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  1. Not quite sure where to put my question since I have been searching the net for an answer, but here goes:- I have a charging order (or a restriction since the house in joint owned), which was put upon by a landlord whose building i was leasing for business. So its a private individual who has put a charge on my house. Now my question is what happens to that charging order if the landlord dies? Do I still have to pay the debt to get the charging order off the land Registry? Does one of his family member get the ownership of the charging order? Any actual facts to my questions would be much appreciated, thanks.
  2. thanks for the reply and i will take you advice.
  3. Hi, I was just wondering where do I send the first letter (data protection) for all my statements. Do I send it to my local branch or headoffice.
  4. Thanks for the replies and I will follow you advice.
  5. Hi just joined this site. I have decided after alot reading on other sites, to recaliam my bank charges from Barclays. And I belive this is the best site for resources and ppl on the same boat as me. Is anyone one currently starting a calim from Barclays at the moment. It would be nice to compare notes with similiar person/s. Also I am in leeds and I was wondering where do I send my first letter to. Do I send it to my local branch??
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