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Found 6 results

  1. I have been told by ACAS that I have three claims - unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal and discrimination. This was also backed up by a law clinic. I was told to complete the ET1, however, I am confused. I am unsure how I would put these three claims in the form? Any advice would be welcome.
  2. Hi everyone I am new here and i am pretty sure my particulars of claim will be too vague after looking over it after filing for judgement. The complaint is that i paid a deposit to an estate agent/limited company to purchase a property through paypal. i never was given an opportunity to view it. afterwards i requested a refund of the deposit which they kept promising to refund but never did. moreso the director of the company illegally withdrew the funds of the deposit out of the paypal account even though it was a deposit and was not meant to be touched. Please be so kind to tell me how to word a correct particulars of claim thank you
  3. is there anyone to help or anywhere i can get help to complete a pip application. ive been on long term sick /esa over a period of over 10 years , the last 2 years have got even worse . i had a ftf esa assesment around christmas and have still not heard back even though esa is still been paid . in the last 2 years i have gone through been partly diagnosed with epilepsy even though im still having my meds changed frequently and have just been invited for a 5day stay in hospital for more tests (i have a phobia with hospital stays) suffered a massive heart attack last april that took 3+ hours of mis diagnosis causing 44% muscle loss in my heart. then only 1 year 5 days later suffered yet another heart attack @43 years old ,with the hospital refusing to stent ,stating i would be fine for a few months even though i have now another 20% reduction in heart strength . iv spent the last few weeks wondering would i qualify , i also have a back /leg problem that led me onto sickness benefit to start with after a fall years ago that nearly killed me . everyone says yes but my head these days is so bad i cant even work out the forms there so confusing . is it possible for a company /person to do this . im on 16 different meds a day for the rest of my natural and basically im waiting for the next heart attack to happen . its making me so depressed as even though i was physically disabled before to an extent , im now getting mentally disabled as well and struggling to cope with accepting that this could be my future fitness . even the cardiologist couldnt work out that why i was sufferering breathleness and suvere temporal pain 3 weeks prior to my second heart attack . so how would a pip assessor work out whats what . i dont know how to put down each individual thing out on paper. and my wife bless her isnt intelligent enough to actually write this down comprehnsivly enough .
  4. Can anyone advise me on completing the DLA form pack, As I find it a minefield of trick questions for the layman. I have heard there are some good free web sites that help.
  5. Hi Guys, Looking for some advice regarding snagging, certificates & BC at the end of a building project. The majority of the works were completed in Feb (3 months late), the builder is now ignoring our letters, calls and emails requesting their return to complete the snagging list. We're holding a retainer for the snagging which should just cover the outstanding work but any certificates & warranties are all held by the builder. We would like to get a new builder in to finish the snagging but are worried that we would then struggle to get final sign of by building control and would have no warranties for things like windows & boilers. Can anyone offer any advice? We have tried every option of solving this amicably with the builder but I guess they have now decided the cost to them of rectifying the problems is greater than we owe. Thanks,
  6. I am an ex-tenant have been corresponding with my landlord - with several letters flying back and forth - about a non-return of deposit. Each time they send me a new letter, they change what they are claiming for. The last letter they sent says they have decided to waive the cost of xyz. When I complete the Particulars of Claim, do I list and describe the items they are claiming (and which I dispute) only in the final letter? Or do I need to include the stuff in earlier letters? My concern is that I make a claim and then they start talking about the earlier stuff too, if that makes sense. Thanks, Jon
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