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  1. I'm invest on 7th may 2018. Before i invest they told me they will trade in my account for one week and making profit. After I invest they didn't reply me for two week. After that they call me and said they will trade in my account and giving support and forgive for them mistakes. After they trade two days in my account and making some little profit and told me for more invest, So, I told them to first, i want to check your withdraw system. Then after they never receive my call and didn't give any reply of messages. Kindly help me for this issue.
  2. Thanks, For reply It's website is : https://getcopro.com And i am trade in option trading.
  3. I invest money for trading in this company after they will call me 5 times after they never receive my call and not reply on whatsapp. I've worst experience during this session. Still, they not refund my money. Kindly Help me for this issue.
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