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  1. Hi, thank you all for your help to date...I now have another query I`d like help with please? Due to the fact that there is an ongoing investigation with the FOS regarding my complaint, I have been advised that I should apply for a Stay in proceedings until the FOS investigation has been completed. I have spoken to the Court this morning and they have told me that I need to complete a Form N244 and have it into the Court for 9am on Monday morning! They have also told me that I need to keep the content brief, otherwise it could be handed to a Judge to have a Hearing with all parties to at
  2. Thank you CitizenB...they have been just awful!! All they could see was the large sum of money that I would have deposited with their bank and they ignored all of the warning signs and never passed any of them on to me! Then when it all went wrong, they have lied and cheated to save their own necks...the two main employees who dealt with me in this whole charade, left the bank shortly after I was scammed...need I say any more! xx
  3. Thank you Citizen B, when I previously asked for help at Court from a Duty Solicitor, they told me the case was too complicated for them to take on at such short notice :/ I am only acting for myself as my monies have now run out and the Solicitor I was employing will not work for me without further monies and I do not qualify for Legal Aid apparently as I`m asset rich but cash poor, in that I have a nice house, but you can`t pay a solicitors bill with bricks...this whole fiasco with HSBC has literally ruined me financially...before all of this, I had a nice place and money in the bank, now I
  4. Hi, thank you GrumpyToSayTheLeast, no I haven`t spoken to the Court as yet because I`m waiting for someone to come later today to speak to them as if I rang them at the moment, with my voice the way it is, they would think they`d got an obscene `phone call :/ I do not have a representative who could attend for me as noone knows the case like I do as it`s very complex and involves my having been [problem]med out of a great deal of money , after HSBC had told me that all was ok with the investment! There is also an added complication now in that I had complained to the FOS about HSBC
  5. I am due in Court later this week for a repossession Hearing, I have filed a defence and so now it is going to take a day for the hearing to take place. I currently have laryngitis and literally just have a `squeak` as a voice, am I able to geta Doctors note to not attend Court and if I don`t attend, after having given a Doctors note, what will happen please? I am defending myself so would need to do a great deal of talking, which of course is going to be near impossible, please help because added to my illness, this is making me really stressed Thank you.
  6. How far back can I claim for mis-sold PPI`s please? I have one which was mis-sold to me in 2001 by the Halifax and one from 2002 by HSBC? Am I still able to claim please? Thank you.
  7. HFC have been mis selling PPI`s for donkeys years! I worked for them in 1993 and stayed with them for less than a year as I so strongly disagreed with the way PPIs were sold to customers who had clearly come to HFC because they couldn`t get a loan from one of the `Big 4` as they were then- we were told to tell customers that it was highly unlikely their application would go through without buying the PPI too and of course nearly everyone then bought it! HFC ran what is called the 4 - 1 - 750 club which basically meant each employee had to sell 4 personal loans a week, 1 secured loan and £750 w
  8. My Bank, (HSBC) has been negligent and mis-sold me an overdraft on the basis of funds coming from an investment which turned out to be a con trick the bank had said the investment was sound and actively encouraged me to run up a large overdraft knowing I only had a very small income- they were so desperate to get all of the funds from the investment deposited in their bank they advised me badly and when it was found to be a con trick, they placed a charge on my property to cover the overdraft and are now trying to repossess my home! I have complained to the FOS but they were biased in favo
  9. Hi There, This is only my second time of posting...first was about five minutes ago!!! I`ve been reading through the FAQ`s and am very impressed with the successes of many of you on here! I`m looking for help, 12 months ago my partner left me, he walked out and I have no idea where he is! At the time I was distraught, he left me with all his debt as well as mine, and I have been struggling to make ends meet...I have kept all the credit card Companies up to date with my situation, have written to them regularly to inform them, but basically, most of them don`t want to know and I am getting
  10. Hawk

    HSBC Overdraft

    Hi there, This is my first time on this forum, I was directed here by one of my friends who told me how helpful and friendly you all were on here, and basically I am at my wits end, so any advice would be helpful! I have recently been taken in by a very professional [problem], so professional in fact that HSBC bank gave me a massive overdraft to enable me to survive whilst my monies were tied up in this investment! I gave HSBS all of the details for the investment, and they attempted to contact the Company involved, though they never got through on the `phone (just left ansa phone messa
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