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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all. A very kind family member has offered to lend nearly all my wife and I need for a deposit on a house. We all feel that some sort of agreement needs to be drawn up. Please can anyone offer any advice on this? Thank you.
  2. The French have torpedoed a ‘war games’ which took a year to set up. The Royal Marines have been forced to cancel their biggest amphibious landing for more than a decade after their so called French allies pulled out. The Navy had spent £1 million in fuel getting to the Red Sea when the operation was called off-and it cost another £1 million to reach the Gulf of Oman, where a new exercise was hastily arranged for the Marines. More than 1,500 commandos had been in training to storm the shoreline of Djibouti-with 500 French ‘Troupes de Marine to back them up. Navy sources said the decision to cancel was taken by the French after a breakdown in relations over administration issues’. The Royal Marines are said to have responded furiously. ‘There was no point us conducting the exercise on their own after the French pulled out. The whole point of Djibouti Lion was to test how we can operate together, (And we are told that we can rely on our so called ‘European partners’ if a situation was to arise). 'So much entente cordiale!’
  3. Lendwithcare.org is a microfinance lending website from the development charity CARE International UK, in association with The Co-operative. It was launched in September 2010. Lendwithcare.org allows people to make small business loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, and help them work their way out of poverty. http://www.lendwithcare.org/ Lend With Care offers helping hand to world's poorer entrepreneurs An innovative website – backed by the Co-operative Group – has announced that people in the UK can now lend money, from just £15, directly to individuals trying to work their way out of poverty in Pakistan and Zambia. Lendwithcare.org is a microfinance website set up by aid organisation Care International UK Would-be lenders can go on to the website and view the profiles of individuals in the seven countries. These are loans, not handouts: the money is paid back in instalments, typically over six to 12 months. Once repaid, you can choose to withdraw the money or recycle it into another loan. So far more than 74,000 loans totalling £2.7m have been made to more than 4,600 entrepreneurs around the world via lendwithcare. The entrepreneurs receive 100% of the loan – no administrative charges are deducted. The downside is that you won't earn any interest. In the vast majority of cases you get your money back in full and on time – in fact, lendwithcare says the default rate is virtually zero. "We have had two of the 4,675 entrepreneurs default, and that is because they both died," it says, adding: "Loans are generally provided by many lenders, so in the event of a rare default, the loss to a single lender is usually small." http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/aug/10/lend-with-care-help-poorer-entrepreneurs
  4. Damian Reece, The Telegraph's Head of Business, says the scale of fines awarded to banks will have an impact on their ability to lend money to consumers. UBS has swallowed a £940m fine after a global probe revealed its staff orchestrated the manipulation of benchmark interest rates. The extent of the wrongdoing was highlighted in a series of emails released by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which showed how traders and brokers conspired to rig the rate and referred to each other in congratulatory terms. In this video, Telegraph Head of Business Damian Reece explains the impact that FSA fines will have on consumers. Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/9755502/Libor-scandal-FSA-fines-will-make-it-harder-for-banks-to-lend-to-consumers.html
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