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Found 7 results

  1. Didn't see this anywhere so have posted, apologies if already done,. Needless to say, well, well, haven't they got themselves into a bit of a mess?!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42012116
  2. Don't really know where to start here, but about 3 years ago I quit drinking, I wasn't a full blown alcoholic but I'll admit I wasn't far off I'd binge drink a lot 3/4 times a week it helped me feel better. Any way I quit lost weight fought to make myself better and was going great, now I'm still not great at mixing with people so I thought well maybe driving a lorry would be a good option as I would be on my own a lot of the time. So I went to the Dr to see what he thought and he was fine with it, he left the room briefly and I looked at his computer screen and noticed he put down I was still binge drinking I quizzed him about it and and told him straight I'd stopped binge drinking three years ago. He said he couldn't change it but would note I'd stopped drinking fair enough I thought. So I called the DVLA to ask if my past drinking would be a problem they sent out a questionnaire and the next thing I know they took my car licence off me! Said because it was clear id had a drinking problem in the last 12 months. So I went back to the Dr and he pointed out the other Dr had wrote ''informed me he Stopped drinking October 2014' on my medical records and that Perhaps the DVLA had assumed up until October 2014 I was still drinking. So he asked me to take a blood test to check my gamma GT I did and it came back normal so I thought that'll be it, I said to the Dr now you just need to clear up the mistake and they'll give me my licence back, he said no they have their own rules so I'll just send them your updated blood results. And here I am stuck waiting and the Dr and DVLA refuse to acknowledge there's been a mistake. I can't afford court action what can I do?
  3. Okay so this is a bit messy! Basically (after 3 years) a baliff company send me their breakdown - my payments their charges - they show I did pay them all of my debt AND charges of over £400!!! However, council still asks for the money and even has set up a commital hearing!!! But I try to explain it quickly: Basically I owe the council a sum of £4019 for council tax 10/11, 11/12, 12/13. I was shocked when I found out the sum! I had one bailiff company coming to me in 10/11 and the same in 11/12. I used to pay them a lot of money - after paying them all together over 2400£ I stopped as the more I paid the more I owed! They never provided me with a breakdown nor did the council help me out in this case. I got into debt for 11-12 and 12-13 , because I was to say at least confused about what is happening with my payments! However I did try to set up a payment plan for 12/13 with a new bailiff company who called me horrible names. I was devasted when I found out that I have 2 commital hearings and that I owe the council over £4000 (well now I know I only owe them max 2000£! but they do not seem to know). My partner however said something cannot be right and so we called the council so they can send us their breakdown of what I owe them and what I pay. My partner saw then that I made almost no payments according to their papers, however had proof of paying them at least 400£ in 2012/13 which did not show. So I emailed them and they said these payments were calculated in my 2010/11 payments simply because they are the oldest outstanding debts. Fair enough .But that would mean I paid £0 in 3 years! impossible! Thank God I also asked them to ask the bailiff company to send me a breakdown of their charges as they never did and was surprised to see that this time I did receive one! And what did I see there?!!! I paid MY FULL DEBT for 2010/11 and crazy charges of £400!!! So my question is: WHY DO THE COUNCIL DOES NOT KNOW THAT?!?!?! They must know because Phoenix has the breakdown as they have send it to me! Plus how can I get those charges back? They charged me stuff like: 250£ van costs and the again 50£ van costs and never picked anything up! and other crazy charges!! The biggest problem is that because of their mistakes I owe the council for 11/12 and 12/13 because at one point I stopped paying as my debt was growing the more I paid whch was ridicioulous! I was advised to write the CEO of the council - which I will do and I have attached the breakdown and evidenve of my payments. But I will be still left with a courts hearing and bailiffs on my neck for this year. So I want him to call all actions off and let me pay my debt off to the council withing 10months with monthly direct debit payments. I think I am quite reasonable here?! They made a fool out of me, messed up my finances, let me miss days of work, stress etc! DO you think he will accpet my offer and cancel my hearing and call of the bailiffs from 2012/2013? Please help me guys! I feel totally confused - but as well happy to be able to proof that I do not owe a penny for 2010/11! Cant undertsand why they still ask me for it and want me to go to court.... So I do own them 2000£ instead of 4000! Which is quite a difference....
  4. Hi guys I don't know if this is right section please let me know if not. I really need some advice. I don't know if we have any chance of getting anything from Natwest but right now I'm really upset and stressed. My wife and I have a Natwest account although it has only been in her name it is our main account we use for paying rent, bills etc and receiving my wages. Last month May 2013 the debit card was expiring but we never received a new one. June 1st my wife called and spoke to someone at Natwest who apologised and said they ordered a new card for her. I was in the room during the call and she had the bloke confirm the address it was going to. We get a text off Natwest on June 4th saying it will be dispatched in 48 hours. Nothing arrived that week or the next, we were waiting each day for the post to arrive so we could use the card to pay bills and so my husband could get back to work but it never arrived. Finally on June 14th we went to our nearest branch to see what the problem was and when we could expect the new card just to be told it had not even been ordered (we were told 5-7 working days so the latest we thought it would arrive after the SMS was Thursday 13th). They apparently ordered another for us then and there but today another week has passed and still no sign, so again we travelled to the branch to be told once again, no card had been ordered! Again we have have requested that a new card be sent but now 3 weeks have passed and if it actually materializes it will be next week! We have had to borrow money to simply pay bills and buy groceries, I've lost a minimum of £150 a week due to this incompetence not to mention the knock on effects of irregular business and other earnings lost, realistically £300 a week. In our current situation we simply cannot afford this, my wife is at university and I travel to work via megabus which requires I book online or over the phone with a card. I hope that all makes sense I just don't know what to do at the moment or even if it would be worth our time doing so!
  5. Hi there, I'm not after sympathy or even understanding, I would just like some clear idea of how to get myself out of the bed I've made and how to get back into the black. When I was 19/20 I was at university, I had a pretty decent part time job at the weekends and could easily pick up overtime to gain a couple of hundreds pounds extra a month. It was ideal. However, I got into drugs and suddenly the relatively large amount I was earning wasn't enough to cover it. Well, not so much the drugs, it was the fact the drugs were eating into my essentials budget, so I had to borrow money in order to buy essentials (or so was my messed up logic). Pretty soon I was borrowing from Payday Loan providers, namely Wonga. Eventually I was borrowing my entire months wage before I had even been paid and it was instantly going back out to Wonga. I then had to take other Payday loans to cover the interest and pretty soon the whole thing crashed down around me. My bank closed my account (which had a student overdraft), my parents kicked me out and stopped talking to me (so I had no post forwarded to me), I even dropped out of uni - who I also owe money for student accommodation. I had a second student overdraft too. I then moved into a friends, was unemployed for a year due to the job market, got into debt with his dad as he was the landlord, under the guise I would pay him for my time there - most of this I have paid off. I worked for bare minimum wage for a year, barely enough to cover the rent I owed plus the rent i was accruing. I think, in total, my debt is probably in the region of around 15-20k with all the interest included. However, I actually got a break last year and found a decent job and I have a fruitful career ahead of me. I'm finally in a position to look at repaying my mountain of debt but I just don't know where to start. I don't want to call the creditors I know I have and have no idea where I stand legally. It's been at least 3 years since I defaulted on my loans, with absolutely no contact or payment to any of them. I know I have a terrible credit score because I was refused a mobile phone contract and because my bank wont upgrade my bank account from a basic package - even though I earn enough to satisfy their criteria. I'm also sure my debt has been passed around to various debt collection agencies. I buried my head in the sand in a very real sense, petrified of what I would find when I came out. I've certainly grown up since the mess I was in university and I obviously want to rectify these mistakes. I know I should probably contact CAB and do this properly but I was hoping someone on here would give me some clear idea of what steps would need to be taken. For example, would it be better for me to contact each creditor individually and negotiate the sum I owed or is this something a DMP would do for me anyway? Is there a way of finding all my creditors, such as a credit report? Or will that just declare the creditors which have listed me as defaulted? If I repay these debts, does this mean my credit score is damaged even further, meaning I have to wait 6 years for it to reset? Or will it just be listed from my original default 3 years ago? If I go on something like a DMP, can I try and rebuild my credit while I make regular payments? I know you probably can't answer all these questions, or even answer them with any certain accuracy, but I thank you all the same. I hope one day I can use my experience to help others in my situation, and prevent even more from getting there in the first place. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  6. Report reveals 57% of complaints are upheld. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2200671/HM-Revenue-Customs-admit-wrong-majority-complaints.html
  7. From The Mirror yesterday. Hidden costs: Budget airlines charge up to £160 to correct mistakes on tickets Ryanair will hit you in the pocket if a mistake needs correcting at the airport Budget airlines can end up not being so cheap after all Getty Passengers on budget airlines are being charged up to £160 just to correct spelling mistakes on tickets. Others have to shell out for a whole new ticket if they turn up at the airport with one letter of their name in the wrong place. Ryanair has a £160 admin fee if the mistake needs to be corrected at the airport while Thomson charges from £50 to up to the full cost of the ticket on the day of departure. Experts say it’s *another example of airlines squeezing extra cash out of passengers. Fees *apply when the name on the ticket is different to the name in the passport – even simple variations like Dave and David in the passport. And new brides can be caught out if they book with their married name. Airlines say the passenger lists they provide to authorities have to exactly match names on tickets. So airlines can refuse to allow anyone on board if there is even the slightest difference between the name on a ticket and in a passport. Bob Atkinson of Travelsupermarket.com, which carried out the research, said: “Mistakes can easily happen, so it’s worth taking the extra time to double check.” A Ryanair spokesman said: “The name on the boarding card must match the name on ID with any airline.” http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/budget-airlines-charge-up-to-160-1377221
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