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  1. Hi throught they were being dropped for 3 months they still took my sons today as usual
  2. Will these still be taken due to coronavirus
  3. Hi anyone had a 10 year award yet?if so were you sent a letter telling you?
  4. Cant see it happening now Amber Rudd has gone,the next DWP minister will scrap it i expect
  5. Hope you understand what i mean now xxxxxx
  6. Hopefully i have it right you should have recieved it
  7. what you're trying to find out, can you tell us a bit more please? HB
  8. Dont know how to post a link sorry
  9. Hi its pip and pensioners page 3 posted by mick 207
  10. Hi its under pip and pensioners page 3 posted by mick 607 sorry i didnt make myself clearer
  11. Hi no if you tap pensioner forums index into search engine it goes to the site look under pensioners issues you dont have to be a member to read it,the info is there
  12. If you go to pensioners forum index its under assesments
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