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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. My wife paid the deposit using her Debit Card and I the balance by Credit card
  3. I purchase a car on 29th Sept 2016 from a garage in Surrey. The car is a "lemon" when I went on the companies house to see where to send my letter of complaint under the Consumer Credit Act 1985 I found that it was dissolved in Nov 2016. I downloaded the DS01 form and found that it had been signed and dated 22 August 2016. It means that the garage sold me a car when it should not have been trading under that name. Am I right ? They may have got away with me claiming my money back from their Limited Company but has the director been acting according to the Law ?
  4. Thank you all. Please keep sending in your thoughts on this matter. I did challenge by asking for a mandatory reconsideration. Recorded deliveries where sent to them on 30th June and one on 29th of July but have both remained unanswered on the subject. Instead, bully tactics are being pursued by their Debt Management department in Mitcheldean (Glos) . I am so so sad that after putting in so much in my life I am being treated this way now that I am vulnerable. Why do those two departments not liaise on this matter to put the matter on hold till a reconsideration outcome lette
  5. This is driving me around the bend. Following redundancy I registered with the local JobCentrePlus and from December I started claiming JSA (contributions based type) which I thought I had a right to , having been in work for 37 years. They paid the JSA contributions ok, but then Belfast wrote claiming I owed them back two lots of fortnight-payments because my Pension had gone up in April. Odd ! I thought. Yes my NHS pension had gone up but by only £1.90 a month, but where is the right to 6 months payments irrespective of income if they then look at money coming in ? Also I do not
  6. Good evening fellow members. Before the official claim process started I wrote to CPP claiming misselling and asking for a refund of all the premiums paid. I have recently received a cheque for £ 47.00 in the post. I have been paying the CPP credit cards loss insurance cover since 21st August 1992 and I was expected to receive - in due time - a refund backdated to that year. Instead they claim that compensation is due to me in respect of premiums paid between Jan 2004 and Jan 2005 only as prior to then CPP was not subject to an agreed industry standard . They inform
  7. Hello. 17 years ago I had a mortgage with BNP, London. As a condition of lending they imposed that I took an ASU cover with the St Andrew's Group in Portsmouth, part of BOS ? Can I raise a PPI claim an if so who should I claim against ? I hope it would be BNP because the insurer either stopped trading or where sold on and consequently stopped their cover , many years ago. Anyone there has a suggestion and the current addresses of those institutions ? Thanks>
  8. Can someone help me find a company or a broker that provides this cover as an add on to a policy ? I cannot find a way around this search.... Allianz suggested me that I visit Cornhill webiste but that company premiums are exorbitant (£250 x contents , against £ 56 on the comparethemarket website). Anyone there who can help me ? Thanks Nino
  9. I received a letter from Egg last week requesting a payment of £ 10.00 for the release of the data. I have sent the cheque off. Thank you for your messages of suggestion and support. I will keep the forum informed of any progress. Nino
  10. I am sorry, I understand now. No they have not sent the "agreements" but I did make the request to them as you suggested. I thought it was strange they had reacted so swiftly...!
  11. EGG's loan repayment schedules do not show any PPI , only INTEREST AND CAPITAL figures.
  12. Egg have sent me the statements. What do i do now with them and how to check them ? Thanks
  13. (posted in the wrong forum and now presented where I think it should be) I am unable to sit for more than 20 minutes without pain (it started after being operated on a particular area 2 years) and I long suffer with my back (disc degeneration). There are other debilitating health problems but wont go into them here and now. I have been working on a standing position at my desk for the past 2 years and now my back cannot take anymore and I am in one pain or the other (or both !) almost every day of the week. I am +56. I feel that I can no longer go to work because of the pain
  14. I have had a look at the DLA claiming criteria and some examples there are for people with really big problems such as : in a wheelchair, unable to walk and so on. Nothing mentioned about just having a long standing back problem . But then I have never claimed in my life so I am looking at things from the viewpoint of someone who has always considered going to work rather than staying at home. Until l now ! Anyone has any suggestion re my post or am I scaring people off even on this forum, with this topic ?
  15. I have a letter from my GP that she has written recently to my employers and its occupational health office, which states that because of my physical problem I have to stand and this is causing me a great deal of stress and having a profound effect on my life. That s all.
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