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  1. Hello, I was wondering if it is legal to rent out room in a flat that you are renting yourself? My LL says he is ok with it and my contract says I can rent out rooms. I was wondering if that is ok tax wise? I would still live in the flat myslef. There would be 3 other rooms to rent. My rent is 1500 excl bills etc. I would receive around 1900 pounds a month, which would cover the rent and council tax. It would not cover all of the bills. Do I need to pay tax on this as I dont make profit on it? Thanks
  2. I was a PT at FF for 2 weeks! They have not rpovided me with their promised uniforms, business card etc. so I was not able to work and told the manager I am quitting. Now they want a huge sum from me charging me for 2 months of work there! I wrote them a letter which thtey completely ignored and send me to a company that wants the full payment straight away, hwoever, I do not agree with it at all as they did not keep their promise! Is there an organistion, smth like the ombudsman, where I can complain to about them? Or what shall I do if I am in dispute with their demand?
  3. Does anybody know if there is some chance of complaining to some organisation about Fitness First if they do not communicate or come to a fair solution? Somebody overlooking matter like this? Something like an ombudsman? Thanks
  4. Thank you very much for this! I will send the letters out tomorrow ! Much appreciatet!!!
  5. I am a self employed Personal Trainer. Last year I signed with Fitness First to work as a self emplyed trainer there, however I was not given what was promised in the contract and resigned. I paid them 300£ in order to receive: business cards, uniforms, advertising materials, be in their system etc - after 2-3 weeks I still did not receive them and after repeteadly reminding them I wrote the gym manager I would like to quit my contract and that I am unstaisfied. He never got back to me and I assumed it was handeld as I only worked there for 2 weeks, which were suppose to be rent free.
  6. What shall I do now? It is/was not my push bike. Do I need to contact the council stating that the levied good was not mine?
  7. 12/13 Tax Year £1416.20 = council tax charge -£538.20 = the amount of payments credited towards the current tax year £97.00 = court and local authority costs £975.00 = the summonsed balance (excluding bailiff fees) passed to Equita Bailiffs for collection 12/11Tax Year £1419.92 = council tax charge Nil = the amount of payments credited to the tax year £97.00 = court and local authority costs £1516.92 = the summonsed balance currently listed for a committal (means) hearing 11/10Tax Year £1888.02 = council tax charge -£492.00 = the amount of payments credited to the
  8. yes the council provided me with this information on Friday. Each year the precise amount which I owe them for each year, and how much I have paid to them.
  9. -I have not yet a commital hearing date. All the council says is that I am currenlty listed for a commital hearing, but I did not receive any letter stating a date. -I do not recall that I ever received a notice of seizure. The only letters that I have ever received from the bailiffs usually only threatened that they will come and remove my goods, but they never been inside my flat and made no listings of my belongigs. I do not own a vehicle either. -The council provided me on Friday with the 3 sums of which I owe to the council. Together around £4000, a very high amount. -I d
  10. So to sum it up: 3 different cases. I have thought about it - and I will have to make payments- no excuses. Even if one of the cases needs further investiagtion. What is however clear is that the bailiffs did charge me unlawful fees of around 400£ in 2010/2011. How hard is it in general to get these deducted? If these 400£ were deducted from my debt, I would pay £700 (my financial situation has massively improved this month as my partner has found a well paid and stable job) to clear my debt for one of the commital hearings. Leaving me with "only" 2 cases to deal with, but it
  11. I will have to go to the bank and ask me to provide with bank statments from 2010-2014. According to the councils data, I made only 3 paymentsdirectly to them in 2013, and no payments at all between summer 2010-summer 2013, which I cannot imagine to be true. There is not much I can do before I have all my payments together to get a clear picture. I have 2 outstanding debts that are currently listed for a committal (means) hearing . 1 outstanding debt that is with Equita bailiffs, who I did call to set up a payment plan as I did not want to appear as someone who refuses to
  12. the cup of tea helped! I will take it step by step: When sending the email to the Council about a listing of seizured items, should I mention that Phoenix has overcharged me and that they never took any of my belongigs? Or just ask for the listing without giving them a reason why I need it? (for now) Many Many Many Thanks!
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