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  1. Hi thank you so much that’s exactly correct and I’m sorry for the confusion.
  2. On the 24th November we made an online purchase with Curry’s for Apple AirPods. The order went through successfully and received email confirmation. A day later an email from Royal Mail updating about the delivery. When the due date arrived there were no delivery so we waited for couple of days before ringing Curry’s. Curry’s at that time cancelled and refunded the amount and we then purchased the same item from the store. A week later surprisingly the original order reappeared and mistakenly my wife accepted the order. Unknowingly I was under the impression that I
  3. Another reply from Moorcroft 65C7492B-D9FB-4B7B-BF06-0D7A045AE42F.pdf
  4. Lol thank you so much for your help. He will be so delighted with your this feedback
  5. These are the newest responses from link 1F3E0409-5806-49DA-B1F5-E92A05B34C0B.pdf 439DB314-C309-4374-B9D8-380213100AD7-converted.pdf
  6. That’s fantastic, we will keep you updated with every letter they send and thank you so much
  7. Hope this works.... this is the first response from link after you kindly helped us draft the first letter back in 28th June Link response .pdf
  8. Thank you so much I’ll write that and send it off and keep you good folks updated
  9. Lol I like that phrase ‘forest’ so we write to Link to update his address? Should the letter be straight forward. by the way my friend says thank you so much as you have given him hope
  10. The O2 is a mobile contract and he pays that monthly and same with CCF. None of the two are in breach These debt are not sold to any DCA and it does appear on the credit file and there is no other debt beside the 3 Link, O2 and CCF
  11. I’ve just spoken to him, other than an O2 contract and paying Creation Consumer Finances which started 10/12/16 with outstanding balance of £168 he has no other further debt.
  12. Credit Karma doesn’t all these details ? we tried with Experian but due to lack of history we couldn’t proceed ?
  13. this is the information we accessed via Credit Karma scamming reclaim for package account fees! Wow this is getting interesting C04BD1D7-0429-473F-8FD9-17BC96EC4D44-converted.pdf
  14. Dear friend after having a lengthy discussion with my friend - he later contacted his ex to see if there has been any letters sent to him regarding is OD debt. We have no some letter hope this helps
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