Basically they are pursuing me for interest that amounts to the same amount as the loan, I have already paid £551.24 to QQ. Statement_of_Account.pdf
  7. The letters do state that Westcot will be in touch with my debt management company. I haven't been with Payplan for a while now and all creditor have has the self managed DMP letters etc.
  8. Got an acknowledgement email from Motormile/Lantern to say that they will process my request as quickly as possible.
  9. Received letters today from Natwest for all accounts I've ever had (7) saying they have now partnered with Westcot. I await a letter from Westcot. Does this mean they have assigned and not sold on the debt?
  10. Thats's why I'm doing the SAR so I have all the information.
  11. Well I don't want to be paying more that I should be or get taken to court. The qq account fell off my report in May, I don't want another entry.
  12. So I have a balance of £480 from QQ sold on to Lantern. It has since fallen off my credit report. I have sent a SAR request to both. What else should I do?
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