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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Peepz Firstly, new to this forum so Hello to all. I need some help & advise. I had my daughter tablet, a nexus 7 2nd gen 32gb covered for accidental damage for the past 4 years. Last week she put on the side of the bath to use the toilet and it fell into the bath which her mom had just ran for her, She is only 6. It caused the tablet to become water damaged, nowhere on the knowhow's policy does it state anything about water damage. What is more annoying is that it is called whatever happens & they state "mishaps & accidents do happen" but when I used my cover they have rejected it & returned it back to the store. The engineers report has said it could be neglect & that I have to write to head office, which I have but I'm not holding my breathe. What I need to know is, is it worth me trying to take them to small claims court to repair or refund me my money or am I just wasting my time? I have done some reading I know you cant use FOS as these big companies have some sort of get out clause. Will it just cost me too much & take too long that it won't be worth it or do you think I have a case? How can they say a child deliberately did this or it was neglect? it is a very grey area, how do you define neglect? if it's caused by an adult then I can understand but then a child doesn't have that state of mind to even think it. Any advise is appreciated The tablet cost about £225 new about 4 years ago or shall I try watchdog or trading standards etc... really angry that I've paid them all this time for a worthless cover thankz ice
  2. HI I am a new to this so please can you give me any advice with my problem. Below is the letter which I sent to claims department after they sent my tv back unrepaired, and after todays phone call I find out that they wont repair it at all due to me neglect. PLEASE HELP ME THANK YOU Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to appeal your decision not to repair my television. I am very dissatisfied with your “Whatever Happens Premier Club” and the decision to not repair my Samsung television based on the supposed damage caused by neglect, abuse or misuse. Your monthly agreement was sold to me on the basis that I would be covered for breakdown caused by mishaps, which was the reason I originally invested monthly into your Premier Club service to be covered. Written below is a full explanation of how the accidental damage occurred and the events that followed. On the 10th November 2013 me and my partner was in the rush and full of excitement finishing moving our belongings into our first newly bought property. Our television was in the car so I lift it up and very carefully tried to bring it upstairs to make sure not to damage any walls or anything else in the way as it very bulky and heavy. In doing this I removed the TV stand to make it easier for me and started to take the television upstairs, however, about two steps from the reaching the top of the stairs I missed the step lost coordination and could not hold onto the television which continued to fall hitting stairs until it hit the ground with the left hand side of the television. The most damaging impact was on the bottom left corner of the television where all the inputs and outputs are located, causing damage to the exterior casing and metal body as the full force of the impact was felt there. As I mentioned above the television continued until it hit the ground floor, it did get caught banister and staircases steps on the way down but I couldn't see any noticeable damage to the property. The first time I rang the “Whatever Happens Premier Club” on the 11th November 2013 first question I asked what I need to do first report damage or change my address and gentleman on the phone told me to report damage first and after that he will change my address, after that I explained everything what happened to the gentleman on the phone, he wasn't too interested in what happened and made a very unpleasant remark saying “for me it looks like an angry customer dropped his TV”. However, I did explain the damage to him and he arranged for the television to be picked up on the 12th November 2013 and I was told that guys will come with the secure case or box and will put my television inside to make sure it won’t be damaged anymore and they will leave me a copy of collection note, I have also asked for a loan TV as I am Whatever Happens Premier Club policy holder on that he told me what at the moment they don’t have one and when it will be available he don’t know so he put me in the queue for it but I never get a call back saying that there is one available and when it will be delivered to me until I received a call from customer service that my television coming back unrepaired. When the television was picked up on the 12th November 2013 delivery guys came bare handed no secure case nor any other secure packaging as I mentioned above they just grabbed television asked my partner to sign on the dotted line and walked away talking with each other to wrap it or not on what one of the guys responded don’t bother it’s a definitely will be scraped after that they just chuck it on the back of the truck and drive of. Moreover when the television was delivered back to me on the 17th November 2013 I made sure that there was no other damages except those on the day of collection and after detailed check I have noticed what television has been disassembled, the front frame was held by two screws only, the back wall has been pushed in and the screen itself has two places where significant force has been applied to it. All of above I mentioned in the telephone conversation with the customer service after receiving television and trying to get some explanation why they refuse to repair my television, as there was no letter or any engineers report explaining it which I was expecting to receive with the television. From the little information I have received from customer service team is they think the unexplained damage was due to my neglect, abuse or misuses of the product, however I did mentioned everything what happened on the phone when I originally rang “Whatever Happens Premier Club”. I was not misusing, neglecting nor abusing the product in anyway. It was just an unfortunate event that should be covered under the breakdown by mishaps agreement in your Whatever Happens service due to accidental damage, which I agree to purchase on the first place. I would like to request the report under the Data Protection Act 1998 from the engineer, showing his assessment of my television and how the damage on the television differs from the report I have given. Under the terms of the agreement although you can withdraw your service if there is evidence of misuse, abuse or neglect, I would like to remind you that I require you to prove it first. I would also like to add that I currently have other products under the similar agreement and I am thinking of cancelling them if you acting in such unfair way and make me feel like a criminal. Please would you get back to me as soon as possible with this issue because the Christmas will come soon and I really looking forward to spend a good time with my family in our first new home and would like to get this small problem solved before that. This means I would like the television to be taken and repaired if possible if not then replaced, as I originally did pay a lot of money because of its good reviews and reliability, also I would like to receive a loan TV for that time. I am expecting a very good service level from your company and I am expecting a response from you within 14 days before taking any further actions. I am sending this letter via recording delivery for the purpose of proof it has been received.
  3. Ok so ill make this short and sweet with this story. Buy 42" lcd tv 6.4 years ago cover it at 7.99 a month on whatever happens TV on off button starts playing up. Ring up get tv picked up. Two days later call from someone saying TV written off, vouchers sent to replace. Vouchers arrive for £400. Look for a TV that will suit/replace the one we had. Now we hit problems. Old TV spec was that it has 2 hdmi and 2 scarts + other specs that are available now but not on the cheaper end or @ £400. So we argue/speak with a Duty manager at a currys store. He will look into increasing the vouchers (even though I had already spoken to someone on the phone and been told its a store managers discression/decision.) Anyway leave a day or 2, get back to Duty manager who has now passed on all the details to someone in the stores KnowHow team. So I agree thats fine and agree that I will definately get a call today from them. Waited till 3.30pmish and think ok I will just ring instead. ROFL, the person isnt even scheduled to work today so how was I going to be rang back when I have evidence that I was promised to recieve a call ? Here are a few question maybe others can answer for me. When I took out the 7.99 a month cover for my TV what was the value of the good (TV) that this covered as there new policy are £ 6 7 or 8 a month and 8.00 covers TV to the value of £1000-£1250 (as per the T&C on there website). In the small print there is nothing that says you as a customer may refuse the amount offered, or they at no point state that you agree to any decision they make. So as I stated to the Duty Manager, I do not except the offer of £400 and therefore would like my TV returned to me and then I purse it in a different way. They explain that this isnt possible. So who owns my TV ??? isnt it my decision if they offer to replace my goods that I am fit to ask for it to be returned so I can get rid of it in my own manner ? (hope that makes sense). What is "LIKE for LIKE" or what does it constitute when it comes to TV's Size, make, spec etc etc Cause all the Duty Manager was going on about is my old 42" was HD ready so ANY fullHD TV of same size is better, nothing else but that 1 spec. Really getting annoyed now and soon will start other approaches to get this sorted instore as that can be very pro-active when you start making a noise inside and outside of a store
  4. my daughter bought an ipad on 18/09/2011 and took out the extra whatever happens cover. around 4 weeks ago my daughter and her friend were messing around and her friend jumped off her bed ontp my daughters handbag which had the ipad in it as she uses it for college. ipad was badly damaged. took to currys and they took a statement of what had happened. we then got a letter back saying that they were not going to replace or repair ipad and that we could appeal the decision. they wanted a letter stating exactly what happened again with a list of everything that was in her handbag. we sent off another letter appealing the decision and yesterday we received a letter saying that they are still refusing to repair or replace. please help. my daughter relies on this for her college course :-x:-x:-x
  5. My laptop had an accident back in June, and on giving it to the Whatever Happens team, it was returned unrepaired 15 days later. There was a letter stating that the damage was not covered by the agreement and the extent of the damage was inconsistent with the description of the accident. This was a case of accidental spillage of coffee on the laptop. I responded to the letter with a detailed description of how this happened, and asked to have the decision reconsidered. This was back on the 5th of July. Since then, I have been regularly calling them on the telephone and as soon as I state the reason for my call, I'm placed in a queue and my call NEVER GETS ANSWERED. The longest I've been on hold is 20minutes, beyond which it is impossible for me to wait AND have a normal life. Could someone please advise me on what the possible next steps would be? I have emailed the local Trading Standards office asking about how I can register a complaint against PC World/Currys, and Im waiting for their reply. Is there anything else I can do or have the government given CURRYS a free hand in this matter so that they can cheat customers of their hard earned money?
  6. Please please please can you help?? I Purchased my TV in Aug 2007 for £1999. Purchased Knowhow's whatever happens policy for TV in Aug 2008 at £7.99 per month. Paid a total of £479 over the 5 years! TV developed a fault and was sent off on the 19th July. I phoned knowhow on 19th July as I was concerned with the way it was transported as PLONKED my heavy 50" Plasma TV into a case on its side and transported it in the van on its side. It was logged as a complaint (which is still ongoing). I received my TV back, fault supposed to been repaired, on the 26th July when I open the wrapped bubble wrap I felt that the top edges and the top of the TV frame had deep scratches and scuffs and a big dent in the rear of the TV casing. I take great care and pride in my gadgets and this cosmetic damage had not been done prior to Knowhow taking it. I contacted knowhow again informing them they had cosmetically damaged my TV. They took the TV again for investigation. On the 2nd of Aug I recieved my TV back with a replaced front frame and rear case. Quite impressed however, on inspecting the TV I found a dent and scuffs in the new replaced rear case of the TV. Not that big so I was okish about this until I turned my TV on and low and behold, this was the first time I had switched the TV on since 19th July, the original fault I had reported and sent away for had not been repaired. The original fault was red vertical, coloured horizontal lines across the TV screen which, until the TV was warm, the TV would turn its self on and off. The TV was sent back for a 3rd time! They had to end up writing the TV off as it was passed their 21 day policy. Eventually I ended up getting a voucher code to which I took to my local Currys, happy that I was going to get a new TV, when I was informed the value of the voucher and their supposedly equivalent like for like TV of £699 ps51f5500. After an hour of disagreeing and getting no where with trying to get them to understand that the TV they were trying to replace was NOT like for like as for starters it didn't have the same connections let alone the same amount! Well after an hour I walked out with no TV. I have phoned Samsung and they advised me that the TV Currys offered is far less inferior product and advised that the equivalent today was a ps51f8500 at £1749 TV which is exactly what I had researched as being a replacement. So far I have got no where with this. No offer of compensation for cosmetically damaging my personal possessions. No offer of an apology. And no like for like offer according to Samsung themselves. But the topping was the offer of a £699 TV which is what I have nearly paid in premiums alone! Samsung have said it was a top end TV at the time I purchased it. So they should replace with a top end like for like in today's equivalent which they are not honouring. I am not accepting this offer so what should and can I do and where do I stand with this? Please please help. Oh I am severly sight impaired/Blind and my TV was a major part of my normal daily living and to have been with out for over a month now has been very hard for me. I only have a tiny bit of sight left in my left eye only and rely on larger scales to help me with my day to day activities. Knowhow are fully aware of this. Many many thanks in advance for any advise anyone has got to give me as I am not accepting this offer. I am also being told by Knowhow t,hat I cannot even get my old TV back! Is this now not theft as I haven't accepted their offer and want my TV back which they are saying I can't have back now? Can I not claim criminal damage for the damage knowhow caused to my own personal possessions? Please please some please help not a happy bunny
  7. PC World sold me a void Whatever Happens Policy and refused to repair a valuable laptop 23 months later blaming me for their errors. Having taken many months of installments they maintain that the blame rests with the customer for being sold a policy with a void product code by their incompetent staff. I am taking them to court but wondered if anyone else suffered in a similar way at the hands of these faceless, unaccountable, clumsy buffoons? I am so sick of their attitude I intend to make very long and loud warnings about this useless organisation and it's amateur attitude
  8. This video was uploaded in 2007. In the video, it is said to expect to see this innovation taking off. It is now six ears since this video and I wonder why it's taking so long to give us this economical, pollution free free, not to mention the minimal cost fuel? If anyone knows more about this, please tell.
  9. I'm sure you're all aware of the Whatever Happens policy Currys run. I've had a bit of a customer service scuffle with them. They don't respond to my emails unless I badger them on social media (then I get a quick response - funny that!) and they don't call me back when they say they will. Quick run-down of the events. I'd love to know whether you think I'm in the right, or whether I should just suck it up and move on. My laptop went into repair (boot-up issue) on the 17th of October 2012. Due to a clerical fault on Currys/KnowHow's end, it was recieved back in store on 1st of November without a fix. At this stage, the Currys staff member attempted to request a write-off as there was no way that the computer would now be fixed within 28 days. The service summary I have says at this point the laptop was past the '28 day remit for repair'. The Currys staff member was unable to complete this request 'as unit is in transit'. He was told that he needs to 'await return to store and then call knowhow for writeoff.' I have all this in writing. When the laptop returned to the Currys store, fixed, on 24th of Nov (clearly outside the 28 day remit) we called to request a write-off. This was denied 'because the product has already been repaired'. So essentially, I was told to wait until it was back in store and then when it was back in store I was told they would not process it. This seems incredibly misleading/unethical/ and a potential break of policy. Given that the fix took longer than 28 days, surely they have to honour their contract and what's stated in the service summary, regardless of the current status of the unit? These other points aren't part of my main grievance but have some connection: Since the laptop was returned it has major connectivity issues. They had to perform a data transfer on the computer and only transfered around 20% of the files on my computer. Many files with sentimental value were lost. They labelled this operation on the data rescue form, a 'success'. My emails have been largely ignored. All of which has combined into a rather frustrating experience. I'd love to try and get some objectivity in regards to it. Is it worth pushing forward with this, and taking further action. What should be my next steps? Should I drop it. Thanks for reading. Apologies for the length.
  10. Hi all, Would someone please provide me with names/addresses for Currys or 'Whatever Happens'. In particular the contact details of the C.E.O would be good. I have tried dealing with Gary Perryment, but to no avail. He WON'T reply to emails or letters. I am going to send a LBA requesting their initial engineers report on an item returned to me after they refused to repair it under WH. I will also be requesting a copy of the report from H.M Investiagtions. I will need this as evidence in court. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.
  11. Hi all, my first post. I could use some advice please regarding a declined claim with my whatever happens policy. Here goes... Early in December I was out taking photographs along the coast. I was changing lenses on my Canon EOS 500D camera when I suddenly swayed, lost balance and fell backwards landing on my back. The part of coast that I was photographing is very rocky and made up of large boulders and sharp rocks. As I fell, the camera was thrown from my hands and both the lens and the camera body sustained very bad injuries! I had a light ruksack on my back which contained my iPad (in a genuine apple smart cover). The iPad took the brunt of my fall and saved me from some otherwise potentially nasty injuries. The screen was cracked and the back dented. Amazingly, it still worked... I immediately hobbled in to my nearest Curry's branch and spoke to a helpful attendant. In no time at all both items were sent off for repair under my 'whatever happens' policies. This was on the 5th December 2012. A few days later I received a phone call from Whatever Happens saying that the camera was beyond repair and that a voucher would be sent out to me but to allow a little extra time due to the Christmas post. I was well chuffed, excellent service. Well done Currys. About a week later I received a letter on the 16th from Knowhow regarding my iPad stating that the damage the engineer had found on the iPad exceeds what we would expect given the circumstances. The iPad was sent back to Currys unrepaired. I felt like I was being called a liar. I WAS FURIOUS. After a coffee to calm me and a moment to collect my thoughts I suddenly thought to myself and silently applauded how well the engineers have been trained at Whatever Happens. After all, how many other companies get their employees to throw themselves backwards on to a rock to find out what damage could be caused to an iPad? Naturally, I appealed against their findings and sent a very detailed letter of events ‘Recorded and guaranteed by 9am' via Royal Mail on the 17th December. In the meantime, I went back to Currys and purchased a new TV; an early Christmas present to myself. The TV was paid in full with a debit card. Less than a few days later I received a phone call from ‘Hugh Moir’ of H.M. Investigations (Knowhow’s third party investigators). I felt the call was a joke really and a complete waste of my time. Hugh asked what had happened to the iPad. I asked if he’d read my detailed letter to Knowhow, which he had, but that he wanted to hear it again…. He also asked about previous claims for the same iPad, which there was one (knocked off a table, screen smashed. Repaired under whatever happens). What he asked me next left me dumbstruck, I could not believe what I was hearing. He gingerly asked why I had spent my voucher for the replacement camera on a TV? Yes, you heard me correctly. Hugh Moir of H.M Investigations (according to his website westyorkshireprocessservers.com, a retired police officer of 30 years) acting on behalf of Knowhow asked me why I spent my voucher for the replacement camera on a TV. I went ballistic. I reminded him that I HAVN’T EVEN RECEIVED THE VOUCHER YET and then asked him why he hadn’t checked his facts out first. He was answerless and made an excuse that the system wouldn’t have that kind of information regarding the transaction. Clearly presumption is obviously the order of the day here…? The phone call came to an end and despite the above I felt it went favourably. I asked if there was a chance that he might submit his findings to ‘Gary Perryment’ as soon as possible as I was away on my annual holidays from 2nd January and it would be nice to have my iPad for that. Well, 2nd January came and went as did my holiday, iPadless. I expected to find a letter on my return on the 17th January, but no. Nothing. I phoned Knowhow on the 17th and was told that an email would be sent to Gary Perryment to find out what was happening. Four days passed without hearing anything so another phone call was made to Knowhow on Monday 21st January trying to chase this up. I was told this time that my appeal had been declined. No answer as to why could be given but that I would hear from ‘lady in the office’. I am dumbstruck, furious and gutted. I have read countless posts on this forum of similar stories. How is this company getting away with this? Can someone please kindly offer advice on what course of action to take. I am done with being Mr. Patient. I am more than happy to take them to court and willing to spend good money on a solicitor to do so. Thanks to all in advance.
  12. Hey there guys, this is my first every post so please bear with me. I've got whatever happens insurance and a few months ago my charger became defective. I had a charger replaced by them previously but my laptop still had to be sent of as they wanted to check the battery, I couldn't do without my laptop for another prolonged period so I bought one myself from an online retailer (not currys) Have I breached my contract in anyway by buying this?? Could they refuse a future repair because of it?
  13. After being prompted by other threads in this forum to read my Whatever Happens contract, I just discovered that laptop batteries are not covered by the agreement, even if they fail completely and suddenly. What makes this relevant for me is that my laptop battery did fail completely and suddenly, i.e. it holds no charge whatsoever. Actually, this happened well within (I think) a year after I purchased it. However I use my laptop so much that I could not justify sending it for repair until now (I recently purchased a new Sleekbook making it feasible) and have been using it plugged into the mains at all times since then. I'm astonished that a laptop battery is not considered essential to fitness for purpose and that it is expected to be regularly replaced. Oddly enough, my local Curry's store does not sell replacements for my laptop battery requiring "regular replacement". It's even more amazing that Curry's did not offer to replace the battery given that they sold it to me! So, I cancelled the "Whatever Happens" agreement for this and another old laptop just now. Apparently it is Whatever Happens, so long as it is not one of the things on list of exclusions on the policy. To be fair to Curry's, I did once neglect to send a laptop in for repair under a current agreement because I had used it (legitimately) so much in the time since I bought it that I didn't feel the usage amounted to normal conditions of operation. For reasons I don't recall, this came up when speaking to a Whatever Happens Customer Support person and they insisted that I was entitled to have it repaired or replaced, which they then arranged. On the other hand, the defects were probably manufacturing defects that existed since I bought it and possibly covered under the SOGA. Also on the other hand, the laptop came back from repair with the keyboard incorrectly installed and some keys not functioning (I since repaired it myself as this only required knowledge of how to use a screwdriver and how to ground oneself). Thanks CAG for making me aware that these support agreements are not really "Whatever Happens", just "Some Things that Happen". From now on, I will no longer hold these agreements for longer than the battery is giving me good service.
  14. Hi, Just over a year ago we bought an iPad 2 for my husband (I'd already got an iPad1). Earlier this year he tripped whilst walking down the steps and landed with his knee on the ipad, bending it and rendering it unusable. He rang the claims no. and was told it would be covered under accidental damage, and send it to the claims centre which he did. After two weeks he had heard nothing so rang the centre, only to be told that the claim was being denied due to the damage being excessive in relation to the reason for the damage. They returned the very bent iPad to us. We appealed, writing to the infamous Mr Perryment, who said he had investigated the claim and agreed that the damage was excessive, pointing us to the fine print which talks of non-accidental damage. I was particularly impressed by Mr Perryment's abilities, as we had the iPad during the entirety of his investigation. We sent a letter before action, which was responded to with the same reason - excessive damage in relation to reason for damage. We have not seen any evidence of tests/reports from Currys which explain what damage isn't excessive when a 16 stone man falls and lands on an ipad. So, we filed a claim and have now received a response which says that they intend to contest the claim and they require 28 days rather than 14 days to prepare the defence. Does anyone have any advice as to what we should do now?
  15. Hi Just looking for a little help. Purchased Apple iMac in 2009. Took out Whatever Happens as Mac cost £1300. Took out Premium cover for £12.99 per month but after a query a few months later I was told no point paying £12.99 as policy states they have to fix in 7 days and told that as an Apple product it goes back to Apple if any issues so can't guarantee the 7 day rule so was refunded and took out the £9.99 policy and this fives them 21 days. after over 2 years of a perfect running Mac it starts to sound rather rough. Call Know How and they arrange to collect Saturday 16th June. The Mac is delivered back the 23rd June. after a very happy hubby plugs it in and starts it up OMG I thought a 747 was ready to take off from the living room. Called KnowHow back straight away and they say another collection has to be booked once again its picked up on Sunday 24th June and delivered back to us late on Sunday 1st July. Turned it on and seemed to be no problem. Hubby went into hospital 2nd July and as my daughter has a imac and I use a laptop and the 2 youngest share a laptop nobody touched the hubbys Mac. I went to use it on the Tuesday and it was turned off and no idea why so turned it back on. Daughter asks if she can use dads computer while he was in hospital but when she went to it, it was turned off again. Hubby comes home 4th July and its turned off again we call KnowHow and they talk us through some tests but to no avail and another collection is booked so Sunday 8th July off it goes again and its due back 15th July. What I need to know is how many days is that classed as being away? They say 21 days or 4th repair and they will replace. is Saturday to Saturday 7 or 8 days. May sound stupid but they say day 1 is the day they collect I assume Saturday 16th June is day 1 does that mean Saturday 23rd June is day 8 when we get it back? Am I making sense cause I'm confusing myself now. Any help would be great. Also since we took out the policy we are told the Apple computer now doesn't go back to Apple its repaired by 'Trained experts' at KnowHow. We were told that the reason the 1st fault wasn't fixed was because the so called 'Trained Expert' didn't connect something back together inside the computer.
  16. Hi new to the forum but hoping someone can help me. Over the past few years I have bought a Acer Desk top and Dell Netbook fromPC World, both of which I have being paying for the Whatever Happens Club membership. 3 years for the Acer and 2 years for the Dell. A couple of months back I booked both in for the yearly MOT check / tune upthat is included in the membership. This is the first time I have done it and only did it to get something for my money. Big mistake I found, first time I have used the service at all and found nothing but problems. I collected my property the next day to find that both had cosmetic damage to the outer casing which had occurred whilst in store(clearly stacking equipment on top of each other as i could see with otherstuff in there). I complained about this as I collected my equipment to which the smug reply was as it is cosmetic damage it is not covered by the policy. To which I stated that even if I didn't have that cover I would expect this issue to be sorted as the damage was done as my property was left in their care. The result was an offer of a £20 voucher. I refused and requested to speak to a manager, who I was told was too busy to speak to me and when I said I could wait I was told this would be the case for the whole day. I was very annoyed that I was fobbed off by the duty manager however I left the store and rang the help line. I made a complaint about my issue and was promised a call back however this did not happen leaving me to return the call two weeks later. I was offered a £25 voucher and when I asked how that was possible for damaging both computers they said as the person who handled my first call had logged it as one inciden tit could only be dealt with as one incident. Despite me paying two premiums and damage to two items. I again turned this offer down planning to write to head office. My Computers however have been slow and unreliable making them virtually unusable. I vowed to resolve this issue when I wrote a letter, as I no longer trusted the service I would receive, however before I had the chance I was deployed to Afghanistan as I am in the Army. During this time my wife has lost a paid job on a online bingo site due to the computer issue making her unreliable,resulting in a loss of a minimum of £600 a month for the last three months but this would often rise due to overtime. My wife and I have also been left with a huge amount of stress over this time. As she could not resolve the issue as shewas not prepared to deal with the company due to the problems we had previously and the fact she is pregnant. I have spent three months over there where my few phone calls home have been stress and worry as my wife had lost her job and income she relied on. Where do I stand? I am totally unhappy and want something done about this, I have in my head that I deserve to be refunded for the computers that are now no longer used and the money I have been paying for a cover that was useless dueto incompetent Staff. Thoughts, opinions and advice appreciated guys.
  17. Can anyone clear up a small but very annoying problem for me please. I had my printer replaced under the whatever happens policy and could not find my software disk when returning the broken printer so the software from the new printer was removed from the box to be returned with the broken printer. (i have no idea why they want software for a broken printer that is clearly no use to anybody else) I took the printer home, dowloaded software as instructed by currys, used it to print some airline tickets then put the printer back in the box as it is very seldom used. Three weeks later went to use the printer and it would not work on it's wireless setting i uninstalled and re installed the software twice as instructed by the store (via the Kodak website) and as it wouldnt work so i then returned it to the store. I was told if the printer was at fault it would be replaced but if it was a software issue i would be charged up to £10 for the engineer to check it out. Software problem it was and i was charged the full £10. The problem is that i was not supplied software for this particuler printer so i dont have a base to start at. Its all very well downloading software from websites but it has cost me £10 to get no further forward. I have emailed customer services and had a bog standard sorry we cant help you reply. I dont think this is very good customer service it does not make you want to go back and shop there again
  18. When you buy the cover, Is all the mumbo jumbo they staple to your receipt the complete T&C's ...? Could someone please point me to the FULL T&C's many thanks
  19. Hey all, I recently (26/11/11) purchased a Samsung UE40D6100 LED 3D 40" TV from a Currys store in Stratford. I payed a little over £800 althogther and was happy with the service and the product. I was also talked into purchasing the Whatever Happens Premium Cover. Unfortunatly a month after the purchase, i noticed a dead pixel in a prominent position on the screen. It was taken away under the whatever happens 7 day policy to be fixed as was recommended by the helpline. Also no replacement television was given as stated in the literature. After 7 days with no television, it was return in the same condition (with a few added noticable scratches around the frame). Cellotaped to the back of the TV was a note stating that they couldnt find the error and a number to ring "0844 561 1234". After calling the number and speaking to someone who basically said they couldnt help me other than pass me from callfloor to callfloor, i was nowhere nearer to a resolution. I was also clearly guaranteed by the sales rep in Currys (Saidul) that the TV offered 2D to 3D conversion & Picture In Picture for a HMDI source. After discovering that the TV has none of these functions i felt like taking it back under the returns policy and getting the 42" LG Cinema 3D TV i was talked out of buying by Saidul, but ultimately i didnt take it back in time. I would really appreciate some advice on what route of action to take to get the problem sorted. I will visit the store i bought it from and try & discuss the matter with them when im next off work, alternatively someone recommended writing a letter to the CEO/Head Office. I also have all the recipts & policy documents if needed. Thank You Alex
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