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  1. Hey guys, Yes! RM coughed up without further fuss - pity they didn't do that 16 months ago! The hearing was at Bedford County Court before Deputy District Judge Abrahams. It was held on 29.08.13 (court 1 @ 10am) I'd post a copy of the letter RM's solicitor sent me but I need 10 posts before I can attach photos. Before you use my case in any action you may be considering please read this message that someone sent me regarding a query I had over setting precedent:-
  2. Well today I had my day in court against RM. I WON!! RM's solicitor didn't really try to use the 'restricted item' or 'dangerous item' angle but instead kept banging on about the "no contractual relationship" clause. Basically it appears that Royal Mail does not enter into a contract with you when you post something with them and so can't be held accountable if things go wrong. They spent ages going through Harold Stephens case (above) and discussing immunity in tort which to be frank was a little over my head. I'm by no means an expert in law but to me it seemed to co
  3. I've managed to find the Harold Stephen & Co V's RM 1978 case details which I've tried to post a link to but I don't have enough posts yet to do so?!? Not entirely sure the relevance to my case other than the fact that RM appear to be able to do whatever the heck they like and get away with it!?
  4. I've already supplied RM with proof of postage (original receipt) and value of the item (copy of payment made) and they haven't (to date) disputed this. Royal Mail sized the item and sent it to N. Ireland for testing. They informed me that they had handed it over to the Police for inspection, however the police deny all knowledge of ever receving it and RM cannot provide the reference number that the Police give for each item taken in for testing. Royal Mail have the right to sieze any item that they consider dangerous to their staff or the public? Fine. They do not however
  5. Why should my parcel have been refused, its not a restricted item or dangerous? It was clearly marked as a replica, it was in the original box with the original instructions; a cursory inspection would have shown it to be a plastic/tin replica and not real? Before this inspection could take place however Royal Mail lost it?! In September 2012 Royal Mail started a public consultation on proposals to ban the transportation of firearms, replica's and their component parts using the mail service. This idea was opposed by various organisations and individuals who succesfully argued against the
  6. yup - it's a small claim (I'm claiming for just under £300.00 which is the price of the item posted, cost of the postage + court fee's). As I understand it the next phase is for the court to issue a questionaire to gain further info from both parties?
  7. I have had an ongoing problem with Royal Mail now for over 1 year, which has led me through all of their complaints procedures, then onto POSTR's and finally small claims. I made a small claim application against Royal Mail in April and have just received a copy of their 'defense' through the post. I'll attempt to summarize a VERY long story below. In April of last year I posted a parcel to Belguim via RM's International signed for service and took out extra insurance up to the value of £500.00. The parcel never arrived. The parcel was a toy/replica pistol and even though it was mark
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