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  1. Oh By the way Site team just for your information I have 44 posts not 14 as displayed here !!!!! :-) The two threads I have produced have all been saved Page by Page.:-) All posts from all caggers Now "On the Record" :-) Why ? Just in case I need to show and advise others about this site :-) NNWW :-)
  3. Hi All I am more than pleased to note that the same individuals are responding so negatively to this thread. It is so indicative of their losing it completely. All of it. So for the benefit of those who are wanting to avoid their postings I have listed here the important posts made by me for the benefit of other caggers and the Banks!. YOU can avoid the silly tribal rantings in the thread by looking up the following posts - (Just smile to yourself , as I do - they are only human after all - I think!!):-) Page 1 Post 15th October 2013 MAIN PRINCIPLE FOR THREAD EXPLAINED TO ALL:-) Page 1 Post 17th October 2013 UPDATE NEWS:-) Page 1 Post 18th October 2013 UPDATE NEWS:-) Page 1 Post 20th October 2013 UPDATE NEWS:-) Page 1 Post 26th October 2013 UPDATE NEWS - Taking 4 Named Banks to Court (I since temporarily deferred) Page 2 Post 2nd November 2013 UPDATE NEWS:-) Page 2 Post 2nd November 2013 pj postings. Courage ooozing from this poster !! Page 2 Post 4th November 2013 UPDATE NEWS AND REASONS WHY TO TAPE RECORD YOUR CONTRACT CALLS - LOOK AFTER YOURSELF WISELY !! Page 3 Post 9th November 2013 UPDATE NEWS:-) Page 3 Post 14th November 2013 UPDATE NEWS:-) NNWW - Hey folks it's BRIGADIER2JC definatley from the funny farm ! He is so peeved because he cannot get what he wants - As Del Boy would say luvly jubbly NODNOD!!
  4. Hello BRIGADIER2JCS Your last comment on 5th November (1st post this page) was so polite - it just had to fall short of saying "Bigger" how considerate of you ! :-) And as for the above post....."One" is the opeative word - it means just you - yes just you. :-) Do as I do, smile and in a while others smile and there will be miles and miles and miles of smiles :-) NNWW :-) Hey BRIGADIER2JCS Notice I have given this post an Italian touch ! :-)
  5. Hi fletch70 Your posting is almost clear - you are not a Nationwide Disciple then ? So do please explain your comment made on 2 November at 15:19 in this thread:- "If you genuinely wanted to help other people you would not be playing such childish games instead of alluding to ways of beating the system, just as you did the last time you posted over a year ago" I would like you to explain what you mean by this peculiar remark and ....... as for your other comment - your post of 5 November at 8:43 "as for being a bankers mole I would happily tunnel under their foundations until the walls come tumbling down" , this does wear so very thinly indeed :-) Why is that ? Well you are not registereing for BIBS membership ? GOTCHA GOTCH GOTCHA as the song goes:-) Hammy1962 is also watching - so he may well join - how about it Hammy1962 - However Hammy1962 can be excused as this is a bit Fruit and Cakey like ?:-) Lastly special news for coniff (ref your 30 October comment) >>>>>>This thread has exceeded 3000 bot visitors - your prediction was so right coniff ? NNWW 100 % Entertainment while we wait for the curtain to rise !!
  6. Hi All and fletch70:-) UPDATE: Have had a very good week and still smiling away Claim re-submitted to ccmcc so fingers crossed due process unfolds soon? Now latest news on Santander Data Protection Team Tel number 01908 344493. Up to 4th of this month this gave direct access to Matt Potter Data Protection Consultant. Had great conversations - All recorded plus explanation letters from him. All now on file. Now, when phoning, there is an answerphone service requesting a reference number from caller. It is to Santander credit that they inform callers that they may record calls to ensure they have a record of instructions from customers. Of course I have records of all my conversations with Santander. They have been served a recent SARS notice by way of the Local Branch and Head office instructing them to Debit my account the Statutory £10 fee. They replied I should send monies to their Data Office et etc etc. Watch this space!! I have been informed they are now listening to these calls and are transcribing them!! Naturally I have thanked them for this additional service but have politely but firmly reminded them I must also have exact copies of these electronically digitised conversations, of which I have agreed and consented for them to take place and do so under my current account terms and conditins.:-) The wonders of our technology - all for the good of mankind ?? If any of you are interested in the latest " I C O - D a t a P r o t e c t i o n A c t - 1 9 9 8) guidence for consumers and registered organisations go to my first ever post and click on the link - read up on it. Have you joined BIBS yet ? Dont know who BIBS is ? Want to know who they are ? They are the BANKING INDUSTRY BALLBREAKERS SOCIETY !! Want to join ? Just post a message "I'm Joining - and thank you NNWW" in this thread and you are enrolled !! It's that easy ! Thats all for now - Have a lovely week everyone including fletch70:-) Fletch - methinks you could be a Nationwide Disciple - not the Messiah !! NNWW
  7. Ha fletch70 So it seems you clearly met your master, so to speak - felt very humbled by the event and have since then modified your mind set ? :-) BTW I'm looking foreward to a fantastic new week and what it unfolds - how about you ?:-) NNWW :-)
  8. Hi fletch70 !!! So it is likely you have been one of CAGS little naughty boy's then ? :-) NNWW :-)
  9. Hello Keimoo86 I have read through your thread; Studied the reply's and your responses and would now like to offer some help by way of the following points:- 1) You have cleard all your debts - Brilliant. Do not concern yourself any more about getting into debt and do not worry about Banking with a Bank because...... 2 You have as you say, an inheritance due to you of £60,000 - That is Brilliant.!! A fantastic situation to be in !! Save it in a Post Office or Building Society Account - they may not pay much interest - but you would not wish to cash your cheque and keep that amount of money at home - would you!!! So with such good fortune smile smile smile :-) 3) You say you now have a Ltd Company - I will asume it is for running the franchise: Brilliant Brilliant brilliant news: More smiles - for everyone !! 4) I think you are well and truly founded on excellent foundations - so now get to work - set out your Business Plans (assumes you have not yet done them) for next three years taking into account your franchise terms and conditions - and hey presto if everything goes well - you will be better off than most people. 5) If you have a BMW spare then I know someone who would like one - give you one guess:-) 6) Lastly please lighten up, your future is almost set out for you - It is not CAG that you need help from - It is your family's continuing support, and that will be vital and critical to your success !! Genuinely wishing you every good fortune NNWW:-)
  10. Hi Silverfox1961 Thank you very much for responding so quickly :-) Greatly appreciated :-) Very probably appreciated by a few other caggers too !!:-) 100% !!! NNWW :-)
  11. Hi All and Site Admin This is odd - I want to add advisory comments within my signature facility. BUT when entering my user profile no signature facility is available ? Wonder why that is:?-) Perhaps Site Admin will look into this for me please Prefer a wee post on this thread - just in case others experiencing same issue Thanks in anticipation ...... NNWW :-)
  12. Hi All Update time Another week gone already - but please keep smiling - you know it makes sense!! I received my 4th Debit card this morning following opening another Current Account !!! See Footnote ** - You read it here first - 4 in 19 Months!! - If there is any Cagger who has moved through more Banks in less time then congrats to you - well done indeed !! :-) Now since the 5th Nov. I have had a couple of minor setbacks My "S m a l l - C l a i m" registration, was returned because I required a Form N510 to complete, and on top of that I had made a modification to the Particulrs of Claim that has mistakenly attributed incorrect paragraphs to different Defendants....Boy that was some discovery - but hey, that's life !!! :-) So not my week ...but time and patience and sheer determination will get it sorted... and it'll get better as time unfolds !! :-) DO HOPE YOU HAVE SET UP YOUR "T E L E P H O N E - R E C O R D I N G" FACILITIES - it's your evidence provider!!. LITTLE TIP:- Sometimes I use my small (I have 2) Olympus digital recorder if PC not switched on. These each have a Mike plugged into the small socket and do take superb digital sounds from my speaker phone telephone. :-) Do have a nice week - everyone - and do take care....... NNWW :-) ** It's with a Building Society - Given real VIP Treatment which included a nice refreshing cup of tea!.
  13. Hi All and fletch70 and new poster BRIGADIER2JCS. Almost 2000 views Wow !!!! Thank you This just cannot be bad for those who are really interested in how to deal with the conduct of the Banking Industry. Just subscribe to the thread as other have done and when I open this can of worms you will be able to pick and choose from the many many different worms inside!!! DO NOT FORGET TO SET UP A RECORDING SYSTEM - YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE !! AND IT DOES NOT COST AN ARM AND A LEG !! ESPECIALLY IF YOU OWN A PC - HAVE A CHAT WITH YOUR LOCAL COMPUTER GUY IF YOU NEED A LITTLE HELP!! :-) BTW Not sure what the new poster is saying (BRIG....) - perhaps it'S ANOTHER CRYPTIC POST LIKE MINE !!! ?) REGRETFULLY I must press on with my current report (Have you checked out the cost of Parker Ink (QUINK) lately !!! Mind you it befits my pen !!! :-) Keep smiling......:-) NNWW :-)
  14. Hi Fletch70 Welcome back Let's assume you are not a Bankers Mole and that we believe every word you say, could you consider using parchment and quill ? :-) They're eco friendly - no electricity - beetrot juice for ink and topped off with nettle blotting paper !! :-) Voila ! --- The ideal medium to store YOUR records !!:-) But on a serious note - I guess you are back on Lemonade tonight then ?!! :-) NNWW :-)
  15. Hi Thanks p.j for above. Here is my first ESSENTIAL TOOL to protect your financial interests. For the past 13 years I have always recorded all contractual telephone conversations. That is contracts held with Water Utilitys, Banks, Insurances, Local & Central Governmnt, Suppliers, Phone, TV licencing and any other organisations to which I contract for a service. Do you ? If you Don't then YOU ARE A FOOL TO YOURSELF. You cannot possibly protect yourself from the Banks behaviour and conduct as highlighted by and listed by caggers throughout CAG. It cost peanuts to set up and organise Y O U R ---V E R Y---O W N---T E L E L E P H O N E--- R E C O R D I N G ---F A C I L I T Y :-) Without this TOOL you will continually be handicapped when dealing with these lovely BANKS !! YOUR No. 1 PRIORITY THIS WEEK IS is to get equipped. :-) DO NOT PUT IF OFF - regardless of your current situattion whether it's a Dispute or Claim situation START NOW - It will help you so much in resolving problems and issues - because you will have a permanent record of your evidence !!! :-) AOTHER POLICY I HAVE IS - I DO NOT ORDER anything on-line without having a record of discussions with the Company's Sales Office. SO - No sales Office - No deal. I ALWAYS ask for peoples names AND Surnames for my future reference. BUT I never forget my contract is with the COMPANY not the staff !! Always address your complaint against the COMPANY unless staff are rude etc No questions on this subject please, It's so obvious and yet this ESSENTIAL TOOL IS HARDLY USED - SO GET CRACKING ! :-) DO AS I DO - it will be GREAT FOR YOU now and for your future dealings with all Company's !! It would be nice for me to hear from Caggers who take my advice :-) Not taking and ACTING on THIS ADVICE means you will continue being frustrated by lack of progress in handling the truth of matters. NNWW :-)
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