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  1. I have an as yet diagnosed medical issue which limits my capacity to work, I cant get benefits yet but may only be able to work on a reduced basis going forward. I have £34k of credit card debt and £8k of other debt and can no longer service it - does anyone know the new medical criteria they have talked about for debt forgiveness please? Thank you
  2. I have a £3k planned overdaft with Lloyds and just worked out their charges equate to over 52%pa uncompounded! does anyone have an idea what Lloyds attitude is to changing this to a personal loan - I too don't think I will get an overdarft elsewhere just now!
  3. I have spoken to the OR who has directed me to their web site and this page which seems to lay the onus specifically at the creditor: http://www.bis.gov.uk/insolvency/personal-insolvency/credit-rating#2 Recorded delivery letters gone off today - nearly clean! Thanks for you help folks.
  4. I was adjudged bankrupt I September 2009 and discharged a year later, however there are still CCJs on my credit file which are showing and not marked as satisfied. I am having difficulty in understanding how I might get these removed or marked a satisfied, and getting the run around between Registry Trust the solicitors, the ICO and FCA? ANY IDEAS or HELP appreciated thank you.
  5. In line with the advice on this forum following my bankruptcy in 2008 I have managed to get all my credit file cleaned up excepting 2 entries from MBNA. I have been writing to them for months now and got their final letter exhausting their procedures this morning claiming that they have not committed a factual error in NOT marking my debt to them as 'satisifed' on my credit file because "we were granted a charging order on both your accounts ..................and received confirmation that you declared yourself bankrupt. Therefore as the Charging Orders were granted prior to your bankruptcy, w
  6. Thank you Michael that has been most heloful, best wishes to you
  7. I was made bankrupt in 2008 & am cleaning up my credit file - there are a number of CCJs which do not show as satisfied despite the subject of the CCJ being satisfied on my credit agreements file - can I get the court to mark them as satisfied by my bankruptcy?
  8. Our house was reposessed in February we had a massive mortgage and hadn't been able to sell the house. Two sales since have fallen through and its now on the market for something like 75k less than what's due on the mortgage. Both I & my partner are BR now. After my BR, but before my wife's BR she had a letter from the lender saying that they antiicpated the loss would be just less than £900 and would accept that amount to settle the account. I realise BR effectively settles the account, but if they would confirm that payment of that amount would clear our
  9. I have today been served with a Statutory Demand under section 268(1)(a) of the Insolvency Act 1986. Debt for Liquidated Sum Payable Immediately This relates to a guarantee I had given on the rent for a shop (now closed) leased in the name of a limited company I own. I have been trying to assign the lease for some time now, the Landlord’s solicitor has been slow in replying to all my requests to assign the lease consequently I lost a deal which would have cleared the debt nearly in full in March, another which would have cleared most of it and am on the verge of eithe
  10. Congratulations on your success, all the background work whether you used it paid off, its certainly better to be over pepared! I was behind with a mortgage earlier this year and had paid the outstandings off prior to the court hearing. I asked for the case to be closed as the claim had been satisfied and it was. Puts the claimant back to base zero - sounds again like GE just playing dirty to retain an advantage! Anyway enjoy your Christmas in the knowledge that your settlement is around the corner and your time is soon to come!
  11. I am being pursued for a debt by BCW for an equipment rental agreement which should not have been in my name, I’ve told BCW its in dispute, I got a text on the 11th and wrote to them asking them not to phone or text today I got this text: I have received your letter dated 11th december. You request that we contact yourself by letter not by phone yet you seem to experience difficult* some text missing *ership details of your home we will be taking you to court with the aim of gaining an order for sale. The only way to prevent this is to pay your debt in full. Please note that no hold will
  12. I am a little confused, we have an overdraft with First Direct which is about 10k. On 22nd October sent them an S.A.R - (Subject Access Request), 5th November PO returned “the information you have requested will be provided free of charge” part reply received 17th November (no covering letter) 6 pages of phone notes, further reply dated 7th November lists charges, same 6 pages, 2 pages ‘Martini notes’. No agreements or other information! Today letter from Central Debt Recovery, thanks for your letter etc “ you have applied for a refund of charges of £XXX which is currently being dealt wit
  13. Hi Debbie, it sounds as if you’re pretty upset with Barclays and this process, don't despair follow the advice here I have about £250K of debt (got there through a series of mistakes) and have been on this site since early October, through the help I have had here It think I am close to writing off somewhere around £100k of debt quite legally, some may say its immoral not to pay what you owe, but all that is suggested is that you use the law to its best advantage, and I really think working at it is better in the longer term than going bankrupt! The other thing is when you took out your loans
  14. Hi Sequnci thanks for the prompt response, if we sell in the open market at the current contract price there will be a significant surplus above what the lender is owed, we can demonsrate in todays market we have squeezed the best price for the property, the problem comes with any shortfall to the Charging Order holders it looks like it might be £5 - £10k depending on costs, yes I believe we can argue with charge holders but it will slow things down and if we don't get the sale through the 1st mortgage holder will seek and probably get reposession - I'd really like to k
  15. I have 6 charging orders on my house totalling over 46k, my house is the subject of a suspended repossession order if we don't sell it we will give the keys back (and I doubt given the state of the property market it will even cover the mortgage if the lender gets to sell it) those with the COs will not get a bean. We have a cash buyer and are hoping to exchange before Christmas but my share of equity in the house is something short of being able to meet the 46k does anyone know how this works because all the charges have to be cleared before the sale completes bu
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