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  1. Having heard nothing since the court judgement thing, I have today received a 'Statement' from CapQuest with a letter attched explaining that under the terms of the CCA they are required to send me regular statements detailing any activity on my account. I'll receive one statement every year whilst the balance remains outstanding. Details on the statement are: Type of account: Bank Account First movement on account: 30th April 1999 Amount of credit: Your agreement was terminated on 10th November 2007, so your credit limit is £0.00 Then it goes on to show 'Adjustments'
  2. I don't remember doing a reclaim, what would that entail? It was so long ago. The only things I have are what Cap Question have sent to me and then their solicitors etc
  3. Yeah that sounds about right. I had my first brain haemorrhage in 2007 and that took me 2 years to recover from. Then I had a few years of stressful events, so my first post being in 2012 does sound about right. I don't think I have ever posted anything regarding this debt in another post somewhere. I think the first time I mentioned it was the beginning of this thread when I needed help/advice. Sorry, I feel like I'm not being at all helpful here
  4. There is nothing in the paperwork they have sent me that relates to a charges complaint, only what I have written already. Back in 1999 I didn't even know how to use a computer so sadly there isn't anything stored there. I did have another username on here, LilMissMoosh, but I think one of the Site Team either merged the two accounts or just closed the LilMissMoosh one. It's hard remembering things and the more I try to remember, the harder it gets
  5. No all they have sent me is a few pages of transactions and some screenshots of their system which don't show dates or anything so don't really mean anything to me. Is there any way I can send you images of what they have sent? You might be able to make more sense of it than me. Sorry for being a bit thick :/
  6. Ok this has got me even more confused now! I have gone through the statement that they have sent me , which starts at 31/12/2006 and ends at 13/12/2007 I have added up all the "Unauthorised overdraft charges" and the "Unpaid direct debit charges" and it comes to a total of £420. There are other fees such as interest charged while account overdrawn which range from £4.81 to £19.52
  7. I just want to pay it off. I need it off my back, it's really making me ill The set aside, yeah I haven't done that. Completely forgot about that. I'd actually forgotten about all of this to be honest. My brother has lost his eyesight and came to live with me recently so that has taken over everything. It was only when he asked me last night how this particular issue was going that I remembered, "Oh yeah, I still have to deal with that" I'm assuming it is now too late to do the set aside? And even if I do manage to get it set aside, what's the point if I'm
  8. The last use by myself was a cash withdrawl from a cash machine. The next entry is "Account closed contact collections and recoveries". And yes I do believe it is bank charges, that rings a bit of a bell with me. As it is now looking like the account wasn't SB'd and I do owe the money I am going to contact them to offer a payment of £100 per month. I do not want bailiffs coming to my house, especially now I have my recently blinded brother living with me, I simply can't handle that kind of stress. My question to you is, should I contact them by telepho
  9. today received the documents from Santander. There are 16 pages in total, some showing screenshots and a few which looks to be a kind of bank statement type of thing. The last time I personally used the account was on 11/04/2007 and the account was closed with the description "Account closed contact collections and recoveries" on 13/12/2007 with a balance of £1523.00. There is nothing regarding CapQuest and no further action on the account after 2007. There are no letters to say the account is being sold to CapQuest and no letters from CapQuest to the bank.
  10. Do I have to contact the solicitors to make an arrangement to pay? Or can I phone HMRC?
  11. To be honest the majority of the stuff they have sent me is screenshots of their computer system, some of which has no info at all. There are only the three letters mentioned in this thread in with the bundle of papers. I will keep looking though. Thank you dx x
  12. The only correspondence after that letter of theirs dated 25/03/14 (the letter in post #1) is my letter to them dated 09/06/14 which was querying the Notice to Pay I had received. Their next letter to me after that was the one dated 19/09/14 saying I need to pay back £293.88. I think by that point it had been passed over to LCS and they told me I owe £1088.96. The information in post #16 is from screenshots of their computer system.
  13. My apologies, I spelt "inform" wrong. It says: Advised more inform required for possible exceptional circs." That is word for word what it says
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