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  1. Hope you have now been sorted and are feeling better.
  2. A little history first. Wife diagnosed with Diverticulitus over 25 years ago she is now just coming up to age 65. Had a really bad episode late December 2013. Went to GP first day open in January 2014. Saw Consultant at hospital jan 2014. Had MRI scan,saw consultant who stated it was now Complicated Diverticulitus plus a Hernia and surgery was required. Appointment with Surgeon who confirmed diagnosis and reffered wife to Stoma nurse. 27 Aug 2014 Sigmond Colostomy surgery by key hole was done ( This was past there own target of 18 weeks and took me ringing the surgeons secretary on a more than weekly basis to get anywhere.) Wife came to after op and no stoma. Surgeon stated he had been able to remove part of the bowel and reconnect with the other part of the bowel. Great!!!! We then had to wait till the 03Feb 2015 for the Hernia op this took even more chasing and it is quite soul destroying to see your wife in agony and myself having to push the hernia back into the abdomen. After the hernia op we thought great job done however my wife remained in pain which we put down to the hernia op as it had become so large and we in our naivety thought the area was taking a long time to recover. Last wednesday my wife collapsed with intense Bowel pain and I had to get an ambulance for her she was admitted had chest and abdomen x-rays and eventual an MRI the diagnosis is complicated diverticulitis and another hernia higher up in the bowel which would require more surgery and a stoma bag fitting. My wife was asked when her colostomy had been done as there is no Disc or notes on the op in her file. also told that not all of her diseased bowel had been removed. She was treated with morpine and intravenous anti-biotics we were told they would not operate at this time because of the infection and inflammation. She is at home now but hardly dares to eat anything and we are back where we were two years ago through no fault of our own. No doubt we start the merry go round again, do they now have another 18 weeks to fob us off too which they cannot keep to anyway. Why were we not told that the original op left a problem still in existence. That would have enabled us to at least go back to the Gp or hospital with the problem . Follow up appointments after surgery are a thing of the past all they are interested in is discharging you.
  3. Whilst agreeing with the gist of your input I am afraid that I cannot see why the taxpayer should ever be lumbered with the cost of "white goods or furniture" . Who decides who is entitled and what if it becomes faulty. This month white goods next month well I really need a car to get around. Alan.
  4. I live in a housing associations block of flats and they are all on metered supplies one of my neighbours asked me to look at his water bill as they were asking for him to pay £40 pounds a month (one bedroom single occupant flat), checked his meter and readings were correct. Looked at the front of his flat and found that both of his water overflows were working overtime. Rang the housing association repair line to be told they would attend in 4 weeks time asked them for the address to send them the water bill, They attended two days later. Contacted Severn Trent told them he could not pay what they were requesting and offered £30 a month which they acceipted. I believe that water cannot be cut off as long as you are paying something ??. A lot of people do not know that if the water authorities cannot fit a water meter and you are a single person there is a special low consumers rate that they should put you on but they do not advertise this of course. Water meters cannot be fitted in all properties one my granddaughter is in would have to have three meters which they will not do for cost reasons, there are also some older properties that the water supply goes through and feeds more than one property.
  5. Hi Danny Lloyds finally paid up by bank transfer last week, however I did not find a way to hurry up there process and in the end contacted the FSO to complain they took all the details and weather this had any effect or not I do not know. They have 12 weeks to tell you what the amount is after they agree your claim they them write to you with the amount which you can dispute or agree with you then have to reply in the affirmative and have another 28 days to get the money to you. If none of the above happens in the time scales I would now automatically put another complaint in to the FSO as I am led to believe that each complaint cost the banks more money so would do so out of spite/malice/hatred of the banks and there greed. I believe that a lot of them should be in jail for the thefts and frauds that they have committed if it was you or I would we still be in jobs getting bonuses do'nt think so.
  6. Some cameras will "flash" but ther is no camera only a Flash device they can be quite effective in slowing traffic down and making you aware of your speed.
  7. Yes they are supposed to pay up by 28 days, they claim to have sent a cheque which has never got to my son and now refuse to give a date for payment as its with there back office for investigation seems like delaying tactics to me as the pay out is £12004 ,if they can cause a delay on 25% of customers thats a lot of cash staying with them for a few more weeks?????
  8. Won a PPI claim with LLOYDS for my son and without having to go to the FOS however letter from them stated cheque by 28 days no cheque and now its with the PPI back office as cheque is lost rang their help line got someone in the Phillipines who states no time line for money being paid but will be paid electronicaly when it finally is ??? You cannot even get through to anyone else no matter how you approach them it appears to me to be another delaying tactic and how many people are they pulling it on ?? Any advise as to what to do other than letting LLoyds get away with it.
  9. Well done nice to see the little guy win so to say, perhaps Postggi would like to comment always like to read the whole thread !!!
  10. One update of my sat nav tom tom put me over on the sky 2GB use so now paying £7.50 per month, my problem is the slow speed available.
  11. From what I see on the television and various post on here the bailiffs system is an outdated and completely unfair system that increases debt on people and in a modern society should not be countenanced, however authority's do not care about people and their misery as inflicted by the financial mess that some people are having to deal with. The haves are intent on keeping their share of the cake and in fact wish to increase there percentage and increasing the debt on people that are unable to pay already cannot make sense to any sane person. Its alright for banks and businesses to go bankrupt they do not have to bear the losses there customers and taxpayers are usually the losers but that's alright. As for outdated systems watch-out the WORKHOUSE will be the next reinvented solution for the benefit's system ( who would have thought pawn shops would be operating on our high streets again). Sorry about the rant and if this post is in the wrong place or not acceptable please remove
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