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  1. Thanks, just that I had a missed call from them late friday afternoon and have been worried all weekend what they may have been calling about? what could they have been calling about does anyone think? what have they called people about before after someones send in a reassesment ESA50?
  2. Hello all I get ESA CB Support group and recently posted my ESA50 reassesment. I am worried that if I am asked to attend or even if I manage to get a F2F at my home and due to my Bowel issues I am unable to attend or even if its at my house and I am stuck in the bathroom and I am unable to answer the door and he or she leaves. Now what happens then? I know they will send me a letter and asks me for good reason I did not attend, but then what if the same thing happens again if they make a new appointment? and again? Will they eventually end my ESA claim? and then would I have to appeal to have my ESA reinstated? and if I win my appeal to have my ESA reinstated would I immediately be requested to attend another ESA assessment? OK well if that doesnt happen what if I was being assessed and was unable to continue after even a few seconds, would the assessor class that as non attendance? or how would that work? and how would I appeal if this happened and I was removed from ESA? what would be the process? Thanks all in advance"
  3. How are things going for you now? Are you getting your basic rate ESA? Did you submit your appeal yet?
  4. Hello, When I was in the US a guy I met had a device in his car which allowed him to listen to UK radio stations?! I wanted to know what it was and can you get one here in the UK which would pick up American radio? Thanks!!
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