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  1. Ganymede - The Tomlin order has a schedule on confidentiality. I simply can't post it and risk it
  2. Sure, indeed. The question relates more to whether they can apply and get an order without notice (which is possible and they have attempted it before) in such circumstances. Of course, that part isn't a concern. It's whether we get to show it to a judge in the first place. Does an attempt at enforcement require notice to be given? The nightmare scenario is that a hearing is not ordered, we get no notice, the judge makes the order without one, we never hear of it and are never allowed to make our case. We then have to go through the process of appeal. Agreed, bu
  3. @steampowered - No, definitely not! The question is do they have to be forced to prove it or can they basically get it or claim a breach on heresay or false evidence?
  4. BazzaS, that is am excellent response! This is my understanding of events. Technically, if I am allowed to have any faith in the justice system, I'm OK with either a) or b). If the stay is lifted, the old evidence comes to light, which I did argue at the time was fraudulent (it is contempt, as they signed the declaration of truth in both their defence and counterclaim and then key witness statements declaring the existence of material which they submitted and created 6 months later. I also obtained a witness statement from a third party who was privy to that material being generat
  5. Hi, I have a Tomlin order against myself. It was "agreed" literally just before a trial in the small claims track. The court itself had lost an application I had made, despite having the receipts to confirm delivery. As a result, my witness statement was potentially ruled inadmissible. I had started the claim for non-payment of an invoice for work I carried out. They put in a defence and counterclaim, which itself was late and I got a default judgement against them. They managed to get my default judgement set aside, by some fluke, even though they took two weeks to apply, didn't at
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