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  1. I have managed to speak to someone dealing with the closure. They say neither they or Incasso bought the debt but they were acting on the nurseries behalf and forwarding money to them which I am not convinced about but apparently I now have to get in touch with the nursery myself to arrange payment of the remaining balance...
  2. Sorry xpost Ell-enn I have no doubt they did, I was not well enough to contest it at the time though and was having operations constantly.
  3. I have no idea dx100. All I know is I stopped because I was very ill at the time. The nursery insisted that I had to pay the rest of the term AND give a terms notice as they had taken on new staff to cover the increase in children. I argued with them over this as this was not the case at all. The staff member had been there years. They insisted I still had to pay. I said I would pay instalments and asked them how much they would accept each month (I paid monthly anyway for fees) they refused, I said I can only pay monthly. The next thing I heard from th
  4. I have been paying very small instalments. I think I have paid around £1200 and I think it was around 1800 plus court costs. (I have not got the paperwork on me at the moment)
  5. I am guessing there is no point contacting the court as the ccj was at least nine years old so I doubt there is record of it?
  6. No they got a CCJ I offered to pay in instalments immediately, they gave it to Incasso who refused instalments and took me to court, It was at least nine years ago. If I stop paying and they come out of the woodwork would the CCJ go back on my record?
  7. years ago when my child was a toddler she was in nursery, due to severe ill health and also a botch up with my then husbands student grant we ended up in a situation where we needed to pull the toddler out of nursery for financial reasons. The nursery were a nightmare about it and insisted we paid full fees for a term afterwards plus the term we were already in. I agreed to do this in payments but they insisted they get a court order in place anyhow. Due to a massive change in circumstances and severe ill health I have been paying around £10 per month for the la
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