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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Peepz Firstly, new to this forum so Hello to all. I need some help & advise. I had my daughter tablet, a nexus 7 2nd gen 32gb covered for accidental damage for the past 4 years. Last week she put on the side of the bath to use the toilet and it fell into the bath which her mom had just ran for her, She is only 6. It caused the tablet to become water damaged, nowhere on the knowhow's policy does it state anything about water damage. What is more annoying is that it is called whatever happens & they state "mishaps & accidents do happen" but when I u
  2. HI I am a new to this so please can you give me any advice with my problem. Below is the letter which I sent to claims department after they sent my tv back unrepaired, and after todays phone call I find out that they wont repair it at all due to me neglect. PLEASE HELP ME THANK YOU Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to appeal your decision not to repair my television. I am very dissatisfied with your “Whatever Happens Premier Club” and the decision to not repair my Samsung television based on the supposed damage caused by neglect, abuse or misuse. Your monthly
  3. Ok so ill make this short and sweet with this story. Buy 42" lcd tv 6.4 years ago cover it at 7.99 a month on whatever happens TV on off button starts playing up. Ring up get tv picked up. Two days later call from someone saying TV written off, vouchers sent to replace. Vouchers arrive for £400. Look for a TV that will suit/replace the one we had. Now we hit problems. Old TV spec was that it has 2 hdmi and 2 scarts + other specs that are available now but not on the cheaper end or @ £400. So we argue/speak with a Duty manager at a currys store. He will
  4. my daughter bought an ipad on 18/09/2011 and took out the extra whatever happens cover. around 4 weeks ago my daughter and her friend were messing around and her friend jumped off her bed ontp my daughters handbag which had the ipad in it as she uses it for college. ipad was badly damaged. took to currys and they took a statement of what had happened. we then got a letter back saying that they were not going to replace or repair ipad and that we could appeal the decision. they wanted a letter stating exactly what happened again with a list of everything that was in her handbag. we sent off ano
  5. My laptop had an accident back in June, and on giving it to the Whatever Happens team, it was returned unrepaired 15 days later. There was a letter stating that the damage was not covered by the agreement and the extent of the damage was inconsistent with the description of the accident. This was a case of accidental spillage of coffee on the laptop. I responded to the letter with a detailed description of how this happened, and asked to have the decision reconsidered. This was back on the 5th of July. Since then, I have been regularly calling them on the telephone
  6. Please please please can you help?? I Purchased my TV in Aug 2007 for £1999. Purchased Knowhow's whatever happens policy for TV in Aug 2008 at £7.99 per month. Paid a total of £479 over the 5 years! TV developed a fault and was sent off on the 19th July. I phoned knowhow on 19th July as I was concerned with the way it was transported as PLONKED my heavy 50" Plasma TV into a case on its side and transported it in the van on its side. It was logged as a complaint (which is still ongoing). I received my TV back, fault supposed to been repaired, on the 26th
  7. PC World sold me a void Whatever Happens Policy and refused to repair a valuable laptop 23 months later blaming me for their errors. Having taken many months of installments they maintain that the blame rests with the customer for being sold a policy with a void product code by their incompetent staff. I am taking them to court but wondered if anyone else suffered in a similar way at the hands of these faceless, unaccountable, clumsy buffoons? I am so sick of their attitude I intend to make very long and loud warnings about this useless organisation and it's amateur attitude
  8. This video was uploaded in 2007. In the video, it is said to expect to see this innovation taking off. It is now six ears since this video and I wonder why it's taking so long to give us this economical, pollution free free, not to mention the minimal cost fuel? If anyone knows more about this, please tell.
  9. I'm sure you're all aware of the Whatever Happens policy Currys run. I've had a bit of a customer service scuffle with them. They don't respond to my emails unless I badger them on social media (then I get a quick response - funny that!) and they don't call me back when they say they will. Quick run-down of the events. I'd love to know whether you think I'm in the right, or whether I should just suck it up and move on. My laptop went into repair (boot-up issue) on the 17th of October 2012. Due to a clerical fault on Currys/KnowHow's end, it was recieved back in store on 1st of
  10. Hi all, Would someone please provide me with names/addresses for Currys or 'Whatever Happens'. In particular the contact details of the C.E.O would be good. I have tried dealing with Gary Perryment, but to no avail. He WON'T reply to emails or letters. I am going to send a LBA requesting their initial engineers report on an item returned to me after they refused to repair it under WH. I will also be requesting a copy of the report from H.M Investiagtions. I will need this as evidence in court. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.
  11. Hi all, my first post. I could use some advice please regarding a declined claim with my whatever happens policy. Here goes... Early in December I was out taking photographs along the coast. I was changing lenses on my Canon EOS 500D camera when I suddenly swayed, lost balance and fell backwards landing on my back. The part of coast that I was photographing is very rocky and made up of large boulders and sharp rocks. As I fell, the camera was thrown from my hands and both the lens and the camera body sustained very bad injuries! I had a light ruksack on my back which contained m
  12. Hey there guys, this is my first every post so please bear with me. I've got whatever happens insurance and a few months ago my charger became defective. I had a charger replaced by them previously but my laptop still had to be sent of as they wanted to check the battery, I couldn't do without my laptop for another prolonged period so I bought one myself from an online retailer (not currys) Have I breached my contract in anyway by buying this?? Could they refuse a future repair because of it?
  13. After being prompted by other threads in this forum to read my Whatever Happens contract, I just discovered that laptop batteries are not covered by the agreement, even if they fail completely and suddenly. What makes this relevant for me is that my laptop battery did fail completely and suddenly, i.e. it holds no charge whatsoever. Actually, this happened well within (I think) a year after I purchased it. However I use my laptop so much that I could not justify sending it for repair until now (I recently purchased a new Sleekbook making it feasible) and have been using it plugged into th
  14. Hi, Just over a year ago we bought an iPad 2 for my husband (I'd already got an iPad1). Earlier this year he tripped whilst walking down the steps and landed with his knee on the ipad, bending it and rendering it unusable. He rang the claims no. and was told it would be covered under accidental damage, and send it to the claims centre which he did. After two weeks he had heard nothing so rang the centre, only to be told that the claim was being denied due to the damage being excessive in relation to the reason for the damage. They returned the very bent iPad to us. We ap
  15. Hi Just looking for a little help. Purchased Apple iMac in 2009. Took out Whatever Happens as Mac cost £1300. Took out Premium cover for £12.99 per month but after a query a few months later I was told no point paying £12.99 as policy states they have to fix in 7 days and told that as an Apple product it goes back to Apple if any issues so can't guarantee the 7 day rule so was refunded and took out the £9.99 policy and this fives them 21 days. after over 2 years of a perfect running Mac it starts to sound rather rough. Call Know How and they arra
  16. Hi new to the forum but hoping someone can help me. Over the past few years I have bought a Acer Desk top and Dell Netbook fromPC World, both of which I have being paying for the Whatever Happens Club membership. 3 years for the Acer and 2 years for the Dell. A couple of months back I booked both in for the yearly MOT check / tune upthat is included in the membership. This is the first time I have done it and only did it to get something for my money. Big mistake I found, first time I have used the service at all and found nothing but problems. I collected my property the next
  17. Can anyone clear up a small but very annoying problem for me please. I had my printer replaced under the whatever happens policy and could not find my software disk when returning the broken printer so the software from the new printer was removed from the box to be returned with the broken printer. (i have no idea why they want software for a broken printer that is clearly no use to anybody else) I took the printer home, dowloaded software as instructed by currys, used it to print some airline tickets then put the printer back in the box as it is very seldom used. Three w
  18. When you buy the cover, Is all the mumbo jumbo they staple to your receipt the complete T&C's ...? Could someone please point me to the FULL T&C's many thanks
  19. Hey all, I recently (26/11/11) purchased a Samsung UE40D6100 LED 3D 40" TV from a Currys store in Stratford. I payed a little over £800 althogther and was happy with the service and the product. I was also talked into purchasing the Whatever Happens Premium Cover. Unfortunatly a month after the purchase, i noticed a dead pixel in a prominent position on the screen. It was taken away under the whatever happens 7 day policy to be fixed as was recommended by the helpline. Also no replacement television was given as stated in the literature. After 7 days with no television, it was
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