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  1. Thanks both. Has given me some more to think about. Do I want to go for F&F settlement which ends this once and for all OR not bother as they can't proceed with collection for now as no CCA? @London1971 - A 700 quid Corolla wont work for me now. I'll shop around in the interim.
  2. Thanks for clarifying @dx100uk @London1971 thanks for response BUT I do not see anywhere dx100 says a payment to DCA resets SB clock. On the PCP front I tried 2 months ago and was rejected because of the default by dealer finance.
  3. Thanks again dx100uk. 6years from settlement date OR date of default? The one default unfortunately has affected me getting a PCP deal from 2months. I assume its because its viewed as recent (2017)
  4. Thanks dx100uk. Removal of the default is the ideal BUT I know may not be possible as you rightly state. The situation as it stands now after failure of CCA request is one of an impasse (collection activity suspended by them & I'm making no payments & credit file is still bad) which doesn't help me achieve my immediate aim which is to get a car for my commute to work. I'd like to give myself the best possible chance of being accepted for a PCP/Lease. I have read somewhere that underwriters prefer to see defaults satisfied than not. How do you
  5. In 2017, I defaulted on a Jacamo account at a difficult moment and the debt of approx £1.7k was sold on to Intrum. Tried to deal with Jacamo and get them to reconsider removing the default on compassionate grounds and for debt to be paid but had no joy as they said it was now out of their hands. Fast forward to Feb 2019, I CCA'd intrum and got the standard "we see you have raised a dispute/query on the account, we will contact the original creditor to request any information they hold relating to a dispute in relation to the account. It may take several weeks for them to
  6. Andy How is this? Cover Letter - Legal Department United Utilities Water Limited WA5 3LP Account Number XXXXXX Claim Number XXXXX Date DD/MM/YYYY Dear Sir/
  7. You're a star Andy. I will modify and send that ASAP
  8. Used the phrase in their letter and telephone calls to me. The one thing they included in their letter is this for me to complete... Dear Sirs Claim Number: XXXXXX Total Due: £X,XXX Customer Acc No: XXXXX UU vs Bgizzle I hereby give notice of my intention to withdraw the defence submitted in this matter. I admit to the claim in full as shown above and offer to make settlement by payment of £__ per month. I understand this will result in judgement being entered against me and a fee of £40 will be added on to the debt, which has been included in the above balance
  9. This is where the confusion sets in. Do I make the offer in writing or wait for mediation and make the offer? Is there a format in which I must make the offer - things to say OR not say in the letter?
  10. DQ not received. The breakdown makes sense too and I'd rather avoid court and CCJ but can't afford to pay in one lump sum so consent order is agreeable to me
  11. My Apologies for now being clear earlier on. The claimant has responded to defence and copied the court via a "Reply to Defence" and provided a water bill and a breakdown from their computer systems for how the amount was accrued. The court has not however responded to me in writing. It is my thinking that I make an offer via a Without Prejudice Letter. Is this advisable?
  12. Thanks Andy for your swift response - Apologies for being dim but does this mean I should wait for allocation to a judge or to mediation before making an offer of repayment or getting into a Tomlin Order?
  13. Update: UU and I have been in telephone conversations regarding this claim and have accepted to enter into a Tomlin agreement over the telephone following my defence. However they sent through a Reply to Defence which stated that the claim has been issued correctly and they intend to continue with it. They request that a payment should be made for the complete amount immediately. Alternatively I should complete and return the enclosed withdrawal of defence form making an offer of payment but this will result in judgement being entered against me incurring an additional
  14. Thanks Andy. @dx - your comment re: PPI - is that a possibility?
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