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  1. It's rubbish. No-one buys a pay and display ticket for someone else's car and leaves it under the wiper blade. Clearly they either hadn't paid to park, or there was an invalid ticked under the windscreen (you can see the warden dwell on that part of the car, taking extra photos). "Maybe they have targets to hit..." (yawn).
  2. I think the system is not as straight forward as you may think. Let's say that to employ staff, pay for desk space, make site visits and open cases on the computer system, it costs the council £60,000 per year. And let's say 1,000 cars need releasing every year. They would set the charge per car at £60, to cover the cost. This doesn't represent what you personally cost them on a given day - it's just a fee per driver/car for having caused them to take action on it. Sometimes they will spend less, sometimes more. They next guy might make multiple complaints, insist on a meeting with managers, involve his MP and the ombudsman, make FoI requests, demand reviews of footage and copies of evidence, and so on, and cost them considerably more than you did. Who picks up the slack? Everyone. The costs of administering the system are averaged out.
  3. It didn't cost "them" a penny. It cost YOU a ridiculous amount of money, you and every other tax payer unfortunate enough to live in your area. You insult people, call them monkeys, liars, servants. Your attitude absolutely stinks. It's people like you who are the problem, not councils.
  4. Permitbay - I haven't commented so far, as I don't know where you stand. But reading the above I really think you are in the wrong place to get sound advice. If I were you I would get some advice from a qualified lawyer. I don't know the ins and outs of this, except to point out that you cannot legally obstruct the highway, or (I believe) any public right of way.
  5. The back of the sign should be another entry sign going the other way. On Google Maps I saw other SYLs on that same side of the sign, without timeplates. I also looked at a map of the area, and it seems to be nothing but zones all over, although the key to the map wasn't very clear. I honestly don't know, but it's hard to imagine there's no controlled zone of any sort in that area. I think the PH should so a bit of local research.
  6. I don't think you are outside of a controlled zone. I think the sign is placed at the crossing point from one zone into another. If that's correct, you are subject to the underlying restriction for the zone you are in.
  7. This thread is nearly three months old. Without a vehicle keeper to contact, the PCN will have been dead for nearly two months.
  8. Long shot. They would need to be pretty bad for that sort of thing to affect their validity.
  9. If it was momentary, how come a CEO had time to come over, type in all the vehicle details, issue a PCN and leave the scene? It must have been at least a few minutes. So, where were you parked while this was going on - what sort of parking space?
  10. They can't prove anything - it's a balance of probability. If the CEO says you were there, he or she will automatically be believed, unless you can prove to the contrary. If you read the PCN it will say something along the lines of "the CEO had reason to believe the contravention occurred". Then it's up to you to show why his or her judgement was wrong. If you think about it, were they to uphold appeals just on the basis of no photographs, then any PCN without photographs would be successully appealed with a straight denial. And then that would mean photos would have to become mandatory. As photos are not mandatory, PCNs can be enforced without them, and there's no automatic get-out if there are no photos available.
  11. They can't prove you were there, and they don't have to. It will be your word against the CEO who issued the charge - they will refer to his or her notes, the details on the PCN, and the circumstances on the day. They have your vehicle registration, location, times, vehicle colour, make and model - and your claim to have just not been there, or not parked in contravention, without any supporting evidence, will be dismissed. If you lie to an adjudicator, the cances of you being hit with a fine are close to zero, but it's a question of whether you want to spend your time and effort, not to mention the council's resources on fighting a case which is very likely to fail.
  12. Double yellows - assuming no additional loading ban - allow you to stop to load/unload and also to set down or pick up passengers. For this reason, it is standard practice to give an observation period before issuing a PCN. If you were on double yellows and were not given an observation period, you can appeal on that basis. It's not a cast iron cancellation but one which, if the Council were being reasonable, I would think they would uphold. Individual CEOs should not go outside of the guidelines they are set.
  13. I have to agree with Michael, based on the information you've given. You don't deny parking in a place you weren't permitted, so unless there's more to the story which you haven't told us, I don't see any reason why the PCN will be cancelled, with or without the adjudicator. Therefore, you're now at the best outcome stage - the original, full charge, but none of the extra charges which could be added for non-payment.
  14. Thereby confirming they have received the post back, correct?
  15. You parked directly in front of the big, bright yellow signs saying "no parking"? OK, you probably won't have to pay this, but for future reference, at the back of this building is a council multi-storey where you can park for two hours for £3.
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