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  1. A so called friend made 2 reverse call charges on my phone using the number 686323. The thing is the phone is pay as you go and I think you get charged by premium SMS. http://www.08000mumdad.co.uk If I destroy the sim card can I still get billed such as in debt even though the phone is pay as you go and the mobile company doesn't have my address. The mobile phone had and still has no credit. He made the call with 0 credit on phone.
  2. I'm a 37 year old mentally ill man with bipolar disorder type 1 who lives with mum. I've had 4-5 psychotic episodes since December where I've shouted abuse and threatened next door neighbours though i've never been physically violent. They were under the influence of alcohol today police officer says he wants to speak to my mum privately but she wasn't in. They're coming back tomorrow. We live in a mortaged fully paid off house it's my mothers. What do you think he would want to chat to her about. I was given a Community Protection Notice a couple of days ago and haven't and won't break it.
  3. I've spoken to the out of hours emergency services, they told me to phone 111 I spoke to a male nurse. He gave me the number for the crisis team and told me to book an appointment with my gp on Monday. I've also spoken to my mum. I'm not going. There's a reason I'm on disability I will not have the council housing adviser speaking to me like that. I'm going to also speak to the council and complain about her on Monday. I want accommodation for mentally ill people who can't look after themselves.
  4. My council housing advisor is a very rude woman who isn't taking me seriously, I cannot look after myself because of her attitude. I'm just not going to eat, bathe etc... They'll soon figure out it out at the rehab place. I'm not going to be forced to take learn direct courses or do voluntary which they advise some people to do.
  5. No support worker unfortunately, it was the council who referred me. I wanted to be in a mental health accomodation but they put me in a substance use rehab.
  6. I have mental health problems and alcohol misuse problems. I live with my mum and am soon moving into council supported accommodation for people with substance abuse issues. It's a rehab. I'm in the support group of esa and standard rate of pip. Do you think they'll take me of pip and put me into the wrag group for esa? It's just that I was only entitled to pip it because my mum cooks my food, washes my clothes, prompts me to take meds because I either forget or don't have motivation to take them, she washes clothes, tells me when i need to bathe etc... And also controls my money, pays bills. In supported living I will have to do this myself. I'm extremely worried they're going to take my pip away.
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