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  1. Hi, With all due respect, there's not a revenge aspect at all. I feel like I have a right to be mad at him, I'm not sure why you can't see that. Of course I'd be mad when our tenancy was wrought with problems and now he is trying to accuse us of damage we did not do. He didn't carry out inventories on moving in. We have a rental already, with a decent landlord who put our money into the scheme, notified us of this, and responds to us properly. I think you misunderstand why I'm annoyed. We searched specifically for a flat. You say the wording isn't important but surely if you saw for example, and advertisement as a 2 bedroomed house, then when you went to see the house at a viewing, and it was presented as a house, but then when you took up the offer and signed the contract, saw it was for a room, you'd be a bit miffed? It's the deceptive nature of it, and the fact that we are unsure he is legally allowed to do this. I don't want other people to feel scammed the same way we were. It's great if you wanted to accept in board digs, but we specifically searched for our own flat, and when we went to view the property it was also presented as such. Then on the day of signing the contract, when it was too late to find anywhere else, it was suddenly a room in a house. It was below our expectations because we felt scammed, not because we searched for it like that. Sorry if I'm coming off as short but I don't think you understand why I'm so mad.
  2. Drafting letter of action tomorrow. Where do we stand about the disputed damages? On the contract it says there should be an inventory - this was not done. I feel he has shot himself in the foot. Then again if he had done one he would have noticed the things he said were damaged were already so. Thanks for all the help, feel free to condense this into one post.
  3. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/student-accommodation/property-53890316.html Here's a link.
  4. I`ll try to confirm that re: license - I didn't know the rules until today. He has advertised it both as one big house and a house and a flat in the past. It appears as of me checking that he's not advertising it anymore. I can find some archived pages showing that he is advertising it as a flat, but I don't know how much weight it would carry. I guess I just felt it was deceptive to advertise a house share as a flat. Like I said, the people upstairs kindly covered the council tax bill for us - but technically we were liable. The fact that we wanted to rent a 2 bed-roomed property so we could avoid this, and then on the day of the contract, it was too late to find anywhere else, felt very deceptive. If it were advertised as a room, or a house share, I would understand, but it was advertised as a stunning 2 bedroom flat. I understand that the contract is what matters but it did leave us a bit miffed. I doubt he has a license as he is a pretty unscrupulous person in general, and has lied to us on many occasions. I'll check as soon as I can, I'll see if I can do it online or if not, I'll ring up?
  5. Hi. I'll try to find it soon. Yeah, I think our main point is the non protection - they're lying about damages, but I feel as though the court would laugh them out. I'll try to find more info for you. Thanks so much for helping.
  6. Hi, He didn't tell us about a scheme for the deposit. We did not know there was one. He didn't notify us of the scheme in 30 days. When asked much later, he said it was in a scheme but failed to give details.
  7. I can't see any of the above links - they appear as 404 not found. I'll try to do the relevant searches myself. What do these things mean for us getting our deposit back and the company? Is it good, or bad?
  8. Also I'd like to point out that the address listed in the contract is no longer valid: they moved business address, ironically because they did not pay rent, which we found quite amusing, but might turn into a headache for us? Also, thanks for condensing my rambling posts.
  9. I've attached a copy of our agreement. I'd like to point out that it specifically says on my contract that I'm renting 'room 8', but the rooms don't have numbers on them and we weren't told which room was which, we simply picked between us on the day, as like I said, the landlord treated it as if it were a flat. Unfortunately, I did not stay in what they define as room 8. But since there are no numbers and they did not tell us, is this legally binding? My roommate actually DID cause a minor carpet burn, which I assumed I would not be responsible for. They also said they would take an inventory and appear contractually obliged to do so - they did not do this. Hence it's weird they're claiming we broke certain items - their contractually obliged inventory would have showed these items as broken already. I feel like the law is on our side here but am still worried he will try to con us. He seems generally dishonest and I'm worried that since my contract says room 8 I'll have to be responsible for how my roommate cleaned her room... Tenancy Agreement 2015.pdf
  10. Hey, I'll try to upload it tomorrow... But I looked at that and neither is true, they don't own a bed and breakfast and they aren't resident! the whole house is over three floors. The ground and top floors was rented as a 4 bedroom house, and the basement floor was advertised as a 2 bedroom flat! On the contract it says it is simply a room in the house. He is still advertising this as a 2 bedroom flat, but the house is not split, it is one house and is being advertised as two! Does this make sense? Is this legal?
  11. Alright. And yeah. It was advertised as a flat but when we signed the contract and saw it was a rent for a room it was too late to find anywhere else.
  12. No receipt, just have the original agreement. We only got this. The Landlord has now responded and is saying that the property is 'filthy' and that no cleaning has been attempted. Fortunately, his pictures of a grimy oven, a microwave with a single yellow stain, and some small amounts of mildew in the shower (we cleaned it top to bottom throughout the tenancy) and some bags left under the sink does not portray the 'filth' he is after. I think if he tried to say no cleaning had been made the judge would laugh him out. My issue is that he is chasing us for damages that were there at the start of the property. When we moved in, there was a mark on the table, and on my wardrobe, and things were a bit dirty, but not disgusting. I'd argue we left the place in a better state than it was in when we were given it! Looking at my rights, it appears we only are required to leave it in the same state we got it in? I have some photos around the time but none taken specifically as I doubted this would happen as he would have happen. Regardless I can prove they were there quite early. Our deposit between us is £800 I asked for the payment not in dispute and a full breakdown of any costs, whilst contesting all of his points. It seems he likes to do this a lot. Not sure why is he is being so meticulous with us when back when we received the property it was dirtier than we left it. Advice? I can show his email and my reply if necessary. Also he was VERY intimidating in the correspondence. Threatening court. It's pretty funny because his 'evidence' of filth is a clean room with a single spec of dirt on the microwave, or the tiniest cobweb in the door frame. Regardless he is threatening... 'if it should go to court we will be using this', etc. He has to prove it was us that did the damage, doesn't he? Ideally he'd need before and after pictures... Is it legal that he failed to give us notice of the 'scheme' our deposit was in within 30 days and never mentioned it to us or made us aware of the scheme, or even that there was one? I feel like he is bluffing taking us to court as he seems to have acted illegally.
  13. Hi! Yes, we signed a contract. It was for a 'room' in the house, which probably legally covers them, though I'm a bit miffed about them advertising it as a flat, knowing it isn't registered as one. They are still advertising it as one as per online listings, and a number of viewings we had, where we noticed two separate parties being advertised the house separately. the house was an old 3 floor house. We had the basement, which was converted and self-contained with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living space. Upstairs was a 4 bedroom house (over two floors) which was similarly self-contained. With four tenants. There was a way for us to move between the house on the inside. The landlord had not registered it as a separate address. We didn't have a proper door, only some patio doors. When we looked at the contract and saw it was a room instead of a flat, we were confused but at this point it was too late to find anywhere else. To our knowledge he did not put the money in the scheme and there isn't a mention of a scheme on our contract. (and we didn't get a notification when it was put into said scheme) But when my housemate asked him fairly recently, he said it was. This was unclear and there was confusion over this. We were just told we'd get it back if there were no problems. It was a refundable deposit. We believe the people above us were from different families, as they seemed to be a mix of students and graduates, and so are we. But we did not have much contact with them as understandably we didn't look for a house share - it was advertised as a two bedroom flat! The house across the road is almost identical in plan and is split into three flats over three floors so we assumed it was like that! It was described not as 'two rooms in a house share' but a flat. Obviously on the day we weren't pleased - we had locks on our doors but at any time the tenants upstairs could come down into our home! Honestly though, even though I'd like to report the landlord for some sort of deception, my prime concern here is demanding our deposit back. We have contacted him numerous times over email (They're ignored, but we have saved them.) and he has refused to answer a phone. We think he might be deliberately not answering us. We didn't write up to now as they moved address and they did not update us... Thank you for replying! I believe the deception is important - because we are students and therefore exempt for council tax. We ended up being put in a house with people who did owe council tax - which meant we were liable. I feel this type of deception, especially for students, could be really bad.
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