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Found 22 results

  1. Hi Everyone Desperately looking for advice and help. My wife and I have a joint Lloyds current account held for 15+ years (I have been a customer for 50 years but that makes no odds). Due to personal circumstances of having a disability I am now in a position of not being able to work. This account has an overdraft limit of £3500 but currently it is £3509.35 O/D. So not much over its actual limit. For clarity we were sensible enough to have a "parachute account" though this is with Halifax, but I believe it to be ringfenced? The Lloyds one is "inactive" and the only movemen
  2. Hiya, first post here so hopefully will "do it" correctly so to speak ! setting the scene : I have a mortgage with Halifax and it has all been going fairly well until the last few months. I changed job which has meant that the day i get paid has changed to my personal bank account. My mortgage is a fixed rate 2 year deal, due to expire in march next year. the crux of the matter: due to my pay going in on the last day of the working month to my own bank there was an instance in May (I think) where there were insufficient funds when Halifax tried to take my mortgage
  3. I run a small company; I took Barclay's Bank to court as a Micro Enterprise. Under the FCA Banking: Conduct of business source book (BCOBS or COBS), the BCOBS states that a business with a turnover of under 2,000,000 Euros and fewer than 10 staff is classified as a consumer and to my understanding of the BCOBS has the same rights as such. Initially I was awarded judgement (by default) as Barclay’s didn’t respond to the court in time. But they had it over turned arguing that although we may be a Micro Enterprise, we did not have the same rights as a consumer and thus had no case, there
  4. G'day Cagger's I need a bit of advice on what possibly I could claim for under BCOBS. Naturally I'm skinter than Flint and can prove this no problem with a budget planner and panoramic shots of a really cross looking wife. I have a few questions, I have a credit card with Santander that I defaulted on a few months back. Naturally Santander sold the debt on to some other sharks called Arden who have now sold the debt onto Wescots who will probably sell the debt onto their neighbours vicious looking dog as she'd probably have more chance of getting any money
  5. I have received a form N5c and a repossession claim set for 4 April 2014 In 2005 with a friend I bought a rundown shop to knock down, build a new one and turn it into a business. The Bank agreed to fund a percentage of the purchase price and to finance the build when we attained planning permission. On this basis we bought the shop!!! Flat March 2007 I bought a flat. The bank had a legal charge over this (see legal charge referred to in The Bank POC) It was my intention to let out the flat and to apply for planning permission to extend it to the side to create a small flat for m
  6. Hello, would like some advice if possible... I had a current account with Halifax, which had a direct debit going out each month. I opened a savings account and transferred most of the money into that. I moved to a different address and forgot to change my address with them as I was really busy studying. I later found that my direct debit wasn't being payed, and that the current account had gone into overdraft which I was getting charged for. I found out that they had taken the money from my savings account to pay off the charges they had given me and then close
  7. Rohannah


    Hi, first post so please bear with me. My husband submitted his NDL Cashflow to the HSBC in April this year when he realised he could not meet his commitments, mostly in return he has had letters advising him to get help from a DC and of course the phone calls. The HSBC also denied that he had written to them so he sent them copies of the recorded delivery receipts and complained about the way he had been treated, he did receive a better response to this and an apology and a refund of charges for that month, he also pointed out that he would not deal with this mat
  8. Hi, firstly as a regular viewer of the site but very rare contributor, thanks for all the information put out there (particularly by the site team and the very frequent contributors) to assist us mere mortals, it really does help to know you're not alone. The following situation might be of some general interest in terms of the above areas and I'd welcome any comments, positive or negative. After sadly putting our business into liquidation in 2010, I'm now being chased by the bank (no names yet, don't want to give them any warning) albeit some two and a half years later, for the pers
  9. Hi all, thanks for reading. Girlfriend is having trouble with Natwest. We would greatly appreciate some guidance on this, as it seems a pretty serious mickey take by the bank. Brief outline: Opened account as a child. Used as main account through to uni. Became student account, eventually entered student overdraft. Usual student account kept in good standing with working as well. When leaving uni had overdraft. Got a graduate job. New employer requires employees to bank with another firm. Girlfriend does this as a term of the work contract. She c
  10. Does BCOBS now extend to loans? Or is COBS and FSA? In one article it says that BCOBS has taken down COBS so if it has whats the guiding principles for taking action? Thanks
  11. Hi I am wondering if I can take on Co-op using BCOBs for some charges they hit me with. I have wrote to them asking for the money back but I did not really quote any legislation, it was more a plea asking for help due to me struggling with finances. Co-op refused as from my experience bank employees are trained to have no compassion and to solely focus on profits. I bet they have not even read my letter properly and have just sent me a standard rejection letter. There are 6x £15 =£90. Here are what the charges are for... In December I was not paid enough to cover all my
  12. I have been attempting to gather information on BCOBS, in order to make a claim. I have read a few posts which explain that BCOBS was introduced November 2009 and is not retrospective. Under these circumstances if a claim was brought for unfairness in 2008 BCOBS could not be applied. Could it however be argued that BCOBS should be used as a guide for unfair customer treatment pre Nov 2009, as BCOBS is the standard banks are held to now but in the absence of legislation pre 2009 the banks had no less resposnability to their customers. Also if anyone knows why th
  13. Hi everyone, I am new here and looking for some advice regarding Nationwide charges and my credit score. I had some store cards when I was at university and got into trouble (no ccj's). It's now 12 years on and my OH and I are hoping to buy or first house in 2 years once we've saved up the deposit. So I recently checked my experian file for the first time, and whilst there is no mention of my previous bad accounts (all statute barred by now), I was surprised to see some numbers in the 'Account Status' section where my Nationwide accounts are shown. I opened up a second current a
  14. Hi this is my first post on CAG.I have however scoured your pages many times and used the information you provide to good effect reclaiming many thousands in charges Alas the golden years are now behind us. I worked for TSB bank 1988 to 1999. I have started a letter to reclaim charges applied to my partners account from 2009 to 2013. Many appear straight forward eg returned dd or informal od charged when funds deposited on the same day or £25 charged for a £15 informal ovefdraft request. The next part is aclittle trickierand therefore I would invite opinions and comments with regard to bc
  15. Last November I went overdrawn on a Flex Account Plus. (I hadn't asked for the upgrade, just got upgraded automatically after 18 months, couldn't be bothered telling them not to bother) Phoned Nationwide CS, the lady I spoke to told me there were some charges to be applied and these would appear on the next statement- December 2012. Doh! Without prompting from me, the lady then told me, that as a goodwill gesture, she would ensure that I wouldn't be charged after all, if brought the balance into the black the next day, which I did. I phoned again the next day, to get them
  16. Just wondering with the FSA being closed down and restarted as the FCA. How will this affect the way we use BCOBS when dealing with the banks?
  17. Hi Guys Ive had serious failings at Lloyds and today it has just got worse. Could i take Lloyds to court over poor treatment and failure of service for BCOBS? Its making me ill and im fed up of dealing with people who cant do their job properly and fail to notify me of any changes to the account
  18. 22 months ago I approached my bank for a loan to purchase a new car. While my credit rating was 'fair', I had no outstanding debt and no defaults. In fact I hadn't had any credit for 8 years or more simply as I didn't need it. Hence the 'fair' rating as my bank account was the only item on my credit file. I had my account with Lloyds for about 8 years and in that time my bank account was kept in good order, not straying over limit and very rarely using an overdraft facility. I earned a reasonable wage of c40k. The guy in the branch stated that I was eligible for a loan up to 1
  19. I'd appreciate some clarification on this as I have an appointment at my bank tomorrow. I'm unsure of the details but I think if one has an agreed overdraft then they can apply charges. But, if charges are applied, then the money available to me to use for day to day items is then diminished. What happens in this case? I was on ESA and then JSA since February 2009 and in September 2011 I became a pensioner. I have an agreed £1000 o/d although the only income I have is my state pension + about £4.00 pw from a County Council pension. I have been charged for various failed SO/DD
  20. i challenged the natwest about bank charges in 2006 on a current account with a £500 o/d facility. at the time it was about £200, so the account lay dormant whilst this was challenged by me and the whole lot was put on hold. .then natwest continued to apply charges to the account and defaulted it with an outstanding amount of over £1800.. .bearing in mind the account was dormant from just under £500 o/d and i was continually challenging both the bank and all the silly collectors it employs . .72 letters in total and god knows how many complaints about everything, in the end
  21. Hi all, I've read a little around BCOB Regulations and have an idea of the general points but unless there's a template to follow I'm too unsure about things to actually construct a complaint letter to reclaim charges on my Santander account.. I'll get to the details next but so that people don't switch off after reading it all, I'll get to the main question first.. How do I go about complaining and how do I work out which parts of my bad experience constitute unfair treatement under BCOS? Do they all constitute unfair treatment under BCOS? Any help would b
  22. A friend of mine was in despair following Santander not only charging him for a failed direct debit,but then continued to add further daily charges. He informed me that he had called them and emailed them,explaining that the charges were punitive since his only income is Jobseekers allowance. The fees stood at £55 and were rising. He asked me if I could help,and duly wrote him a letter. I was finding it hard to understand,how a bank like Santander,were openly flouting their obligations. My friend had pleaded with them and explained his situation. Santander of course could see from
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