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  1. Thank you for posting that here. I think that is really great news. DD
  2. Please do. It was a right old squabble! It started on another thread and then the mods started a new thread on the issue to save the original poster from everyone banging on. Their problem had got lost!
  3. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?413904-Statute-Barred-discussion-thread I was particularly interested in the off-setting argument you had. As in your situation, one of the banks kept off-setting, but every time they did it I reported them to the FOS and they had to refund it. They only defaulted me when they finally gave up trying that little tactic so the default was put on about seven months after the final payment. They sold the account on, and I imagine that the DCA involved will be thinking about the default date given by t
  4. That is amazing! Fantastic! Wonderful! There is a mega-long thread on this argument and so much disagreement. If I post the link to that thread here, please could you re-post what you have said above? DD
  5. Hi there, There isn't a drafted letter as such. This is more or less what I said. Different people receive different things, and the points they have to raise depend on the date the account was opened. So basically, Dear Sirs, I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated.... I have not received a copy of the signed alleged credit agreement for this account. I have received only a copy of a signature box and some typed up "agreements" which do not bear my signature. There is no connection between the signature box and these two "agreements" and they w
  6. Thank you. I know some people don't agree with playing letter tennis, but I always do. Lowell have a nasty habit of issuing Statutory Demands to avoid going through the usual County Court process and although these can usually be defended successfully it's all a pain. I would write back to them and tell them that in response to your request for a copy of your agreement they have sent you only a copy of a signature box and you require to see the whole document. Refer them to the Waksman Judgment in Carey v HSBC, Paragraph 234 (4) which states that where an agreement has been v
  7. Sometimes I don't think they check anything - they just say they do. This last waiting bit is awful. I have one account where they didn't default for months after the last payment. I really think there should be legal clarification on the six month start date for SB. NDL and Stepchange websites both say something different. Hang on in there! DD xx
  8. Hi there, Have you posted up the Application form? I've looked at the documents on the first page of the thread and there is something missing. The printed alleged agreements are there, but no application form. DD
  9. Hi beachy, A Pre-Legal assessment isn't the same as a Letter Before Claim so I think you are okay. As Sunflower says, if they know you don't have a property and are living on a pension I don't think they will want to spend the money on a claim. Even if they won you could ask the Court to let you pay it off at £1 a week and it would take them years to get their legal fees back let alone the alleged debt. Did you respond to any of their letters at all? DD
  10. Hi there, Have you got the Default Notice? Forgive me for not reading the entire thread right now. DD
  11. Hi sunflower, So glad you are out of it too! Like you I'm either SB on some accounts or counting the days on the others to default dates, but some of those were put on very late and as it's well over six years and several months since the first missed payment dates I'd argue SB on those if I had to. DDxx
  12. Good luck, but don't expect them to just agree to it. I had to send several letters and get more and more blunt with them. Let's see what they come back with. DD
  13. Hi exasperated, The points you need to make in your letter are: 1. You have only ever received a copy of an application form which does not contain the Prescribed Terms and therefore does not comply with the Regulations of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The alleged (printed) agreement which was also provided has not been signed by you and in any case you can prove beyond any doubt whatsoever that this document was not sent to you at the time you applied to open the account. 2. Tell them that you are aware that none of the early Capital One agreements contained the
  14. I am only saying what has worked for me. Even when a court case I was involved in was proceeding through the various stages I continued to bombard the other side's solicitor non-stop with questions and in the end they gave up before it ever reached court. If they wouldn't answer a question, and there were a lot of questions they didn't want to answer, I went on and on and on until they did. I did the same with regard to any documents I wanted to see and in the end they had to provide them. The solicitor kept saying he wouldn't litigate through correspondence, but I still kept on a
  15. Hi exasperated, I got them to write it off by playing letter tennis. I raised a number of issues, which I can give you here if you like, and if they didn't answer properly, which they didn't, I kept repeating the questions. In the end they said they didn't agree with anything I had said but decided to write if off anyway. That meant I got rid of it completely three years before it became Statute Barred. It was a lot of money and I'm glad they gave up because Lowell often start issuing Statutory Demands if they know they have unenforceable agreements. Most people defend th
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