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  1. Hello, This is my first time using this forum, I hope that I am posting this question in the right section. My name is Luis, I come from Portugal and have been here for over 7 years. I was made redundant from my last job where I was over 3 years, I have found another job but it is in an insurance company and I was told that it requires a credit check. Here in the UK I have checked with Experian and Equifax and there are no issues, no missed payments, no debt of any kind and no fines. My criminal record is also clean both here and Portugal. However a few years ago I did have CCJ's in Portugal, will this show and affect my chances of getting this job? The CCJs were a few years ago, this was a credit card and a bank loan but the company that I owe money to has gone into liquidation so I am not making any more payments as they don't exist anymore. In August I was in Portugal, went to see a lawyer and he said that there was nothing I could do, he also said that after 6 years the CCJs would be deleted from the credit reference agency in Portugal. How is this likely to affect the chances of me getting this job? Thank you very much for your help on this matter. Luis
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