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  1. Thank you very much for replying. The new manager is female, all other new staff are females. In all honesty I don't know the real reason for discrimination/harassment and if the ET1 had had a tick box for part-time discrimination, I would have ticked that one as well as unfair dismissal and age discrimination. It may simply be that my manager suddenly developed a personal dislike to me. What I do know is that everything changed after I became part-time: excluded from comms, no one:ones, no social involvement, not made aware of that vacancy so excluded from an opportunity to apply, and the cul
  2. Hi everyone, I am new to this and really hope someone can help. I am self representing because I live mainly abroad and this would cause a problem to most lawyers/trainees/volunteers. On my ET1 I ticked the Age Discrimination box, simply because I could not see any other options that applied, but proceeded to state that I believed I had been discriminated against due to Age and/or Part-time hours. The Respondent replied on the ET3 that there was no jurisdiction because I had not listed and dated the alleged discrimination incidents and that those mentioned predated my ET1. The ET h
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