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  1. Be on it tomorrow Cheers for the advice
  2. Yes it is on the file, with late payments (no payments) for the last 12 months The letter from Barclays states ' we are currently unable to provide a copy of the CCA you entered into. We accept that we are therefore prevented from enforcing our agreement with you while this state of affairs continues. With immediate effect we have suspended your account. We have taken this action because in our view there is a significantly increased risk that you will cease to make payments to the account. This is a temporary measure which will be kept under review. We have not closed your account.'
  3. I sent a CCA request. They informed me that they admit they could not take any further action as they did not have it. They have just reported the account in default. 18 months later! I will dig out the letter and post the exact wording
  4. I didn't sign it. Returned it signed on the 29 dec recorded. Do I now have 40 days from the day they recieve the signed copy? Also, I have received a letter from Natwest CC asking for the account number, copies of statements and proof of address!!!.... If they require proof of address why did they send the request to my house! They also say it could be upto 3 months for them to gather the data. To make matters worse, Barclays are now chasing a cc debt. The last I heard from the was over 18 months ago. I sent them a SAR and they could not locate a CCA and admitted they could not do anything a
  5. Still not received data requested SAR, they replied saying they require a signature, which I duely obliged. Sent that back 28th dec. the original 40 days was up on the 12 jan. is the next step the failure to comply letter? Or should I just send the dispute letter and stop paying moire house? Cheers all
  6. I'm going to send offer of payment today, and letter stating written contact only. Natwest have responded to my sar request, they now say they cannot complete until I give signed consent, they also want all account details for bank account credit card and all loan accounts!...surely they have all this already. Is this just a delaying method.
  7. It doesn't say either, it just says that Moorecroft are dealing with the matter. And, to me that doesn't seem very official. I'm actually trying to start paying this debt but no one will give me the details I require. Moorecroft have started with the phone calls now, surely all of my details should be sent to Moorecroft, ie the letter stating everything in writing and all the payment offers and IE details Natwest held...
  8. Just received a letter from Natwest telling me that Moorcroft are now dealing with this. What should my next step be in dealing with them? Should I send an I&E with offer of payment or should I be asking for proof of assignment of the debt? Do I need to know if it was sold to Moorecroft? Does this make a difference to my position. I would also like a breakdown of the capital and interest. This was originally a consolidation loan of a loan and overdraft from Natwest, as at the time they explained this was the only option I had. I didn't want it but they convinced me this was the only wa
  9. Still no info regarding setting up a SO though, just them insisting I contact them by phone
  10. Sorry my mistake, it was from Green and Co solicitors, same address as triton.....
  11. Could this be construed as harassment? 3 different companies all making demands and threats at the same time, please advise
  12. One today from moorcroft .......
  13. Had another letter today from Moore and sons, acting on behalf of Triton, threatening court action....and again same address!!!.....advice anyone?
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