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  1. Hi all Received a letter today to say that on the 10/01/2014 i was the registered keeper of car that had no insurance. Also apparently on the 13/1/2014 a fixed penalty was sent to me and a valid payment was not made . 1. I never received a penalty of them or i would ave replied to it 2. The tax had ran out on the 31/12/2013 and i was awaiting the renewal from dvla but because it was Christmas post it was late in coming my car had failed its m.o.t at the beginning on January and i simple could not afford to carry on running it. So I cancelled my car insurance and declared sorn on 24/01/2014. Any advice on what i do now please i have tried ringing the DVLA but they are on strike today so cant get through.
  2. Hi all im looking for some help please. i have been off work sick for 7 weeks due to deppression and panic attacks.I was considering going back this weekend as i do not earn enough to get ssp and i dont earn enough to pay national insurance so cannot get any help there work had been paying me company sivk pay but im only entitled to 5 wks which i have had i was fine with going back as my docter wanted me to have a trail period i was all set to return when i find out that the whole of my department know i was off for deppression and have added that this is cause im suicidle i now feel a compleye freak and it has caused me to have a panic attack no one but my manager and supervisor knew i was off sick for this reason and i have told no one surley this is private info that should not be shared ? .I just dont know what to do know can anyone help please?
  3. Hi in January 2011 i took my mortgage company to court to stop an eviction the arreears we had at the time were £18259.06 in arrears the judge suspended the warrant with the understanding we paid £150 a month towards the arrears which we have been doing on wednesday i got a call from N-RAM asking for a break down of income as we had broke the arrangement i asked how we had done so as we pay every month and have never missed a payment since order was suspended i was told that in oct 2012 i was £100 short in my payment i was not aware of this and the only explanation i could give was i pay by dirrect bank transfer and my hand must have slipped and i put a 6 instead of a 7 they told me that was not good enough and the agreement was broke therefore i would need to pay £250 a month extra on top of my mortgage payment and that my arrears stood at £17994.20 how can this be if i have been paying £150 off the arrears for 23 months ???? it should be £14809.06 should it?? can anyone help on this? if the arrears are what they say why have i been paying the extra it works out at £11.51 a month not £150. they ate demanding i pay this extra £250 even though they know my budget wont allow me to although they state my break down i gave them is to high and i must make cut backs i have been in contact with a debt company who tell me i am in low middle with my spending so i just dont know where to go from here i have 6 weeks to find and start paying the extra each month or they are going to evict us PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!
  4. Nram are tossers no one knows what they are doing there one person tells you one thing you ring back and someone else tells you something else and the third you speak to has no idea why the other 2 would tell you what they did im gouing through crap with them again i have posted a thread today hoping i can get the advice i need
  5. hi long story really we took a mortgage and unsecured loan had a 110% out with northern rock in 2004 in 2005 our circumstances changed and we were taken to court for eviction an arrangement was put in place and we maintained this untill 2009 when i lost my job and my husband could not afford to maintain at that level on his own we informed them and another arrangement was put in place this was again maintained till late 2010 when my husband was put on short time at work and i was not working due to us have a small child i informed n rock and was told to make payment that i could afford and as long as they got a payment each month it would be ok no amount was agreed but we paid at least £350 a mnth to them then we got a letter to say we were being evicted i got advice from off here and we took nortern rock (nram) to court the judge ruled in our favour which was normal monthly payment to be be made plus £150 of the arrears each month making our payment to them £700 a mnth we paid this the first month then recieved a letter saying payments needed to be £749.60 a mnth as the unsecured loan was not in with the payment i agreed that the unsecured had been made secured now and said what the judge had quoted us anyway after going round in circles with them we agreed to pay the £749.60 this was in feb 2011 we have stuck to this arrangement since then i got a few phone calls off them in 2011 and 2012 offering us a deal to reduce payments we would never take them due to past experience with them and the fact that the payment we were making was made by a judge and gave us more security then yesterday i have a phone call from them to go through a new break down of income as they are reviewing or payments i did this over the phone and was told my car costs are to high as well as my gas and elec payments and that my tax credits are to low compared to what i was getting in 2011 after speaking to 4 different people from n ram and nearly 4 hours on the phone to them i was told that the arrangement we have is for this month and next month then they want an extra £100 a month from us as the rules on arrears have changed and the arrears must now be paid off in 5 years we can not do this and all i got of them was you need to make changes in what you are spending and if you cant pay either sell your house or try the mortgage rescue scheme does anyone know where i can i take them to court and if so how do i do that . I have just looked at the arrears we had in 2011 they stood at £18259.06 judgement was for £150 a mnth to be paid to these arrears so in 23 months that should be £14809.06 left but they say we owe £17994.20 so i dont understand whats going on Need HELP please has i am worrying myself mental over this
  6. Also i have sent letters to them at the po box by recorded delivery and had them returned to me as there is no one there to sign for the letter if you were to send bank statements then you would have to send recorded for your own peace of mind and records so they would not recieve them and you would still be hounded by them they are a joke report them to oft (office fair trading )
  7. They are a nightmare personally i would ignore them and carry on paying as usual i am still trying to sort mine out i have not paid them a thing i still get emails every 2 days from them threatening me and telling me they will send an agent out to me in the next 3 days this has been going on for months and months and months and they have never been out to my address they just like to use scare tactics on you
  8. Hi all i have just been for a job interview at morrisons on the check outs and have been told i have got the job but i need to wait for security checks to be carried out which is background and financial background doesnt worry me but i do have bad credit ccjs and mortgage arrears i was completely honest and told interviewer and wrote on the form about these im just really worried that they will stop me getting the job can anyone help please
  9. i cant remember at this time i know it was 2 companies i really need to find paper work but im sure it is lost
  10. hi could anyone help please i took a car loan out with car craft back in 2003/2004 for an astra at a cost of £5000 i came into some money at the end of 2004 and asked for a settlement fee which came to £14000 i paid this off as i wanted to be debt free looking back now i realize that this was an extortionate amount to have to pay for a £5000 car but i was young i remember being bullied into taking several extra things with the car but cant remember what they were i am assuming this included ppi is there i could now get a copy of sale agreement as i have moved and cannot find original and woulsd i still be able to claim back any ppi after all this time if i was mis sold it?
  11. can i still send that letter even though the debt in question is paid and settled ? as i do have knowledge of original debt before it was paid off might seem but stupid of a question sorry
  12. i have been battling with ndr for months now over a debt they say i owe quick quid ,quick quid have no account for me and my credit report states that the amount ndr are chasing was settled over 2 years ago i have sent ndr the copy of my credit report but they say this is not prove debt was paid or is not owed any suggestions on what i should do i have sent them the nuisance calls letter and reported to the oft and cab dont know what else to do
  13. sillygirl have reported them email i had back of oft is on post 46 and i agree with you they try and deny that they are the same going as far as putting it on each others contact page they they are different companies
  14. well just recieved my post and my recorded letters sent to NDR and Marshall hoares have been returned to me and i can not send a message to either of them on there contact page now as it will not allow me too VERY STRANGE
  15. hi what email address did you use i am have crap from both Marshall hoares and NDR but i DO NOT owe any pay day debt and i am having trouble contacting them
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