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  1. Hi sorry its taken so long to update but i'm finally sorted. Taking the advice i was given here i have contacted every one who was owed money. Not all of them were even aware there was a problem with compass. They all put my accounts on hold for between 30 and 90 days to allow me to work out what was happening and have all accepted direct payments offers from me since. Without the encouragement i got here i would never have done it and would likely be getting screwed over by a new firm as we speakk THANKYOU ALL Fluffy.
  2. thanks ill see what i can do about it all after work tomorrow glad you could point me in ANY direction to stop me spinning.
  3. The payments were being made to : Provident Central Collections Direct Legal&collections Ruthbridge Limited Unfortunatly due to time circumstances and a house move which lost a good percentage of my possessions i cant say who ruthbridge Limited or Direct Legal were collecting on behalf of and im not sure if i have any of the few financal statements i did get ( after requesting them) in my possession
  4. I have just found out my debt management firm is no longer trading saw this: RMR Financial Services Ltd, formerly trading as Compass Debt Counsellors, has stopped trading and no longer offers debt management services. The firm’s interim permission from the FCA, which firms must have if they wish to offer debt management services, lapsed on 8 March 2016. AARBS Ltd (insolvency practitioners) is holding a meeting of the firm’s creditors on 30 March 2016. RMR’s bank accounts have been frozen. This means that the firm will not be requesting direct debits from clients’ accounts and standing order payments will be rejected and returned to customers’ bank accounts. This is an evolving situation and during the transitional period we would expect creditors that are authorised by us to show forbearance. The company was holding around £500 of my money will i be able to claim it back what should i do first im clueless and extremely worried
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