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  1. thank you all. The companies policy is standard as other companies. No ID no sale. That been said I know I made a stupid mistake and its part of my learning curve. Been to a lawyer and he told me the same thing but didnt give me any assurances the trading council would not take it further. I do appreciate your contributions and welcome more. As assisted blonde said about the log which I have, I only learnt how to do that last month and a sales assistant who had been there for a few years showed me how to put it through the till recently.
  2. Hi Smithy, that was what I saw on the website when I checked it. The guys told me I could be prosecuted though. I have made a few calls to some and they have told me they will get back in 24 hours as meeting them is on an appointment basis.
  3. Thank you very much assisted blonde. Been to the citizens advice bureau and they have told me to seek legal advice from lawyers who work with such issues asap. I will be happy if people could give more advice as to what I have to do. Please
  4. I was allowed a colleague when I was being briefed at work. I dont know if the trading standards will allow me bring in somebody. I am facing a fine and a possible jail sentence 6 months on the maximum
  5. Hi All, I have a big problem and would need some advice. I started working in this store some 7 months ago as a supervisor. Recently, I was working on my whole day shifts and stocking up the store as usual when my colleague called me out to tell me someone wanted to buy fireworks. I asked which one she wanted and went to the back to get it. I asked her if she had an ID and she said 'NO'. She though did look like a familiar face and decided to sell it to her as she was a regular and she might have come with her ID before. Minutes after she left the trading standards walked in and ser
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