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  1. Thanks for you reply. I’ve asked my son about this and any gas work he has done has been safety checked and signed off so no worries on that score. The new company hes now working For is sorting out getting his apprenticeship with the college.
  2. Ok thanks Bazza I wasn’t aware of this. I thought that his new work place would have sorted it all out. Will get my son to contact the apprenticeship provider. How do we go about getting the wages he’s owed kind regards Ang
  3. Thanks for your replies. I should have mentioned my son is starting with another plumbing firm and they said they would make sure he continues to get his apprenticeship qualifications as he’s not got long left and only needs to pass one final gas exam and they will make sure there is someone working with him until he’s ready to go on his own. Kind regards Ang
  4. Hi Many thanks for all your replies. As far as I’m aware he doesn’t owe any holidays. My son didn’t mention about health and safety as his boss is not very approachable. My son did however tell the college tutor that he couldn’t submit photos for his course work as his work place put him on his own and kept him on apprentice wages. The college tutor said he would back him up if need be. Kind regards Ang
  5. Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me. My son is an apprentice plumber and his work place treated him badly by making him go on site on his own before he is fully qualified despite my son telling them that he wasn’t happy and didn’t feel ready to be on his own. He is also supposed to have photos taken of of his work for his final gas exam but because he had been put on his own this hasn’t been done so this might cause him to fail his final exam. They have also been making him do work that he is not qualified to do on his own. The pressure has got too much for him and he’s left his job. The c
  6. It’s no where near as good as it used to be and my partner had been doing the taxi job around 30 himself. I don’t like him doing the job but he doesn’t feel confident enough to to anything else. What you do with the money dx Regards Angnnig
  7. It’s for a private hire car but we would rent a rent a white plate separate
  8. Hi I hope someone can advise me please. My father sadly passed away and I'm about to receive about £12k inheritance money. my family and I receive working tax credits/child tax and housing benefit as we are on a low income. my partner rents a taxi and pays a lot of money out on the car rent /radio settle and fuel before he even starts to make a wage We are aware that our housing benefit will be reduced but we are thinking of buying a taxi to reduce our out goings on the car and make us better off financially and my partner wont have to work all the hours god sends to m
  9. Hi Martin, Thanks for your reply. It's with RAC insurance and it's the first missed dd. Would you ring them or send a letter to negotiate. Kind regards Ang
  10. Many thanks for the link fk Kind regards Angnnig
  11. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can advise me. We're a family on low income and on working and child tax credits. I want to start a college course but would need a student loan to cover the costs of the course but I'm worried that the loan might be classed as an income and affect our tax credits entitlement. Can anyone advise please. Regards Angnnig
  12. Thanks for your reply Uncle , Are there any template letters on here that would be useful. Thanks Regards Angnnig
  13. Ok Thanks old cogger Regards Angnnig
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