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  1. From that site this confuses me:
  2. stardust80

    inheritance tax

    How much are you allowed to recieve in gifts from parents either each year or in full before you get charged inheritance tax?
  3. Just received this email: Thank you for signing up for Amazon Prime Video free trial. We want to let you know that we don't have a valid payment method on file for you. Since it has been more than 10 days, we have cancelled your free trial. You can always rejoin Prime Video at (can't post links) At this time we are unable to offer you another free trial. Thank you for being a member of Prime Video. Warmest regards, Amazon.co.uk Quick Reply
  4. Can netflix, amazon prime, now tv and animax get you into debt if you don't cancel membership but change debit card? Can they keep charging you?
  5. I've checked them and yes it's my spending but I have ocd and wondering if the banks are accurate or if I should use a calculator to make the bank hasn't made any mistakes?
  6. I've wasted around £3000 from £11000 the past six months on alcohol, fast food and impulsive purchases. Should I calculate thr money which I've blown dating back six months or are the banks pretty accurate?
  7. I got a decision for my pip yesterday, 0 points. I phoned today and asked for mandatory reconsideration. They need a medical report from my doctor. The thing is the dr doesn't know how i live day to day, they only know my diagnosis's I have and medication i take. Will the dr only list my conditions and medications, treatment etc...?
  8. I know contribution based esa in indefinite if your in the support group but how long does it normally take for national insurance credits take to run out so that your'e unlegible and have to claim income related instead? Its happened to me in the past.
  9. Vodafone phoned me the other day and offered me a new contract sony xperia for £17 a month, I was quite drunk and agreed. It sounded good for the price. They then said they were gonna sign me up for free trials that they would send e-mails and I could cancel within 30 days and wouldn't have to pay monthly fees. I said no, I just want the phone contract. They then put me through to someone else and I can't remember exactly what she said but I agreed because i was drunk and wanted the phone. It eventually got declined because of my poor credit history. Would they have still signed me up for these free trials? They took my card and bank details. I don't want to get into debt. I have really bad ocd and i don't want to get into debt. I also reported the debit card as lost straight after so these free trials couldn't take money out of my account. Please help.
  10. Contributions based ESA is £109.30 week, Income related is £125.
  11. Yes,I phoned them. They said they put me on contributions based ESA because of the inheritance.
  12. It came from the same department. I don't receive council tax or housing benefits.
  13. Hi, my father passed away in August and recently received an inheritance of 12,000 from his pension. My sister got the other half. I was on income related ESA in the support group and pip so I declared it to dwp. A few days later I received a letter from jobcentre asking for a bank statement. But a few days after that I got another letter from them saying they've taken me off income related ESA and put me on contributions based. Now that I'm on contributions based ESA I wouldn't need to send the statement would I?
  14. Hi, I'm not eligible for a bank account and only have a post office account and I'm on ESA. I asked my mum to open another one of her bank accounts under her name where she can put my money in. I give her my money to put in the account, she doesn't have any of her money in there, it's all mine but the account is under her name. The debit card is also under her name because it's her account but I use it to withdraw cash because the money is mine. It's my benefit money. This isn't illegal or fraud is it? I don't want her to get in any trouble. Please help.
  15. My father has dementia and had his benefit stopped completely from the 4th March because he did not attend his medical assessment, and his excuse for missing the interview wasn't good enough and hasn't recieved a penny since. He had to re-apply for ESA as a new claim, even though he's been on long term. 10 years+. When we phone the jobcentre and dwp, they just say his claim is still processing and when the doctor gets to read his file or some thing then they will get back to us. But how long will this take? He's had no money for 5 months now. Please help someone.
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