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  1. I attach the entry on my archived credit report from 4/04/2017. There was no other entry on the report for any DCA etc and there is nothing at all on my current credit file. I have previously (2015) sent an SAR to Barclaycard and received just a blank copy of T&C's, I then recently under the new GDPR rules asked Barclaycard for all my data. They sent me a massive wedge of what seems to be internal system statements, this did also include a copy of the CCA from 2002. I have also asked the DCA for the default notices and no response. I did pay an
  2. Afternoon, I would be very grateful for some advice concerning a claim from Hoist Portfolio, originally connected with a Barclaycard Debt. To cut a long story short, I have just had a court hearing and managed to get a judgment set aside, because they sent the claim to the wrong address, despite having the correct one on file. its now set aside, however, I have been told, I now have 14 days to submit a defence to the original claim. My defence is that there have never been any default notices issued for this debt, there is no
  3. After a long pause, I have just received another letter from Howard Cohen raising the threat level saying that legal proceeding WILL occur in ten days unless I respond. As seen in the attachments above I have only ever received a reconstituted CCA. Is there anything extra I can do to pre prepare in case they do try for CCJ? I have not as yet sent a SAR and I am aware that the timescales are quite tight once the court docs are issued. Many thanks
  4. Ok thanks, I will continue to do nothing for the time being then.
  5. The account was opened in October 2002 the last payment I made was to MKDP in May 2015. Default date was 1/04/2011 although I think it should have been much earlier than this. Sorry just reread the old post. I reposted because I heard that Howard Cohen have a reputation of pushing for CCJ, so wanted to be clear on my position before this happens . Thanks
  6. I would be very grateful to receive some advice on the following. I received a response to a CCA request back in May and had stopped making payments to the DCA whilst this process was on going. This account seems to have been transferred many times now, but the other day I received what looks like a more threatening letter from Howard Cohen and Co solicitors. I have attached this letter, and the response to the CCA request which was just a copy of the T&C's. I would be grateful if you could advise the best course of action, ie try and defend any potentia
  7. Thanks, I will post this once I receive it. What happens if they issue court docs while I am waiting for SAR?
  8. SAR needs to go to MBNA though?? You would have thought they would've tried to get CCJ by now, its been in default almost 6 years.
  9. No, I can send off an SAR. Just worried that they are going to go for CCJ and I wont be able to defend.
  10. I previously agreed a payment plan with Drydens after a couple of years of no payment to anybody, they have recently rewritten (because I missed 1 payment) and said that they will get CCJ unless I settle. Do you think I have any wriggle room with this given the attached, or should I try and settle at a discount?? I could probably afford 30% of balance as full and final.
  11. Thanks, sorry didn't notice that. My name was on page one, (but spelt incorrectly) , with a different address. I deleted all personal details from this page but didn't realise it featured later. Looks like one set is from 1999 when I made the application and the other is from later after I had moved.
  12. Thanks for your help. From what I can see, it looks like sections 8 and 9 that is referred to in the t &c's is on the side of page 2 and also again on page 3. The scan is exactly what I was sent.
  13. Here it again, I did as instructed, but cant seem to get below this size of file. Original photocopy is not that clear either.
  14. Ive used paint to block out the details. Not sure how to make the file smaller as I think 12 pages will be too large.
  15. I would be grateful for some advice on the following I sent off a CCA section 78 request letter. A couple of months later, I received the attached plus another 10 pages of T&C's which I haven't posted. the account was opened in Oct 1999 and was defaulted on in Jan 2010. Would the attached be sufficient to obtain a CCJ, and would it be best to try and settle with them first. Any advice would be appreciated.
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