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  1. Hi all Back in february I had a call from DWP saying they'd received information that my savings had gone over the limit for income support and requested bank statements for the previous 6 months. Some of those accounts had been closed and it was a bit awkward to get statements, the bank however provided a closing balance that detailed the sums in the account between the dates they were asking for (backward from Nov 16 - present) It also stated that thee was a zero balance and the account closed in January. I'd heard nothing at all for three months and then this evening got a call from them saying I hadn't sent all the statements in which i have. On the letter they originally sent, there was also a line asking for statement for any other accounts dating back to Nov 2014. I didn't send any in because there were no other accounts, however, they are now saying they made an error in their original letter and that i should of provided statements for all accounts going back to 2014. I've complied fully without hesitation up til now but the fact that they've only just (allegedly) started looking at my case and to not even notify me of the delay then claim it's MY error is crap. and I feel that I no longer wish to be so helpful. I've had three months of worry and it's not fair. Now I've got who knows how long before they make a decision. What (if any) are my rights here? I'm guessing that they'll use the non-compliance line and just stop my (and potentially my daughters too) benefits? BTW, it did turn out that my savings DID go over the limit for about a week by a couple of hundred quid. As soon as i got off the phone to the DWP, i immediately checked my account and on going back about a month did find the problem. I also called the investigator back and declared this- and this was caused by a large backpayment of benefits owed to my daughter for ESA and my benefits going in on the same day and a large deposit from the council related to 6 months of expenses they owed me). I'm my daughter's full time carer and i manage her benefits in my account as she still lives at home - she has a severe mental disability. All of this information is clearly shown on the statements i sent in. I had assumed also that as we both get benefits in our own right that we are both entitled to the savings limits (6k each) Can anybody clarify this point. I've always been super careful not to go over the limits as i know this automatically triggers a notice to DWP. This often means that I end up having to buy stuff that is not really required just to stay under the limits - an absolutely ludicrous state of affairs. My daughter is now 20 and will soon be moving out into supported living and I have always tried to save a little money from her benefits to set her up in her own home when the time comes. If anybody has some info or hints i'd be much obliged Stool
  2. So, it was "pay day" yesterday and unsurprisingly, my IS didn't appear in my account. Phoned IS they said they had sent a form IS10 out to me and were waiting for it to be returned which was sent out second class so i guess i'll receive it late next week ffs. Should my money really have stopped?? Furthermore, IS10 entitles me to extra money if i qualify but, having been reading the ATOS form i was sent, it says if i currently receive IS on the grounds of illness or disability, Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disablement Allowance, then i have to go for interview...... My question is then, am i in the same boat as before? needlessly changing my benefits etc if now i could still be forced back to work and lose money??
  3. OK, i think i will probably - just to set my mind at rest. Thank you to everyone that offered advice on this thread - much appreciated
  4. so you reckon i don't need to contact them or anything? the way my luck runs i'll get summat stopped!
  5. So, contacted IS, asked them to migrate my claim which they have agreed to, contacted the Incapacity place, told them, they tried to talk me out of it, said i'd be worse off but they have agreed to terminate my claim for IS on incapacity grounds. Letter of confirmation is written and posting first thing recorded delivery as advised to, so now just sit back and wait to see how much i'm gonna lose........ What do i do about this ATOS form now?
  6. Well the wheels are in motion, i've just called DWP about changing the basis of my claim from that of incapacity to one of Carer........ gonna call me back to discuss...... guess i'll start chewing on my fingernails then...
  7. i see...... it's so hard to work out wether or not i'd be better off trying to something if i could find it i did check the directgov benefits checker but it's not the easiest tool in the world to use - or maybe it's me!!
  8. Great, thank you! It would be so much easier if the DWP told you the name of the premium or extra amount instead of describing what its for Grrrrrrrr!! before my claim changed to CTC and IS, my previous award notice had something called a "Disability Income Guarantee" £22.89 that disappeared when my claim changed even though my circumstances never. I questioned this, IS told me it was down to HMRC and predictably HMRC told me it was down to IS. I never got to the bottom of it and it was actually making me quite ill worrying about it so gave up in the end - even the CAB couldn't get to the bottom of it and stopped returning my calls............. any thoughts?
  9. so i could if i was able to find something, probably working from home, go to "work" and that wouldn't affect my DLA? but after the first £20 earnings, i'd lose pound for pound from CA, even though i would still be giving over a 100hrs a week care?? Talk about having the odds stacked against you .
  10. you mean i would retain the extra IS (£30.35)? can't see a "carer premium" is that an amount of £32.60?
  11. eh? this is the wording from my current IS award notice: IS For you.........................................£71.00 because i'm sick.................................30.35 because you are caring for someone........32.60 ---------------------------------------------------------- 133.95 ------------------------------------------------------------ income you told us about Carer's Allowance...............................92.85 weekly amount you will recieve law says i need 133.95 less CA............92.85 --------------------------- 41.10 is what i get - actually it's less because CA went up slightly so now it's about 39 quid a week so unless i misunderstood your statement, i'm losing 92.85 a week??????
  12. so you lose some money from earnings...... is that pound for pound? given that i get DLA and CA myself, roughly how much could i earn theoretically before i lost entitlement or worse where it would not pay to work? i know with CA there's a disregard of about ten pounds a week. I'd love to get out to work at some point but as long as i'm caring, i really can't see it happening because my daughter needs specialist help, not some off the street moron that can't communicate etc etc
  13. ok great, thanks abc. - one last question if i may....... would you happen know what i would be entitled to IS wise as a carer rather than being "unwell" any premuims etc? thank you so much for your help
  14. ah, thanks. So how would i go about doing that? would it be best to wait and see what happens with this ATOS (my gut feeling is to wait and see in light of my newly awarded DLA. Also, i would lose the extra money i get on my IS due to being ill/disabled wouldn't i? - and there would be nothing to replace that lost amount?
  15. Yes, my child get DLA high rate for care and mobility.
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