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  1. I have a few things going on but my main issue is usually genetic and affects my connective tissue like a cancer so I cant move without hurting myself . No meds - I used something else in small doses I discovered by chance .
  2. If I were to move elsewhere like England what are the chances those aware of my history here would look up nationwide E records and involve English police / authorities to monitor me if they could not find an address under my name or clinic I had joined with ? Would this also apply in another region / health board in Scotland ?
  3. This has been my problem even with a diagnosis ( i have a rare disease ) wildly misdiagnosed is that there is no effective treatment here in the UK - or approved methods that help so I've had to resort to my own which they label " self harming " . They do this because its an improvised version of this treatment I need in the US and because Im self taught .I was doing that for almost 20 yrs until my landlord ( mother )grassed me to doc and kicked me out. Im trying to find somewhere but on DSS theres zit so I've had to resort to lodge before I get any worse and patch myself up in hope my passport comes so I can go to US and in meantime find somewhere in the UK Thoughts ?
  4. If you wanted to erase your medical history - or certain parts - is there any way to do it without moving from the UK altogether ?
  5. I have my tribunal tomorrow to decide my fate and it seems my evidence may not be enough afterall... m
  6. Small Update Apparently the fact my original solicitor no showed for 4wks ( the one my advocate recommended )has put my appeal against my detainment in jepodary because it will end soon and the compulsary treatment their making an application for will have began. ( the one for 6 months ) My new solicitor will make an application for the tribunal next Thurs but at such late notice there is no gurantees and my evidence ( which I've been told would prob win the case ) would be meaningless... A Worried Mike
  7. I asked my advocate if I could use recording in a Scottish court - she said no despite what I've read here, is she right? m
  8. Any one tell me how recent a psychiatrist must have seen a patient in order to approve a short-term detention certificate ...? Short-term detention certificate (a) When might a short-term detention certificate be granted?A doctor with experience in diagnosing and treating mental disorder(a psychiatrist), who has examined you, may grant a short-term detention certificate where he/she believes it is likely that No psychiatrist examined me prior to detainment Dr M (pysch2) saw me briefly as part of the crisis team not as patient Dr T (pysch1) who Dr Shi8 ( gp) contacted for approval had not seen as a patient in 5 yrs Dr Shi8 had only seen me once as a patient in 5 yrs re physical for Atos An MHO has a duty under sections 45 and 61 of the Act respectively to interview a patient when short-term detention or an application for a compulsory treatment order is being considered, unless it is impracticable to do so. MHO did not engage me at any point till after detainment in an informal manner re compulsory treatment order. MHO did not inform me Section 61(2)©(i) of my rights in relation to the application for a compulsory treatment order. MHO did not provide me with information on the role of the named person as suits my needs or anything else .
  9. I just had a look at the law societys site here and cant even find a solicitor with experince in mental health or negligence for where I am.. m
  10. TBH that was going to be my final resort if all else failed. A ) not good - the Tribunal is a week and the solicitor has still no showed despite advocate recommending him B) ^ I had the mho here today and it seems they have decided to put me on compulsary too. I asked him about getting an interim to have more time as the solicitor still hasnt showed, any thoughts on this ? Also having a real problem with doc here etc scheduling meetings without informing me in advance so there is no way for me to prepare and have my advocate here as a witness. mike
  11. It's a good thing I have evidence then ; ) When you say sound of mind I assume you mean capacity ? thanks again, m
  12. How could I lack capacity on the subject of my admission if I wrote to my GP X2 about it ? He obviously understood me because he replied - as did the cpn on the phone
  13. Heres the whole lead up to how my GP abused my trust and continually lead me into beliving I wasn't at risk. The whole time I corresponded with my GP he never once mentioned or asked anything to lead me to suspect my mental well being was being questioned( if he had i would have risked travel in order to get better) Although i knew there was a good chance he might assume i was at risk after he read my history ( which is why I tried to dissuade him) I didn't get any hint it bothered him either which you can see from letter he sent me on nov14 saying he was happy to leave things( despite having 4 - 5 months in which to read my history ) After I had seen Crisis resolution team he sent out in SWAT force as though I were terrorist I agreed to see the CPN until I found out it was Dr xxx himself who arranged it. Naturally as I had no idea what was going I wanted to find out why so I wrote. His response as it had been before was to say everything would remain as it was. ( Something interpted as meaning prior to subsequent events ) although now on reflection I realise could have of meant the opposite too. It wasn't long after this and what I assumed had been resolved I received another unannounced visit from the CPN and once again I was left confused given what my GP had said. I phoned Mr xxx 2 wks later after sending a fax to my GP and informed him that I had told my GP I did not require his services.When I did not recieve any word from either or a visit from the mho ( as required by law for detainment ) I assumed matters were finally settled only ( without any prior warning ) to be detained .
  14. If I was to change my citzenship how would it effect my detainment ? https://www.gov.uk/renounce-british-nationality/overview When you can give up your citizenship You can only give up your British citizenship or status if either of the following apply: you already have another citizenship or nationality you’re going to get another citizenship or nationality after giving up your British citizenship or status You must also be: aged 18 or over (unless you’re under 18 and married) of sound mind (unless it’s decided that it’s in your best interest) Can I leave hospital to receive treatment / therapy nearby? m
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