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  1. They consider it to be worth £195. It's not so much the financial settlement, it is the fact that they are getting away with it. Eg. Here is some money to buy your mum some flowers and a few treats, now go away. End of..... It all feels rather unjust given the grief. I have invested in one of those Olympus devices recommended on here - it came to late for the initial problems with Santander, but has proved valuable elsewhere). I am now able to record everything.
  2. Well, I am just off the telephone from them. They are being quite frugal with information at the moment. All they will say is that something has changed on the current owner's account that has caused them to question meter readings and this has triggered a new bill. The advisor stated that she is certain that we do not owe them any money, but, that they have to follow procedures to generate a revised final bill. I asked why they were doing this (as it surely that puts them in breach of the code that they subscribe to). It all went around in circles with no clear response to that question. She did go on to state, that were it to be dealt with via the Back-Billing Principle she was quite sure (not certain) it would be written off. I have requested full disclosure on the account and have been told to expect forms through the post within a few days. They say they are waiting on the new owner to contact them with information but, obviously they are hiding behind DPA and won't say what they have asked of them. Fortunately my OH hoards paperwork and we have already located the final bill and much more besides - even bills from our previous supplier. All seems very odd and a bit fishy - are they trying it on?
  3. Thank you Stevie. I was not aware of the back billing COP. I have already disputed the sum. A complaint has been logged. Excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean about the full disclosure bit? What would I be asking for? So this is not uncommon? Thank you
  4. Over 5 years ago my mother suffered a brain injury which rendered her unable to manage her own affairs. As you can imagine this was a very traumatic and heartbreaking time for us. As there was no Power of Attorney in place (we were due to put this in place and had discussed it with my mother), I was appointed as a Deputy by the Court of Protection to look after my mother's financial affairs. All very stressful and could have been avoided. My mother has a number of accounts with several different banks and building societies. Whilst it was an onerous task, most banks were helpful and sympathetic although admittedly many were ignorant of my role and what it was supposed to empower me to do. Santander have consistently been a nightmare to deal with, the type of issues I have faced: 1. Having to go into branch(es) to undertake simple tasks. 2. Having to be treated like a fraudster every time I try to undertake a simple task. 3. Having to explain what a Deputy is, only for the staff to look at me as if I am trying to defraud them and being humiliated and having requests refused. 4. Having internet banking disabled surreptitiously by a branch manager who thought I was a fraudster because they did not understand my role. 5. Spending hours on the telephone to undertake simple tasks (changing standing orders etc) because no one could authorise the actions I wanted to undertake (and am legally permitted to undertake). 6. Having online transactions blocked and cards disabled regularly. 7. Receiving letters addressed to my mother each time we tried to do an online transaction for her - asking if the transactions were legitimate. 8. Having to constantly re-explain my role and why it was not appropriate for them to keep trying to contact my mother etc etc... just so we could change her care home fee contribution! This is just a small sample of what has been a longstanding nightmare. It got to the stage that we avoided dealing with Santander because it was too time consuming and stressful. Ultimately I ended up paying for things myself as I was constantly worried that they would again stop a card or disable access or cause other issues. After the most recent problems, I again made a complaint and it appears now that they have resolved some of the problems (I now have internet banking back after 3 years without it, I now have a cheque book, I also have a debit card that works at the moment). The misinformation continues (the cheque book was supposed to be in my name as Deputy for, but came in my mother's name. I have been told to sign cheques in a few different styles. I am yet to test a cheque). I have received an apology letter from Santander and have been offered a small financial gesture from Santander for the 5 years of grief. I don't know whether to accept the gesture or, pass the complaint to the ombudsman. Has anyone else had issues of this nature? I'd appreciate any opinions on this. Thank you.
  5. Out of the blue we have been contacted by EDF some 3 years after selling our house and settling our final bill. We've had a revised bill from them claiming that we owe them over £2,000 This is the story in a nut: Early 2012 - We were an EDF customer for a short time before selling our house at the beginning of 2012. - We paid by direct debit/standing order and operated our account in credit. - The day we moved (hectic) I took the GAS reading on my hand (we were being cajoled by the new owner who wanted to get in ASAP), it was pouring with rain. - I duly passed this reading onto EDF EDF sent us a bill for over £2,000 (early 2012), I had a coronary, contacted the new owner and got the reading she took the day we completed (my reading had included the spinning digits without the . ). The rain had smudged the figures in my hand, I had given EDF an incorrect reading. I called EDF with the correct figures and it was all sorted out. We received a revised bill the account was settled and all was good. Great! Fastforward to February 2015: - We receive 2 letters in quick succession from EDF - Letter 1, sorry we made a mistake we owe you around £300 call us - Letter 2, sorry we made a mistake you owe US over £2000 I have spoken to EDF and they realise that something is not right, the agent I spoke to stated that it would be impossible to run up a bill that big in the time period etc etc.. They are supposed to be sorting this out, but, it's kind of alarming and scary that they can be sending demands like this over 3 years since they account was all settled and closed. Any advice on dealing with them? The demand is definitely erroneous and we do have the original paperwork advising the revised figures etc. Thank you
  6. There is more interest I should be claiming?
  7. Hi There, I currently have a claim in against Barclays which was stayed (stay was granted a day or so before). I just read this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/resources/templates-library/48-bank-templates/600-you-must-amend-your-claim-from-penalties-to-utccr I am a bit confused at whether I need to amend mine and which document I base the decision on?! Is it the 'Particulars of Claim' from the MCOL form? If so, mine reads thusly:
  8. This just goes from bad to worse! Basically the excess is £150, the quoted repair costs are approx £150. Because we have not had the repairs done they won't pursue TPI for costs. However, it we get the repairs done they still won't pursue TPI as they claim we have no motor legal cover (which we assumed made up part of the policy). Basically if we want to recover the costs we have to chase TP ourselves either through small claims or ambulance chasers.
  9. I have spoken to RBS (tesco are underwritten by UK insurance) head office and they have just leant on the Tesco CS to 'do something'. Have been told to expect a call back before 5pm. However I have informed them that I will be making a complaint irrespective of this with a view to taking it to toothless (FOS) if they fail to do the job I am paying them to do.
  10. She contacted our insurers. Though given the subsequent lies and actions I would be unsure what she said. Although initially she told us that she had admitted to our insurers. However they (tesco) seem to be ignoring this.
  11. Yes, we can get repairs made - it just seems that our insurers (TESCO) can't be bothered to do what they are paid to do. Who could we complain to ? FOS or FSA (I get confused). I will see if they have indicated who the third party insurer is. Basically it has been a pretty poor show all around. I need to know who to lean on to get the ball rolling again... Thanks for any pointers.
  12. My OH has spoken to a not very helpful policeman who said that the 3rd party had been summonsed and the police were deciding whether or not to take the case further (to court?).... I agree he should be dealt with for leaving the scene - also his quite obviously unsafe driving style.
  13. The police know all this and have collected signed witness statement - they just have not done anything else since.
  14. We do not have their details! Only the number plate, make and model of the car. We know their surname, but not where they live etc... Insurers have not shared this information.
  15. Hi There, I will try and keep this as to the point as I can; Back in December somebody drove into my car whilst it was parked outside of our house. We were not at home at the time so did not witness it. Fortunately somebody witnessed it and left details with a neighbour and also agreed to be a police witness. What happened? The car was parked legally and properly on the road outside our house. The 3rd party clipped the backend, stopped and inspected the damage to his car. The witness shouted over to him suggesting that he leave his details for us. The 3rd party got back in his car and drove off. The witness gave details to neighbour inc number plate, make and colour of car. We reported incident to police when we got home and also to insurers. Insurers dragged their feet, as did the police. 3rd party ignored letters from insurers until they mentioned the witness statement. Panicked and told his parents. Parents turned up on our doorstep trying to get us to withdraw claim and to allow them to pay for repairs via their 'friend'. We politely declined. They turned up again a week or so later, this time getting quite aggressive as this was looking like it will cost daddy big time. Fortunately they left without incident. Subsequently the police and insurers have been quiet. I found out to day, that despite the 3rd party's mother admitting to insurer that the son had hit the car and despite the police statement. The 3rd party has now started denying it again. The insurers say that there is nothing they can do until we agree to have the car repaired through our policy. However they stated that if the 3rd party continues to deny it they will have to pursue them in court for the costs if they are significant enough. If not it will be marked as a fault claim against my policy and my insurance costs will go up etc... The trouble is that the physical damage to the car is just on the excess level. It is also coming up to 6 months and police do not appear to have taken appropriate action. Any advice would be gratefully received.
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