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  1. sorry think ive posted in wrong place but not sure where to post could moderators help please?
  2. hi everyone in nov my pip comes up for renewel i will be 68/i only recieve standard care /my pip is normally 3 years but i am called in after 2 normally/will amber rudds statement affect me?
  3. hi yes i only get standard care no mobility /my query is can i apply for aa or do i wait until my pip runs out/or can i phone pip and cancel then apply for aa/ hope this makes sense
  4. i get pip standard care for the next 2 years, i am 66 years of age and will be 68 by the time i am called for another f2f, i hate them, what i wanted to know was whether or not i can claim attendence allowance instead of pip aa is paper based so no f2f, when the time comes do i just not bother claiming pip and go for aa,
  5. can i transfer from pip to attendence allowance i am 66 and have just had a review of pip i was awarded standard care
  6. they wrote to me saying i owed 2 loans from 1995 i had to pay it back at 10.00 perweek as i am a pensioner from my pension credit/21 years ago i paid it back but still didnt agree /same address same insurance number absolute disgrace
  7. hi yes but i get jsa evry 2 weeks will i get the money im owed dwp are no help at all they didnt phone me back i dont get esa only jsa
  8. anybody know what this is/ i was supossed to receive £146 pounds yesterday but only recieved £98 my statement said dwpgbfp funding/ my last payment 2 weeks ago said automatic credit what is happening i phoned them twice today no one got back to me i have direct debits and lodge to pay/anyone know anything? thanks
  9. hi a friend of mine is thinking of applying for aa she downloaded the forms and read them it mentions a medical assesment is this the same as pip i always throught it was a paper based claim like the old DLA she is 69 and dont think she could cope with a medical is it worth her applying?she is too old for pip
  10. hi hope someone can help i had my pip renewel last tuesday/ i had one 2 years ago lost my mobility but kept standard care element my astmah and artitis was really bad the male receptionist pushed me in on a swivel chair/ the assesor said i could leave and have another appointment if i wanted i said no as i couldnt bear the throught of going back again/ my son was with me, i was in pain with my legs and im sure you could hear my chest weezing /she was very nice and kept asking if i was ok / i am concerned i might get zero points and lose my pip i didnt go for appeal as i couldnt stand the stress of having to explain all over again /i also suffer from anixity/ will the dm look at the assesment i had 2 years ago as it was a different situation and i am a lot worst now/ sorry for long post my assesment was with capita not atos
  11. hi me again does my friend have to declare to jsa that she recieves dLA she is worried they might stop her dla as shes applying for contribution jsa.
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