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  1. Ill try to get through and let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help!
  2. I see your point but I dont play games at this time because of the ping issues, I dont actually do anything, just keep the tracker running. Most pronounced during the night but same issue 12am to 6pm.
  3. I tried that and sent them 3 pathpings and graphs like the first one in post. You cant speak to their top tier team personally. they just pass the message on and say they are dealing with it. A few days later you get a message saying they've fixed it, text back 'not fixed' if you are still having problems, and call them back. Its a vicious circle. Now you've all confirmed my suspicions about their reducing service I will be more forcful but its liek talking to a brick wall. Starting to look like no one i can actually talk to, understands that talktalk do this. It ends up bein
  4. My download speed is only 4.1m/s so i cant see how i can be using more then their fair usage policy states. Peak time problems is not the issue im having. The connection is usually fantastic between 6pm and midnight, but then goes haywire from midnight to 6am. I.e. is fine at peak times and terrible off-peak.
  5. It feels that way as it happens around same time every night. Dont understand why they do this at night and rusn so well during peak times. They deny throttling completely. Is it more accurate to say they are redirecting me to less efficient connections at certain times? Anyone ever had success at getting an ISP to untrottle?
  6. Thanks, replaced the router already and the cables. Had 5 calls to tech support over many hours. They are useless and just read steps off a screen. They initially sent engineer to the exchange who found and fixed a problem apparently, but nothing changed my end. Everytime I call they just say they can see a large number of faults, they send it to their 'top level' faults team who send me a text a few days later saying they 'fixed soemthing' and asking if the problem persists. This has happened 4 times. If its an issue with line exchange, they've had 5 attempts to fix it and just wait for
  7. Thanks for the replies! The ping is usually great from 6pm to midnight, then goes haywire sometime between midnight and 1am. Similar thing happens in the morning. Download time doesnt seem to change that much, just ping goes crazy which I dont really understand, is it just upload thats effected? I did a pathping at this time, from my understanding the ping is shooting up when it reaches the isp. Computing statistics for 325 seconds... Source to Here This Node/Link Hop RTT Lost/Sent = Pct Lost/Sent = Pct Address 0
  8. 6 hours of very low and consistent ping. Then with no one using the internet here it goes highly erratic. Consistently. Although some days the good period is much shorter.
  9. I am with talktalk and most days during the evening the ping is perfect for 6 hours. But thenm becomes extrememly erratic as attachment shows. (2 hour period) Can anyone explain what is happening here?
  10. I have been starting up stock trading with an expert mentor whose made millions doing it. I clocked up some loses £20k and despite some success loses are increasing. When at £20k he told me "I guarantee you will get that back", in a message (we are in contact continuously). I'm guessing this would not be sufficient to pursue legal means to recover loses should it become an issue? If its possible at all, what would be required for a guarantee written in a message to be legally enforceable? Can I have an example of such a message in this context? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I bought a gym set online and it arrived a week ago. I built it, then realising it was too tall for the room. I can take it apart and repack but can I return it? Thanks for any help! These are the return conditions stipulated: Right to return we offer a fourteen-day "cooling off" period, which gives you the opportunity to check your product and see if it fits your needs. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, you must contact us by E-mail within seven days after the original delivery date. During the "cooling off" period we offer a full refund of the prod
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