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  1. Hi anyone had a 10 year award yet?if so were you sent a letter telling you?
  2. Cant see it happening now Amber Rudd has gone,the next DWP minister will scrap it i expect
  3. Hope you understand what i mean now xxxxxx
  4. Hopefully i have it right you should have recieved it
  5. what you're trying to find out, can you tell us a bit more please? HB
  6. Dont know how to post a link sorry
  7. Hi its pip and pensioners page 3 posted by mick 207
  8. Hi its under pip and pensioners page 3 posted by mick 607 sorry i didnt make myself clearer
  9. Hi no if you tap pensioner forums index into search engine it goes to the site look under pensioners issues you dont have to be a member to read it,the info is there
  10. If you go to pensioners forum index its under assesments
  11. Hi Honeybee,according to the freedom of information act which was posted on pensioners forum,it saysthe 10 year assesements will only be awarded to eligible pensioners,does this mean pensioners who get enhanced awards for PIP or all pensioners?
  12. Just read the freedom of information reguarding assesements it states eligible pensioners will recieve the 10 year award who is eligible anyone know?
  13. Will you be notified if you no longer face assesments for 10 years
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