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  1. thx dx100uk When completing the PAP, I ticked BOX D (I dispute the debt) how should I word the "I dispute the debt because........" I have also ticked the BOX I (I need more documents or information) and said in the "I need a copy of....." I just said Please see attached copy of the CCA request sent to Hoist Portolio Holdings Shall I send the completed PAP to Howard Cohen Sols with the attached copy of the CCA request and send the CCA request and £1 payment to Hoist Portfolio Holding Please advise if incorrect pls Mark
  2. The last token payment (£1) was on the 15th May 2012
  3. Here is the CCA which I received when requested and additional pages of terms and conditions egg_1.pdf
  4. Please can someone give me some advice. Received "letter of claim" from Howard Cohen Solicitors today who have been instructed by Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd, who purchased an ex Egg/Barclaycard acc. History... 16/6/2009 Received “Default Notice” 7/7/2009 I sent letter to Egg requesting the CCA 8/8/2009 I sent letter to Egg requesting if I could make token payments to the account and they accepted 20/8/2009 I sent letter to Egg informing them they have entered default for not providing CCA, I sent another letter stating this on 6/10/2009, a follow up letter on 19/10/2009 as no response. 15/10/2009 Letter from Egg stating what they sent constituted as a copy of the executed agreement (which I never received) 1//2/2010 Received another “Default Notice” 2/3/2010 Egg card terminated 4/4/2010 Finally received a response for the CCA request but only received, which seems to be an agreement/terms of conditions with my name and address printed on and pages of terms and conditions. The signed agreement was not included. 4/2/2012 Received letter from Barclaycard stating they are taking over Egg 22/7/2013 Received letter from Barclaycard informing they have passed acc to Robinson Way for collection 26/7/2013 Received letter from Robinson Way requesting payment 29/7/2013 Sent letter to Robinson Way requesting the account be returned to Barclays for resolution 25/2/2015 Barclays transferred £700 from another account to this account to set off against the balance but after speaking to them on phone they reversed the payment. 9/8/17 Received letter from Barclaycard informing me the acc has been transferred to Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd who are the new owners 10/8/17 letter from Robinson Way stating their client (Hoist Portfolio) have instructed them to agree with me a payment plan 25/9/17 Letter (Pre-Legal) from Robinson Way stating the acc meets their criteria to be considered legal account and if no payment plan is agreed they will instruct Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors. 28/11/17 “Letter of Claim” received from Howard Cohen & Co Solicitors informing me their intention to issue proceedings in the County Court Should I send the PAP form from this group stating acc in dispute as no signed agreement has been received when the CCA was originally requested? many thanks in advance Mark (sorry for the confusion with the other thread) jpg2pdf.pdf
  5. Sorry Guys I have my wires crossed here...this "Letter Of Claim" has been sent to me in regard an Egg card (Which was taken over by Barclaycard). so this is in the wrong thread...with a whore different set of circumstances. Mark
  6. Thanks you. I really dont want to give them my phone number or email address, do I have too?? also do I have to fill in the "Customer Financial Statement" which was sent with the letter? Mark
  7. Thanks again guys So please can you advise me of my next steps Mark
  8. Ok dx100uk I have converted them into one pdf Mark jpg2pdf.pdf
  9. Many thanks Guys Im not sure if the attached letter is a pap M
  10. Please can someone give me some advice. Received "Letter Of Claim" from Howard Cohen Solicitors today who have been instructed by Hoist Portfolio Holding Ltd, who purchased an ex Barclaycard acc. Im sure this account is Statute Barred as no payments have been made to the account or acknowledgement of the debt in the last 8 years. Only problem I had was about 2 years ago when Barclays took out £700 from another account and applied it to this account, but I got them to overturn this and move the funds back to the original account. I dont know what to do, pls can anyone help many thanks in advance M
  11. Received another "We have not heard from you...We are willing to help.....If I don't contact them the account will be passed collections" letter today. Is it worth a response i.e. reminding them they have not fully responded to my request for a viewing of the CCA? Also what is the criteria for statue barred? Many thx
  12. Please can somebody help me I'm a very upset and worried man!!!! Barclaycard have taken out a payment of £700 from my Barclays current account. I put some money is this account last week for a friend to use the debit card to pay for her holiday, but when we went to pay with the card, it was declined. Knowing we had only put the money in the day before, I checked and found Barclaycard have taken this amount? I received a letter from them regarding taking the money today, I have attached it. As you can see, this account has been in dispute since 2009. The last spending on the account was 11th March 2009 so only 9 days away from statute barred!!! What can I do to get this back as its not even my money.
  13. I have just checked the statements they have sent me and the last payment to the account was on the 13th March 2009 and the last usage was on 28th April 2009. So we are very near being statue barred.
  14. I have received a response to my last letter. I'm convinced they don't even read any letters they receive, My letter stated that I have not received a copy of the signed alleged credit agreement for this account and I have only received a copy of a signature box and some typed up "agreements" which do not bear my signature. So guess what they send in response!...The same credit agreement and terms & conditions they originally sent when the CCA was requested!! The coving letter states “Please find attached copy of your signed agreement and statement”. They have now placed all collections activity on hold for 14 days giving time for me to respond.
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